You can create a sub-account and its API key on the web end.

A sub-account can be used to separate the funds for crypto tradings and the funds can be transferred between the master account and the sub-account.

Please note that the funds in sub-account is limited for sub-account crypto trading only and the funds cannot be withdrawn directly from the sub-account.

The API of a sub-account is available to access all the public endpoints. Besides this, traders can access the following private endpoints via the API key of a sub-account:

Endpoints Description
List Accounts Get the status of an account.
Get an Account Get the info of an account.
Create an Account Create an Account.
Get Account Ledgers Get the funds details of an account.
Get Holds Get the hold details of an account.
Inner Transfer Transferring assets between the accounts of main and trade.
Place a new order Place an order.
Cancel an order Request to cancel an order.
Cancel all orders Request to cancel all orders.
List Orders Get orders details.
Recent Orders Get order details of the last 24 hours(up to 1000).
Get an order Get the details of a single order.
List Fills Get the order execution details.
Recent Fills Get order execution details of the last 24 hours(up to 1000).
Cancel Single Order by clientOid Cancel Single Order by clientOid.
Get Single Active Order by clientOid Get Single Active Order by clientOid.

A sub-account shares the same fee level as its master-account. (The fee level will be calculated based on the total transaction amount of the sub-account and the master account or the holding amount of KCS.)

The sub-account needs to transfer funds from the main account to the trade account before trading.


The withdrawal and deposit is not supported for sub-account.