Earn Errors Code

Code Meaning
151404 Position does not exist
151001 Product does not exist
151002 Subscription not started
151003 Subscription ended
151004 Subscription amount is less than the user's minimum subscription quota
151005 Subscription amount exceeds the user's maximum subscription quota
151006 Product is fully subscribed
151007 Only new users can participate in the subscription
151008 You currently do not meet the conditions to purchase this product
151009 Insufficient balance
151010 Quantity precision is incorrect
151011 Sorry, the current activity is too popular, please try again later
151016 Cannot redeem before the product expires
151018 Redemption amount exceeds the redeemable amount
151019 Remaining holding quantity is too small to generate income, please redeem all
151020 Redeemable quantity is less than the quantity required for penalty interest
151021 ETH Staking: This currency is not supported at the moment
151022 ETH Staking: Less than the minimum subscription quantity
151023 ETH Staking: The product is temporarily sold out, please wait for quota replenishment
151024 When redeeming early, the parameter confirmPunishRedeem must be passed in