Get Filled List

Get a list of recent fills. If you need to get your recent trade history with low latency, please query endpoint Get List of Orders Completed in 24h. The requested data is not real-time.


GET /api/v1/fills


GET /api/v1/fills

  "code": "200000",
  "data": {
    "currentPage": 1,
    "pageSize": 1,
    "totalNum": 251915,
    "totalPage": 251915,
    "items": [
        "symbol": "XBTUSDM", //Symbol of the contract
        "tradeId": "5ce24c1f0c19fc3c58edc47c", //Trade ID
        "orderId": "5ce24c16b210233c36ee321d", // Order ID
        "side": "sell", //Transaction side
        "liquidity": "taker", //Liquidity- taker or maker
        "forceTaker": true, //Whether to force processing as a taker
        "price": "8302", //Filled price
        "size": 10, //Filled amount
        "value": "0.001204529", //Order value
        "feeRate": "0.0005", //Floating fees
        "fixFee": "0.00000006", //Fixed fees
        "feeCurrency": "XBT", //Charging currency
        "stop": "", //A mark to the stop order type
        "fee": "0.0000012022", //Transaction fee
        "orderType": "limit", //Order type
        "tradeType": "trade", //Trade type (trade, liquidation, ADL or settlement)
        "createdAt": 1558334496000, //Time the order created
        "settleCurrency": "XBT", //settlement currency
        "openFeePay": "0.002",
        "closeFeePay": "0.002",
        "tradeTime": 1558334496000000000 //trade time in nanosecond

This endpoint requires the General permission.


This endpoint support Futures URL


Futures weight:5

Param Type Mandatory Description
orderId String No List fills for a specific order only (If you specify orderId, other parameters can be ignored)
symbol String No Symbol of the contract
side String No buy or sell
type String No limit, market, limit_stop or market_stop
startAt long No Start time (milisecond)
endAt long No End time (milisecond)
currentPage long No Current request page, The default currentPage is 1
pageSize long No pageSize, The default pageSize is 50, The maximum cannot exceed 1000
Param Description
symbol Symbol of the contract
tradeId Trade ID
orderId Order ID
side Transaction side
liquidity Liquidity- taker or maker
forceTaker Whether to force processing as a taker
price Filled price
size Filled amount
value Order value
feeRate Floating fees
fixFee Fixed fees(Deprecated field, no actual use of the value field)
feeCurrency Charging currency
stop A mark to the stop order type
fee Transaction fee
orderType Order type
tradeType Trade type (trade, liquidation, ADL or settlement)
createdAt Time the order created
settleCurrency Transaction fee
tradeTime trade time in nanosecond
openFeePay Opening transaction fee
closeFeePay Closing transaction fee

Data Time Range The system allows you to retrieve data up to one week (start from the last day by default). If the time period of the queried data exceeds one week (time range from the start time to end time exceeded 24*7 hours), the system will prompt to remind you that you have exceeded the time limit. If you only specified the start time, the system will automatically calculate the end time (end time = start time + 24 hours). On the contrary, if you only specified the end time, the system will calculate the start time (start time= end time - 24 hours) the same way.


Orders on KuCoin Futures platform are classified into two types, taker and maker. A taker order matches other resting orders on the exchange order book, and gets executed immediately after order entry. A maker order, on the contrary, stays on the exchange order book and awaits to be matched. Taker orders will be charged taker fees, while maker orders will receive maker rebates. Please note that market orders, iceberg orders and hidden orders are always charged taker fees.

The system will pre-freeze a predicted taker fee when you place an order.The liquidity field indicates if the fill was charged taker or maker fees.

The system will pre-freeze the predicted fees (including the maintenance margin needed for the position, entry fees and fees to close positions) if you added the position, and will not pre-freeze fees if you reduced the position. After the order is executed, if you added positions, the system will deduct entry fees from your balance, if you closed positions, the system will deduct the close fees.