Match Execution Data

  "id": 1545910660741,
  "type": "subscribe",
  "topic": "/contractMarket/execution:XBTUSDM",
  "response": true
  "topic": "/contractMarket/execution:XBTUSDM",
  "subject": "match",
  "data": {
    "symbol": "XBTUSDM", //Symbol
    "sequence": 36, //Sequence number which is used to judge the continuity of the pushed messages
    "side": "buy", // Side of liquidity taker
    "matchSize": 1, //Filled quantity
    "size": 1, //unFilled quantity
    "price": "3200.0", // Filled price
    "takerOrderId": "5c9dd00870744d71c43f5e25", //Taker order ID
    "time": 1553846281766256031, //Filled time - nanosecond
    "makerOrderId": "5c9d852070744d0976909a0c", //Maker order ID
    "tradeId": "5c9dd00970744d6f5a3d32fc" //Transaction ID


For each order executed, the system will send you the match messages in the format as following.