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  "id": 1545910660740,
  "type": "subscribe",
  "topic": "/contractMarket/ticker:XBTUSDM",
  "response": true

Topic: /contractMarket/ticker:{symbol}

  • Push frequency: real-time
  "subject": "ticker",
  "topic": "/contractMarket/ticker:XBTUSDM",
  "data": {
    "symbol": "XBTUSDM", //Market of the symbol
    "sequence": 45, //Sequence number which is used to judge the continuity of the pushed messages
    "side": "sell", //Transaction side of the last traded taker order
    "price": "3600.0", //Filled price
    "size": 16, //Filled quantity
    "tradeId": "5c9dcf4170744d6f5a3d32fb", //Order ID
    "bestBidSize": 795, //Best bid size
    "bestBidPrice": "3200.0", //Best bid
    "bestAskPrice": "3600.0", //Best ask size
    "bestAskSize": 284, //Best ask
    "ts": 1553846081210004941 //Filled time - nanosecond

Subscribe this topic to get the realtime push of BBO changes.

The ticker channel provides real-time price updates whenever a match happens. If multiple orders are matched at the same time, only the last matching event will be pushed.

It is not recommended to use this topic any more. For real-time ticker information, please subscribe /contractMarket/tickerV2:{symbol}.