Reading Guide

  1. Read Sandbox to learn how to debug API in a test environment.
  2. Read REST API to learn how to build a request.
  3. Read Time if you want to make a test request (and receive a sample response) without having to authorize.
  4. Read Service Status to maintain your trading strategy based on service status
  5. Read Authentication to learn how to make an authorized request.
  6. Read Inner Transfer to see how to transfer assets.
  7. Read List Accounts to learn how to get the data of your account balance.
  8. Read Place a new order to see how to place an order.
  9. Read Order Book to get a snapshot of the order book.
  10. Read Websocket Feed to learn how to establish a websocket connection.
  11. Read Level-2 Market Data to see how to build a local real-time order book with websocket.
  12. Read Account balance notice to see how to get a private websocket feed and get real time notice of balance changes.