High-frequency accounts are now officially launched. Compared with ordinary accounts, trading with high-frequency accounts has lower latency and has a looser frequency limit.

This account type is an account paralleled with main, trade, margin, and future.

  • The type of spot high-frequency account is: trade_hf (the WEB side is called Pro Account)
  • The type of cross-margin high-frequency account is: margin_v2
  • The type of high-frequency account with isolated margin is: isolated_v2

At present, high-frequency accounts only support spot and margin, not futures, and high-frequency trading only supports api, and orders cannot be queried on the web.

If you are a spot/margin high-frequency trader, it is strongly recommended to update the spot api code to the high-frequency account.

The current signature method of high-frequency accounts is exactly the same as that of ordinary accounts. Interfaces such as order placement and cancellation have been added, and other data still use the existing medium interface of the api document.

The following are the activation steps for high-frequency accounts:

Use POST /api/v2/accounts/inner-transfer transfer funds to the specified high-frequency account, after the transfer is completed, the specified high-frequency account will be opened automatically

Just use POST /api/v1/hf/orders [spot high-frequency account order transaction] (/docs/rest/spot-trading/spot-hf-trade-pro-account/place-hf-order), the leverage is the same reason.

Note: At present, high-frequency accounts can only be activated through api transfer, and cannot be activated through web transfer. Only after activation can web transfer be supported

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