Get Earn KCS Staking Products

This endpoint retrieves KCS Staking products. If no KCS Staking products are available, an empty list is returned.


GET /api/v1/earn/kcs-staking/products


GET /api/v1/earn/kcs-staking/products

  "code": "200000",
  "data": [
      "id": "30267",
      "currency": "KCS",
      "category": "KCS_STAKING",
      "type": "DEMAND",
      "precision": 8,
      "productUpperLimit": "7000000000",
      "userUpperLimit": "80000000000",
      "userLowerLimit": "1",
      "redeemPeriod": 1,
      "lockStartTime": 1692673517000,
      "lockEndTime": null,
      "applyStartTime": 1692673517000,
      "applyEndTime": null,
      "returnRate": "0.11799977",
      "incomeCurrency": "KCS",
      "earlyRedeemSupported": 0,
      "productRemainAmount": "5915761661.09075567",
      "status": "ONGOING",
      "redeemType": "MANUAL",
      "incomeReleaseType": "DAILY",
      "interestDate": 1716998400000,
      "duration": 0,
      "newUserOnly": 0
API KEY Permissions

This endpoint requires general permission.


This endpoint supports Spot URL.


Earn weight: 5

Param Type Mandatory Description
currency String No Subscription currency
Param Description
id Product ID
currency Subscription currency
category Product category: KCS_STAKING (KCS Staking)
type Product subtype: TIME (fixed), DEMAND (demand)
precision Maximum precision supported
productUpperLimit Total product limit
userUpperLimit Maximum subscription limit per user
userLowerLimit Minimum subscription limit per user
redeemPeriod Redemption waiting period (days)
lockStartTime Product earliest interest start time, in milliseconds
lockEndTime Product maturity time, in milliseconds
applyStartTime Subscription start time, in milliseconds
applyEndTime Subscription end time, in milliseconds
returnRate Annual interest rate, raw value, not multiplied by 100
incomeCurrency Income currency
earlyRedeemSupported Whether the fixed product supports early redemption: 0 (no), 1 (yes)
productRemainAmount Remaining product limit
status Product status: ONGOING (ongoing), PENDING (pending), FULL (full), INTERESTING (interest in progress)
redeemType Redemption channel: MANUAL (manual redemption), TRANS_DEMAND (transfer to corresponding demand product upon maturity), AUTO (redeem to funding account upon maturity)
incomeReleaseType Income release type: DAILY (daily release), AFTER (release after product ends)
interestDate Most recent interest date
duration Product duration (days)
newUserOnly Whether the product is exclusive for new users: 0 (no), 1 (yes)