Get information on off-exchange funding and loans

(the following information is only applicable to loans) This endpoint is only for querying accounts that are currently involved in loans.

HTTP Request

GET /api/v1/otc-loan/loan

Request Example

GET /api/v1/otc-loan/loan

API Permissions

This API requires transaction permissions

Return Parameters
Segment Definition
parentUid Master account UID
orders Loan Orders
orderId Loan Order ID
currency Loan Currency Type
principal Principal to Be Repaid
interest Interest to Be Repaid
ltv LTV (Loan-to-Value Ratio)
transferLtv LTV of Restricted Transfers to Funding Account
onlyClosePosLtv LTV of Reduce Only (Restricted Open Positions)
delayedLiquidationLtv LTV of Delayed Liquidation
instantLiquidationLtv LTV of Instant Liquidation
currentLtv Current LTV
totalMarginAmount Total Margin Amount (USDT)
transferMarginAmount Total Maintenance Margin for Restricted Transfers (USDT)
margins Margin
marginCcy Margin Currency
marginQty Maintenance Quantity (Calculated with Margin Coefficient)
marginFactor Margin Coefficient return real time margin discount rate to USDT
Return Example
    "code": "200000",
    "data": {
        "parentUid": "1000000",
        "orders": [
                "orderId": "1668458892612980737",
                "currency": "USDT",
                "principal": "100",
                "interest": "0"
        "ltv": {
            "transferLtv": "0.6000",
            "onlyClosePosLtv": "0.7500",
            "delayedLiquidationLtv": "0.9000",
            "instantLiquidationLtv": "0.9500",
            "currentLtv": "0.0854"
        "totalMarginAmount": "1170.36181573",
        "transferMarginAmount": "166.66666666",
        "margins": [
                "marginCcy": "USDT",
                "marginQty": "1170.36181573",
                "marginFactor": "1.000000000000000000"