Get HF Completed order list

This endpoint obtains a list of filled HF orders and returns paginated data. The returned data is sorted in descending order based on the latest order update times.

After the user successfully places an order, the order is in Active state, and the user can use inOrderBook to determine whether the order has entered the order. Canceled or fully filled orders are marked as completed Done status.

If the order is not an active order, you can only get data within the time range of 3 _ 24 hours (ie: from the current time to 3 _ 24 hours ago). If the time range is exceeded, the system will query the data within the time range of 3 * 24 hours by default.


GET /api/v1/hf/orders/done


GET /api/v1/hf/orders/done?symbol=BTC-ETH&type=limit&side=buy

// response
  "code": "200000",
  "data": {
    "lastId": 2682265600,
    "items": [
        "id": "63074a5a27ecbe0001e1f3ba",
        "symbol": "CSP-USDT",
        "opType": "DEAL",
        "type": "limit",
        "side": "sell",
        "price": "0.1",
        "size": "0.1",
        "funds": "0.01",
        "dealSize": "0",
        "dealFunds": "0",
        "fee": "0",
        "feeCurrency": "USDT",
        "stp": "",
        "timeInForce": "GTC",
        "postOnly": false,
        "hidden": false,
        "iceberg": false,
        "visibleSize": "0",
        "cancelAfter": 0,
        "channel": "API",
        "clientOid": "",
        "remark": "",
        "tags": "",
        "cancelExist": true,
        "createdAt": 1661422170924,
        "lastUpdatedAt": 1661422196926,
        "tradeType": "TRADE",
        "inOrderBook": false,
        "active": false,
        "cancelledSize": "0",
        "cancelledFunds": "0",
        "remainSize": "0",
        "remainFunds": "0"

This endpoint requires the General permission.


This endpoint support Spot URL


Spot weight:2

Param Type Mandatory Description
symbol String Yes Only returns order information for the specified trading pair
side String No buy (Buy) orsell (Sell)
type String No Order type: limit (limit order), market(market order)
startAt long No Start time (ms),last update(filled) time of the limit order
endAt long No End time (ms),last update(filled) time of limit order
lastId long No The id of the last data item from the previous batch,defaults to obtaining the latest data
limit int No Default20,maximum100


lastIdis used to filter data and paginate. If lastIdis not entered, the default is a maximum of 100 returned data items. The return results includelastId,which can be used as a query parameter to look up new data from the next page.

Param Description
id Order id,a unique identifier of the order
symbol Trading pair
opType Operation type: DEAL
type Order type
side Buy or sell
price Order price
size Order size
dealSize Number of filled transactions
cancelledSize Number of canceled transactions
remainSize Number of remain transactions
funds Order amount
dealFunds Number of filled funds
cancelledFunds Number of canceled funds
remainFunds Number of remain funds
fee Service fee
feeCurrency currency used to calculate fees
stp Self trade protection
timeInForce Time in force
postOnly Is it post only?
hidden Is it a hidden order?
iceberg Is it an iceberg order?
visibleSize Visible size of iceberg order in order book.
cancelAfter A GTT timeInForce that expires in n seconds
channel Source of orders
clientOid Identifier created by the client
remark Order description
tags Order identifier
active Order status: true-The status of the order isactive; false-The status of the order isdone
inOrderBook Whether to enter the orderbook: true: enter the orderbook; false: not enter the orderbook
cancelExist Are there any cancellation records pertaining to the order?
createdAt order creation time
lastUpdatedAt Last update time of order
tradeType Trade type: TRADE (Spot Trading)