Get All Tickers

Request market tickers for all the trading pairs in the market (including 24h volume).

On the rare occasion that we will change the currency name, if you still want the changed symbol name, you can use the symbolName field instead of the symbol field via “Get all tickers” endpoint.


GET /api/v1/market/allTickers


GET /api/v1/market/allTickers

  "time": 1602832092060,
  "ticker": [
      "symbol": "BTC-USDT", // symbol
      "symbolName": "BTC-USDT", // Name of trading pairs, it would change after renaming
      "buy": "11328.9", // bestAsk
      "sell": "11329", // bestBid
	  "bestBidSize": "0.1", 
	  "bestAskSize": "1",
      "changeRate": "-0.0055", // 24h change rate
      "changePrice": "-63.6", // 24h change price
      "high": "11610", // 24h highest price
      "low": "11200", // 24h lowest price
      "vol": "2282.70993217", // 24h volume,the aggregated trading volume in BTC
      "volValue": "25984946.157790431", // 24h total, the trading volume in quote currency of last 24 hours
      "last": "11328.9", // last price
      "averagePrice": "11360.66065903", // 24h average transaction price yesterday
      "takerFeeRate": "0.001", // Basic Taker Fee
      "makerFeeRate": "0.001", // Basic Maker Fee
      "takerCoefficient": "1", // Taker Fee Coefficient
      "makerCoefficient": "1" // Maker Fee Coefficient

This endpoint support Spot URL


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Param Description
time timestamp
symbol Symbol
symbolName Name of trading pairs, it would change after renaming
buy Best bid price
sell Best ask price
bestBidSize Best bid size
bestAskSize Best ask size
changeRate 24h change rate
changePrice 24h change price
high Highest price in 24h
low Lowest price in 24h
vol 24h volume, executed based on base currency
volValue 24h traded amount
last Last traded price
averagePrice Average trading price in the last 24 hours
takerFeeRate Basic Taker Fee
makerFeeRate Basic Maker Fee
takerCoefficient Taker Fee Coefficient
makerCoefficient Maker Fee Coefficient