Stop Order Lifecycle Event

       "userId": "5cd3f1a7b7ebc19ae9558591", 		// Deprecated, will detele later
       "topic": "/contractMarket/advancedOrders",
       "subject": "stopOrder",
       "data": {
           "orderId": "5cdfc138b21023a909e5ad55", 	//Order ID
           "symbol": "XBTUSDM",  					//Ticker symbol of the contract
           "type": "open",  						// Message type: open (place order), triggered (order triggered), cancel (cancel order)
           "orderType":"stop", 						// Order type: stop order
           "side":"buy", 							// Buy or sell
           "size":"1000", 							//Quantity
           "orderPrice":"9000",						//Order price. For market orders, the value is null
           "stop":"up", 							//Stop order types
           "stopPrice":"9100", 						//Trigger price of stop orders
           "stopPriceType":"TP", 					//Trigger price type of stop orders
           "triggerSuccess": true, 					//Mark to show whether the order is triggered. Only for triggered type of orders
           "error": "error.createOrder.accountBalanceInsufficient", //error code, which is used only when the trigger of the triggered type of orders fails
           "createdAt": 1558074652423  				//Time the order created
           "ts":1558074652423004000  				// timestamp - nanosecond