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Market Making Incentive Scheme

KuCoin offers a Market Making Incentive Scheme for professional liquidity providers. Key benefits of this program include:

  • Market Maker rebate.
  • Monthly rewards up to 30,000 KCS for the market maker with the best performance.
  • Direct Market Access and Co-location service.

Users with good maker strategies and huge trading volume are welcome to participate in this long-term program. If your account has a trading volume of more than 5000 BTC in the last 30 days on any exchange, please send the following information via email to mm@kucoin.com, with subject "Spot Market Maker Application":

  • One KuCoin account ID (a non-referred account is required).
  • Proof of volume traded on any exchange within the past 30 days. Proof of a VIP level is also acceptable.
  • A brief explanation of your market making method (NO detail is needed), as well as estimation of maker orders’ percentage.