Get Order List

List your current orders.


GET /api/v1/orders


GET /api/v1/orders?status=active Submit the request to get all the active orders.

  "code": "200000",
  "data": {
    "currentPage": 1,
    "pageSize": 100,
    "totalNum": 1000,
    "totalPage": 10,
    "items": [
        "id": "5cdfc138b21023a909e5ad55",
        "symbol": "XBTUSDM",
        "type": "limit",
        "side": "buy",
        "price": "3600",
        "size": 20000,
        "value": "56.1167227833",
        "dealValue": "56.1167227833",
        "dealSize": 20000,
        "stp": "",
        "stop": "",
        "stopPriceType": "",
        "stopTriggered": true,
        "stopPrice": null,
        "timeInForce": "GTC",
        "postOnly": false,
        "hidden": false,
        "iceberg": false,
        "leverage": "20",
        "forceHold": false,
        "closeOrder": false,
        "visibleSize": null,
        "clientOid": "5ce24c16b210233c36ee321d",
        "remark": null,
        "tags": null,
        "isActive": false,
        "cancelExist": false,
        "createdAt": 1558167872000,
        "updatedAt": 1558167872000,
        "endAt": 1558167872000,
        "orderTime": 1558167872000000000,
        "settleCurrency": "XBT",
        "status": "done",
        "filledValue": "56.1167227833",
        "filledSize": 20000,
        "reduceOnly": false

This endpoint requires the General permission.


This endpoint support Futures URL


Futures weight:10

Param Type Mandatory Description
status String No active or done, done as default. Only list orders for a specific status
symbol String No Symbol of the contract
side String No buy or sell
type String No limit, market, limit_stop or market_stop
startAt long No Start time (milisecond)
endAt long No End time (milisecond)
currentPage long No Current request page, The default currentPage is 1
pageSize long No pageSize, The default pageSize is 50, The maximum cannot exceed 1000
Param Description
id Order ID
symbol Symbol of the contract
type Order type, market order or limit order
side Transaction side
price Order price
size Order quantity
value Order value
dealValue Executed size of funds
dealSize Executed quantity
stp self trade prevention
stop Stop order type (stop limit or stop market)
stopPriceType Trigger price type of stop orders
stopTriggered Mark to show whether the stop order is triggered
stopPrice Trigger price of stop orders
timeInForce Time in force policy type
postOnly Mark of post only
hidden Mark of the hidden order
iceberg Mark of the iceberg order
leverage Leverage of the order
forceHold A mark to forcely hold the funds for an order
closeOrder A mark to close the position
visibleSize Visible size of the iceberg order
clientOid Unique order id created by users to identify their orders
remark Remark of the order
tags tag order source
isActive Mark of the active orders
cancelExist Mark of the canceled orders
createdAt Time the order created
updatedAt last update time
endAt End time
orderTime Order create time in nanosecond
settleCurrency settlement currency
status order status: “open” or “done”
filledSize Value of the executed orders
filledValue Executed order quantity
reduceOnly A mark to reduce the position size only

This request is paginated.

rder Status and Settlement

Any limit order on the exchange order book is in active status. Orders removed from the order book will be marked with done status. After an order becomes done, there may be a few milliseconds latency before it’s fully settled.

You can check the orders in any status. If the status parameter is not specified, orders of done status will be returned by default.

When you query orders in active status, there is no time limit. However, when you query orders in done status, the start and end time range cannot exceed 24*7 hours. An error will occur if the specified time window exceeds the range. If you specify the end time only, the system will automatically calculate the start time as end time minus 24 hours, and vice versa.


For high-volume trading, it is highly recommended that you maintain your own list of open orders and use one of the streaming market data feeds to keep it updated. You should poll the open orders endpoint to obtain the current state of any open order.

If you need to get your recent trade history with low latency, you may query the endpoint Get List of Orders Completed in 24h.