Broker Program

Our broker program equips third-party platforms with a variety of options to expand their product offerings and utilize KuCoin's trading system and market liquidity to earn a high percentage of transaction fees and commissions. The Broker Program offers joint marketing campaigns and multiple user benefits to support your global business expansion.

Contact: Telegram @KuCoin_Broker Application online form:

  • API Broker Brokers provide traders with trading software, robots, or trading terminal software, and receive rebates on traders' commissions. Traders start transactions by binding the API Key to the broker platform. KuCoin will provide brokers with support for marketing and growth activities. Trading Bots Social Trading Platforms Open-source Trading Libraries

  • Prime Broker Brokers provide institutional-grade trading channels for professional traders and receive a high percentage of commission. Professional traders trade by adapting the broker ID in the API. KuCoin can provide prime brokers and their clients with a variety of exclusive VIP benefits that support high-frequency trading. Asset Management Platform Professional Trade Execution platform

  • ND Broker (Coming Soon) The Exchange brokerage model allows Brokers to manage their users and deliver their user services while KuCoin only takes care of back-end and market liquidity. Independent Crypto Exchanges Wallet Providers Exchange Aggregators