Get Account Ledgers - Futures

If there are open positions, the status of the first page returned will be Pending, indicating the realised profit and loss in the current 8-hour settlement period. Please specify the minimum offset number of the current page into the offset field to turn the page.


GET /api/v1/transaction-history


GET /api/v1/transaction-history?offset=1&forward=true&maxCount=50

  "code": "200000",
  "data": {
    "hasMore": false, //Whether there are more pages
    "dataList": [
        "time": 1558596284040, //Event time
        "type": "RealisedPNL", //Type
        "amount": 0, //Transaction amount
        "fee": null, //Fees
        "accountEquity": 8060.7899305281, //Account equity
        "status": "Pending", //Status. If you have held a position in the current 8-hour settlement period.
        "remark": "XBTUSDM", //Ticker symbol of the contract
        "offset": -1, //Offset
        "currency": "XBT" //Currency
        "time": 1557997200000,
        "type": "RealisedPNL",
        "amount": -0.000017105,
        "fee": 0,
        "accountEquity": 8060.7899305281,
        "status": "Completed", //Status. Status. Funding period that has been settled.
        "remark": "XBTUSDM",
        "offset": 1,
        "currency": "XBT"

This endpoint requires the General permission.


This endpoint support Futures URL


Manage weight:6

Param Type Mandatory Description
startAt long No Start time (milisecond)
endAt long No End time (milisecond)
type String No Type RealisedPNL-Realised profit and loss, Deposit-Deposit, Withdrawal-withdraw, Transferin-Transfer in, TransferOut-Transfer out
offset long No Start offset. Generally, the only attribute of the last returned result of the previous request is used, and the first page is returned by default
maxCount long No Displayed size per page. The default size is 50
currency String No Currency of transaction history XBT or USDT
forward boolean No This parameter functions to judge whether the lookup is forward or not. True means “yes” and False means “no”. This parameter is set as true by default


Supplementary instructions for startAt and endAt: startAt must be less than endAt; and the interval cannot exceed 1 day; only one field is allowed, and if only one field is passed, another field will be automatically added or subtracted by the system 1 day to complete

Param Description
time Event time
type Type: RealisedPNL, Deposit, Withdrawal, TransferIn, TransferOut
amount Transaction amount
fee Fees
accountEquity Account equity
status Status: Completed, Pending
remark Ticker symbol of the contract
offset Offset
currency Currency