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GET /api/v1/contracts/active


GET /api/v1/contracts/active

    "symbol": "XBTUSDTM",
    "rootSymbol": "USDT",
    "type": "FFWCSX",
    "firstOpenDate": 1585555200000,
    "expireDate": null,
    "settleDate": null,
    "baseCurrency": "XBT",
    "quoteCurrency": "USDT",
    "settleCurrency": "USDT",
    "maxOrderQty": 1000000,
    "maxPrice": 1000000.0,
    "lotSize": 1,
    "tickSize": 1.0,
    "indexPriceTickSize": 0.01,
    "multiplier": 0.001,
    "initialMargin": 0.01,
    "maintainMargin": 0.005,
    "maxRiskLimit": 2000000,
    "minRiskLimit": 2000000,
    "riskStep": 1000000,
    "makerFeeRate": 0.0002,
    "takerFeeRate": 0.0006,
    "takerFixFee": 0.0,
    "makerFixFee": 0.0,
    "settlementFee": null,
    "isDeleverage": true,
    "isQuanto": true,
    "isInverse": false,
    "markMethod": "FairPrice",
    "fairMethod": "FundingRate",
    "fundingBaseSymbol": ".XBTINT8H",
    "fundingQuoteSymbol": ".USDTINT8H",
    "fundingRateSymbol": ".XBTUSDTMFPI8H",
    "indexSymbol": ".KXBTUSDT",
    "settlementSymbol": "",
    "status": "Open",
    "fundingFeeRate": 0.0001,
    "predictedFundingFeeRate": 0.0001,
    "openInterest": "5191275",
    "turnoverOf24h": 2361994501.712677,
    "volumeOf24h": 56067.116,
    "markPrice": 44514.03,
    "indexPrice": 44510.78,
    "lastTradePrice": 44493.0,
    "nextFundingRateTime": 21031525,
    "maxLeverage": 100,
    "sourceExchanges": [
    "premiumsSymbol1M": ".XBTUSDTMPI",
    "premiumsSymbol8H": ".XBTUSDTMPI8H",
    "fundingBaseSymbol1M": ".XBTINT",
    "fundingQuoteSymbol1M": ".USDTINT",
    "lowPrice": 38040,
    "highPrice": 44948,
    "priceChgPct": 0.1702,
    "priceChg": 6476

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Param Description
symbol Contract status
rootSymbol Contract group
type Type of the contract
firstOpenDate First Open Date
expireDate Expiration date. Null means it will never expire
settleDate Settlement date. Null indicates that automatic settlement is not supported
baseCurrency Base currency
quoteCurrency Quote currency
settleCurrency Currency used to clear and settle the trades
maxOrderQty Maximum order quantity
maxPrice Maximum order price
lotSize Minimum lot size
tickSize Minimum price changes
indexPriceTickSize Index price of tick size
multiplier Contract multiplier
initialMargin Initial margin requirement
maintainMargin Maintenance margin requirement
maxRiskLimit Maximum risk limit (unit: XBT)
minRiskLimit Minimum risk limit (unit: XBT)
riskStep Risk limit increment value (unit: XBT)
makerFeeRate Maker fees
takerFeeRate Taker fees
takerFixFee Fixed taker fees(Deprecated field, no actual use of the value field)
makerFixFee Fixed maker fees(Deprecated field, no actual use of the value field)
settlementFee settlement fee
isDeleverage Enabled ADL or not
isQuanto Whether quanto or not(Deprecated field, no actual use of the value field)
isInverse Reverse contract or not
markMethod Marking method
fairMethod Fair price marking method
fundingBaseSymbol Ticker symbol of the based currency
fundingQuoteSymbol Ticker symbol of the quote currency
fundingRateSymbol Funding rate symbol
indexSymbol Index symbol
settlementSymbol Settlement Symbol
status Contract status
fundingFeeRate Funding fee rate
predictedFundingFeeRate Predicted funding fee rate
openInterest open interest
turnoverOf24h turnover of 24 hours
volumeOf24h volume of 24 hours
markPrice Mark price
indexPrice Index price
lastTradePrice last trade price
nextFundingRateTime next funding rate time
maxLeverage maximum leverage
sourceExchanges The contract index source exchange
premiumsSymbol1M Premium index symbol (1 minute)
premiumsSymbol8H Premium index symbol (8 hours)
fundingBaseSymbol1M Base currency interest rate symbol (1 minute)
fundingQuoteSymbol1M Quote currency interest rate symbol (1 minute)
lowPrice 24H Low
highPrice 24H High
priceChgPct 24H Change%
priceChg 24H Change