Get Account Ledgers - Spot/Margin

This interface is for transaction records from all types of your accounts, supporting inquiry of various currencies. Items are paginated and sorted to show the latest first. See the Pagination section for retrieving additional entries after the first page.


GET /api/v1/accounts/ledgers


GET /api/v1/accounts/ledgers?currency=BTC&startAt=1601395200000

  "currentPage": 1,
  "pageSize": 50,
  "totalNum": 2,
  "totalPage": 1,
  "items": [
      "id": "611a1e7c6a053300067a88d9", //unique key
      "currency": "USDT", //Currency
      "amount": "10.00059547", //Change amount of the funds
      "fee": "0", //Deposit or withdrawal fee
      "balance": "0", //Total assets of a currency
      "accountType": "MAIN", //Account Type
      "bizType": "Loans Repaid", //business type
      "direction": "in", //side, in or out
      "createdAt": 1629101692950, //Creation time
      "context": "{\"borrowerUserId\":\"601ad03e50dc810006d242ea\",\"loanRepayDetailNo\":\"611a1e7cc913d000066cf7ec\"}" //Business core parameters
      "id": "611a18bc6a0533000671e1bf",
      "currency": "USDT",
      "amount": "10.00059547",
      "fee": "0",
      "balance": "0",
      "accountType": "MAIN",
      "bizType": "Loans Repaid",
      "direction": "in",
      "createdAt": 1629100220843,
      "context": "{\"borrowerUserId\":\"5e3f4623dbf52d000800292f\",\"loanRepayDetailNo\":\"611a18bc7255c200063ea545\"}"

This endpoint requires the General permission.


This endpoint support Spot URL


Manage weight:10


This request is paginated

Param Type Mandatory Description
currency String No Currency ( you can choose more than one currency). You can specify 10 currencies at most for one time. If not specified, all currencies will be inquired by default.
direction String No 出入賬方向: in, out
bizType String No 業務類型: DEPOSIT -deposit, WITHDRAW -withdraw, TRANSFER -transfer, SUB_TRANSFER -subaccount transfer,TRADE_EXCHANGE -trade, MARGIN_EXCHANGE -margin trade, KUCOIN_BONUS -bonus
startAt long No Start time (milisecond)
endAt long No End time (milisecond)


the start and end time range cannot exceed 24 hours. An error will occur if the specified time window exceeds the range. If you specify the end time only, the system will automatically calculate the start time as end time minus 24 hours, and vice versa.


Support to obtain 1 year historical data, if need to obtain longer historical data, please submit a ticket:

Field Description
id unique key
currency The currency of an account
amount The total amount of assets (fees included) involved in assets changes such as transaction, withdrawal and bonus distribution.
fee Fees generated in transaction, withdrawal, etc.
balance Remaining funds after the transaction.
accountType The account type of the master user: MAIN, TRADE, MARGIN or CONTRACT.
bizType Business type leading to the changes in funds, such as exchange, withdrawal, deposit, KUCOIN_BONUS, REFERRAL_BONUS, Lendings etc.
direction Side, out or in
createdAt Time of the event
context Business related information such as order ID, serial No., etc.

If the returned value under bizType is “trade exchange”, the additional info. (such as order ID and trade ID, trading pair, etc.) of the trade will be returned in field context.

BizType Description
Field Description
Assets Transferred in After Upgrading Assets Transferred in After V1 to V2 Upgrading
Deposit Deposit
Withdrawal Withdrawal
Transfer Transfer
Trade_Exchange Trade
Vote for Coin Vote for Coin
KuCoin Bonus KuCoin Bonus
Referral Bonus Referral Bonus
Rewards Activities Rewards
Distribution Distribution, such as get GAS by holding NEO
Airdrop/Fork Airdrop/Fork
Other rewards Other rewards, except Vote, Airdrop, Fork
Fee Rebate Fee Rebate
Buy Crypto Use credit card to buy crypto
Sell Crypto Use credit card to sell crypto
Public Offering Purchase Public Offering Purchase for Spotlight
Send red envelope Send red envelope
Open red envelope Open red envelope
Staking Staking
LockDrop Vesting LockDrop Vesting
Staking Profits Staking Profits
Redemption Redemption
Refunded Fees Refunded Fees
KCS Pay Fees KCS Pay Fees
Margin Trade Margin Trade
Loans Loans
Borrowings Borrowings
Debt Repayment Debt Repayment
Loans Repaid Loans Repaid
Lendings Lendings
Pool transactions Pool-X transactions
Instant Exchange Instant Exchange
Sub-account transfer Sub-account transfer
Liquidation Fees Liquidation Fees
Soft Staking Profits Soft Staking Profits
Voting Earnings Voting Earnings on Pool-X
Redemption of Voting Redemption of Voting on Pool-X
Convert to KCS Convert to KCS