Margin HF Trade

Place HF order

This interface is used to place cross-margin or isolated-margin high-frequency margin trading


POST /api/v3/hf/margin/order


POST /api/v3/hf/margin/order

    "success": true,
    "code": "200000",
    "data": {
      "orderId": "5bd6e9286d99522a52e458de",

This endpoint requires the Margin Trading permission.


This endpoint support Spot URL


Spot weight:5


Public order placement request parameters

Param Type Mandatory Description
clientOid String Yes Client Order Id,unique identifier created by the user, the use of UUID is recommended
side String Yes buy or sell
symbol String Yes symbol
type String No Order type limit and market, defult is limit
remark String No Order placement remarks, length cannot exceed 100 characters(UTF-8)
stp String No self trade prevention is divided into four strategies: CN, CO, CB , and DC
isIsolated boolean No true-isolated margin ,false-cross margin. defult as false
autoBorrow boolean No Currently, margin high-frequency trading does not support loan orders
Additional Request Parameters Required by limit Orders
Param Type Mandatory Description
price String Yes Specify price for currency
size String Yes Specify quantity for currency
timeInForce String No Order timing strategy GTC, GTT, IOC, FOK (The default is GTC)
cancelAfter long No Cancel after n seconds,the order timing strategy is GTT
postOnly boolean No passive order labels, this is disabled when the order timing strategy is IOC or FOK
hidden boolean No Hidden or not (not shown in order book)
iceberg boolean No Whether or not only visible portions of orders are shown in iceberg orders
visibleSize String No Maximum visible quantity in iceberg orders
Additional request parameters required by market orders
Param Type Mandatory Description
size String No (Select one out of two: size or funds)
funds String No (Select one out of two: size or funds)
Param Description
orderNo An order Id is returned once an order is successfully placed.
borrowSize redundant field
loanApplyId redundant field