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  "id": 1545910660740,
  "type": "subscribe",
  "topic": "/contractMarket/tickerV2:XBTUSDM",
  "response": true


  • Push frequency: once every 100ms
  "subject": "tickerV2",
  "topic": "/contractMarket/tickerV2:XBTUSDM",
  "data": {
    "symbol": "XBTUSDM", //Market of the symbol
    "bestBidSize": 795, // Best bid size
    "bestBidPrice": 3200.0, // Best bid
    "bestAskPrice": 3600.0, // Best ask
    "bestAskSize": 284, // Best ask size
    "ts": 1553846081210004941 // Filled time - nanosecond

Subscribe this topic to get the realtime push of BBO changes. After subscription, when there are changes in the order book, the system will push the real-time ticker symbol information to you. It is recommended to use the new topic for timely information.