Futures Errors Code

Code Meaning
1015 cloudflare frequency limit according to IP, block 30s
40010 Unavailable to place orders. Your identity information/IP/phone number shows you're at a country/region that is restricted from this service.
100001 There are invalid parameters
100002 systemConfigError
100003 Contract parameter invalid
100004 Order is in not cancelable state
100005 contractRiskLimitNotExist
200001 The query scope for Level 2 cannot exceed xxx
200002 Too many requests in a short period of time, please retry later--kucoin business layer request frequency limit, block 10s
200002 The query scope for Level 3 cannot exceed xxx
200003 The symbol parameter is invalid.
200005 Insufficient balance.(Insufficient balance when modifying risk limit)
300000 request parameter illegal
300001 Active order quantity limit exceeded (limit: xxx, current: xxx)
300002 Order placement/cancellation suspended, please try again later.
300003 Balance not enough, please first deposit at least 2 USDT before you start the battle
300004 Stop order quantity limit exceeded (limit: xxx, current: xxx)
300005 xxx risk limit exceeded
300006 The close price shall be greater than the bankruptcy price. Current bankruptcy price: xxx.
300007 priceWorseThanLiquidationPrice
300008 Unavailable to place the order, there's no contra order in the market.
300009 Current position size: 0, unable to close the position.
300010 Failed to close the position
300011 Order price cannot be higher than xxx
300012 Order price cannot be lower than xxx
300013 Unable to proceed the operation, there's no contra order in order book.
300014 The position is being liquidated, unable to place/cancel the order. Please try again later.
300015 The order placing/cancellation is currently not available. The Contract/Funding is under the settlement process. When the process is completed, the function will be restored automatically. Please wait patiently and try again later.
300016 The leverage cannot be greater than xxx.
300017 Unavailable to proceed the operation, this position is for Futures Brawl
300018 clientOid parameter repeated
400001 Any of KC-API-KEY, KC-API-SIGN, KC-API-TIMESTAMP, KC-API-PASSPHRASE is missing in your request header.
400002 KC-API-TIMESTAMP Invalid -- Time differs from server time by more than 5 seconds
400003 KC-API-KEY not exists
400004 KC-API-PASSPHRASE error
400005 Signature error -- Please check your signature
400006 The IP address is not in the API whitelist
400007 Access Denied -- Your API key does not have sufficient permissions to access the URI
400100 Parameter Error -- You tried to access the resource with invalid parameters
400100 account.available.amount -- Insufficient balance
404000 URL Not Found -- The requested resource could not be found
411100 User is frozen -- Please contact us via support center
415000 Unsupported Media Type -- The Content-Type of the request header needs to be set to application/json
429000 Too Many Requests -- Trigger the total traffic limit of this interface of KuCoin server, you can retry the request
500000 Internal Server Error -- We had a problem with our server. Try again later.

If the returned HTTP status code is not 200, the error code will be included in the returned results. If the interface call is successful, the system will return the code and data fields. If not, the system will return the code and msg fields. You can check the error code for details.