Get Position List

Get the position details of a specified position.


GET /api/v1/positions


GET /api/v1/positions

    "code": "200000",
    "data": {
    "id": "5e81a7827911f40008e80715",               //Position ID
    "symbol": "XBTUSDTM",                           //Symbol
    "autoDeposit": False, 							//Auto deposit margin or not
    "maintMarginReq": 0.005, 						//Maintenance margin requirement
    "riskLimit": 2000000, 							//Risk limit
    "realLeverage": 5.0, 							//Leverage o the order
    "crossMode": False, 							//Cross mode or not
    "delevPercentage": 0.35, 						//ADL ranking percentile
    "openingTimestamp": 1623832410892, 				//Open time
    "currentTimestamp": 1623832488929, 				//Current timestamp
    "currentQty": 1, 								//Current postion quantity
    "currentCost": 40.008, 							//Current postion value
    "currentComm": 0.0240048, 						//Current commission
    "unrealisedCost": 40.008, 						//Unrealised value
    "realisedGrossCost": 0.0, 						//Accumulated realised gross profit value
    "realisedCost": 0.0240048, 						//Current realised position value
    "isOpen": True, 								//Opened position or not
    "markPrice": 40014.93, 							//Mark price
    "markValue": 40.01493, 							//Mark value
    "posCost": 40.008, 								//Position value
    "posCross": 0.0, 								//added margin
    "posInit": 8.0016, 								//Leverage margin
    "posComm": 0.02880576, 							//Bankruptcy cost
    "posLoss": 0.0, 								//Funding fees paid out
    "posMargin": 8.03040576, 						//Position margin
    "posMaint": 0.23284656, 						//Maintenance margin
    "maintMargin": 8.03733576, 						//Position margin
    "realisedGrossPnl": 0.0, 						//Accumulated realised gross profit value
    "realisedPnl": -0.0240048, 						//Realised profit and loss
    "unrealisedPnl": 0.00693, 						//Unrealised profit and loss
    "unrealisedPnlPcnt": 0.0002, 					//Profit-loss ratio of the position
    "unrealisedRoePcnt": 0.0009, 					//Rate of return on investment
    "avgEntryPrice": 40008.0, 						//Average entry price
    "liquidationPrice": 32211.0, 					//Liquidation price
    "bankruptPrice": 32006.0, 						//Bankruptcy price
    "settleCurrency": "USDT", 						//Currency used to clear and settle the trades
    "isInverse": False,  							//Reverse contract or not
    "userId": 1234321123,							//userid
	"maintainMargin": 0.005  						//Maintenance margin requirement

This endpoint requires the General permission.


This endpoint support Futures URL


Futures weight:2

Param Type Mandatory Description
currency String No currency code, such as XBT,USDT
Param Description
id Position ID
symbol Symbol
autoDeposit Auto deposit margin or not
maintMarginReq Maintenance margin requirement
riskLimit Risk limit
realLeverage Leverage o the order
crossMode Cross mode or not
delevPercentage ADL ranking percentile
openingTimestamp Open time
currentTimestamp Current timestamp
currentQty Current postion quantity
currentCost Current postion value
currentComm Current commission
unrealisedCost Unrealised value
realisedGrossCost Accumulated realised gross profit value
realisedCost Current realised position value
isOpen Opened position or not
markPrice Mark price
markValue Mark value
posCost Position value
posCross added margin
posInit Leverage margin
posComm Bankruptcy cost
posLoss Funding fees paid out
posMargin Position margin
posMaint Maintenance margin
maintMargin Position margin
realisedGrossPnl Accumulated realised gross profit value
realisedPnl Realised profit and loss
unrealisedPnl Unrealised profit and loss
unrealisedPnlPcnt Profit-loss ratio of the position
unrealisedRoePcnt Rate of return on investment
avgEntryPrice Average entry price
liquidationPrice Liquidation price
bankruptPrice Bankruptcy price
settleCurrency Currency used to clear and settle the trades
isInverse Reverse contract or not
maintainMargin Maintenance margin requirement
userId userId