Spot Errors Code

Code Meaning
200001 Order creation for this pair suspended
200002 Order cancel for this pair suspended
200003 Number of orders breached the limit
200009 Please complete the KYC verification before you trade XX
200004 Balance insufficient
260210 withdraw.disabled -- Currency/Chain withdraw is closed, or user is frozen to withdraw
400001 Any of KC-API-KEY, KC-API-SIGN, KC-API-TIMESTAMP, KC-API-PASSPHRASE is missing in your request header
400002 KC-API-TIMESTAMP Invalid
400003 KC-API-KEY not exists
400004 KC-API-PASSPHRASE error
400005 Signature error
400006 The requested ip address is not in the api whitelist
400007 Access Denied
404000 Url Not Found
400100 Parameter Error
400100 account.available.amount -- Insufficient balance
400200 Forbidden to place an order
400500 Your located country/region is currently not supported for the trading of this token
400600 validation.createOrder.symbolNotAvailable -- The trading pair has not yet started trading
400700 Transaction restricted, there's a risk problem in your account
400800 Leverage order failed
411100 User are frozen
415000 Unsupported Media Type -- The Content-Type of the request header needs to be set to application/json
500000 Internal Server Error
600203 Symbol XXX-XXX cant be traded -- The symbol is not enabled for trading, such as downtime for upgrades, etc.
900001 symbol not exists

If the returned HTTP status code is not 200, the error code will be included in the returned results. If the interface call is successful, the system will return the code and data fields. If not, the system will return the code and msg fields. You can check the error code for details.