Get Currency List

Request via this endpoint to get the currency list.


This endpoint is temporarily offline (please switch to the old version of the endpoint, it is expected to reopen in mid-October), Get currency list (opens new window)


Not all currencies currently can be used for trading.


GET /api/v3/currencies


GET /api/v3/currencies

  "code": "200000",
  "data": [
      "currency": "BTC",
      "name": "BTC",
      "fullName": "Bitcoin",
      "precision": 8,
      "confirms": null,
      "contractAddress": null,
      "isMarginEnabled": true,
      "isDebitEnabled": true,
      "chains": [
          "chainName": "BTC",
          "withdrawalMinSize": "0.0008",
          "withdrawalMinFee": "0.0005",
          "isWithdrawEnabled": true,
          "isDepositEnabled": true,
          "confirms": 3,
          "preConfirms": 1,
          "contractAddress": "",
          "chainId": "btc"
          "chainName": "TRC20",
          "withdrawalMinSize": "0.0005",
          "withdrawalMinFee": "0.0001",
          "isWithdrawEnabled": false,
          "isDepositEnabled": false,
          "confirms": 3,
          "preConfirms": 3,
          "contractAddress": "TN3W4H6rK2ce4vX9YnFQHwKENnHjoxb3m9",
          "chainId": "trx"

This endpoint support Spot URL


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currency | A unique currency code that will never change
name | Currency name, will change after renaming
fullName | Full name of a currency, will change after renaming precision | Currency precision
confirms | Number of block confirmations
contractAddress | Contract address
isMarginEnabled | Support margin or not
isDebitEnabled | Support debit or not
chains | chain list chainId | chain of currency chainName | chain name of currency | withdrawalMinSize | Minimum withdrawal amount
withdrawalMinFee | Minimum fees charged for withdrawal
isWithdrawEnabled | Support withdrawal or not
isDepositEnabled | Support deposit or not
confirms | Number of block confirmations preConfirms | The number of blocks (confirmations) for advance on-chain verification


Currency codes will conform to the ISO 4217 standard where possible. Currencies which have or had no representation in ISO 4217 may use a custom code.

Code Description
BTC Bitcoin
ETH Ethereum
KCS Kucoin Shares

For a coin, the "currency" is a fixed value and works as the only recognized identity of the coin. As the "name", "fullnane" and "precision" of a coin are modifiable values, when the "name" of a coin is changed, you should use "currency" to get the coin.

For example: The "currency" of XRB is "XRB", if the "name" of XRB is changed into "Nano", you should use "XRB" (the currency of XRB) to search the coin.