Get Filled List

Request via this endpoint to get the recent fills.

The return value is the data after Pagination, sorted in descending order according to time.


GET /api/v1/fills


GET /api/v1/fills

  "currentPage": 1,
  "pageSize": 1,
  "totalNum": 251915,
  "totalPage": 251915,
  "items": [
      "symbol": "BTC-USDT",
      "tradeId": "5c35c02709e4f67d5266954e",
      "orderId": "5c35c02703aa673ceec2a168",
      "counterOrderId": "5c1ab46003aa676e487fa8e3",
      "side": "buy",
      "liquidity": "taker",
      "forceTaker": true,
      "price": "0.083",
      "size": "0.8424304",
      "funds": "0.0699217232",
      "fee": "0",
      "feeRate": "0",
      "feeCurrency": "USDT",
      "stop": "",
      "type": "limit",
      "createdAt": 1547026472000,
      "tradeType": "TRADE"

This endpoint requires the General permission.


This endpoint support Spot URL


Spot weight:10


This request is paginated

Param Type Mandatory Description
orderId String No Limit the list of fills to this orderId (If you specify orderId, ignore other conditions)
symbol String No Limit the list of fills to this symbol
side String No buy or sell
type String No limit, market, limit_stop or market_stop
startAt long No Start time (milisecond)
endAt long No End time (milisecond)
tradeType String Yes The type of trading : TRADE(Spot Trading), MARGIN_TRADE (Margin Trading), MARGIN_ISOLATED_TRADE (Isolated Margin Trading), TRADE as default.
Param Description
symbol symbol.
tradeId trade id, it is generated by Matching engine.
orderId Order ID, unique identifier of an order.
counterOrderId counter order id.
side transaction direction,include buy and sell.
price order price
size order quantity
funds order funds
type order type,e.g. limit,market,stop_limit.
fee fee
feeCurrency charge fee currency
stop stop type, include entry and loss
liquidity include taker and maker
forceTaker forced to become taker, include true and false
createdAt create time
tradeType The type of trading : TRADE(Spot Trading), MARGIN_TRADE (Margin Trading).

Data time range The system allows you to retrieve data up to one week (start from the last day by default). If the time period of the queried data exceeds one week (time range from the start time to end time exceeded 7*24 hours), the system will prompt to remind you that you have exceeded the time limit. If you only specified the start time, the system will automatically calculate the end time (end time = start time + 7 * 24 hours). On the contrary, if you only specified the end time, the system will calculate the start time (start time= end time - 7 * 24 hours) the same way.


The total number of items retrieved cannot exceed 50,000. If it is exceeded, please shorten the query time range.


The settlement contains two parts:

  • Transactional settlement
  • Fee settlement After an order is matched, the transactional and fee settlement data will be updated in the data store. Once the data is updated, the system would enable the settlement process and will deduct the fees from your pre-frozen assets. After that, the currency will be transferred to the account of the user.


Orders on KuCoin platform are classified into two types, taker and maker. A taker order matches other resting orders on the exchange order book, and gets executed immediately after order entry. A maker order, on the contrary, stays on the exchange order book and awaits to be matched. Taker orders will be charged taker fees, while maker orders will receive maker rebates. Please note that market orders, iceberg orders and hidden orders are always charged taker fees.

The system will pre-freeze a predicted taker fee when you place an order.The liquidity field indicates if the fill was charged taker or maker fees.

With the leading matching engine system in the market, users placing orders on KuCoin platform are classified into two types: taker and maker. Takers, as the taker in the market, would be charged with taker fees; while makers as the maker in the market, would be charged with less fees than the taker, or even get maker fees from KuCoin (The exchange platform would compensate the transaction fees for you).

After placing orders on the KuCoin platform, to ensure the execution of these orders, the system would pre-freeze your assets based on the taker fee charges (because the system could not predict the order types you may choose). Please be noted that the system would deduct the fees from the orders entered the orderbook in advance.

If your order is market order, the system would charge taker fees from you.

If your order is limit order and is immediately matched and executed, the system would charge taker fees from you. On the contrary, if the order or part or your order is not executed immediately and enters into the order book, the system would charge maker fees from you if it is executed before being cancelled

After the order is executed and when the left order funds is 0, the transaction is completed. If the remaining funds is not sufficient to support the minimum product (min.: 0.00000001), then the left part in the order would be cancelled.

If your order is a maker order, the system would return the left pre-frozen taker fees to you.


  • For a hidden/iceberg order, if it is not executed immediately and becomes a maker order, the system would still charge taker fees from you.
  • Post Only order will charge you maker fees. If a post only order would get executed immediately against the existing orders (except iceberg and hidden orders) in the market, the order will be cancelled. If the post only order will execute against an iceberg/hidden order immediately, you will get the maker fees.

For example:

Take BTC/USDT as the trading pair, if you plan to buy 1 BTC in market price, suppose the fee charge is 0.1% and the data on the order book is as follows:

Price(USDT) Size(BTC) Side
4200.00 0.18412309 sell
4015.60 0.56849308 sell
4011.32 0.24738383 sell
3995.64 0.84738383 buy
3988.60 0.20484000 buy
3983.85 1.37584908 buy

When you placed a buy order in market price, the order would be executed immediately. The transaction detail is as follows:

Price(USDT) Size(BTC) Fee(BTC)
4011.32 0.24738383 0.00024738
4015.60 0.56849308 0.00056849
4200.00 0.18312409 0.00018312