Account Balance Change

  "type": "message",
  "topic": "/account/balance",
  "subject": "account.balance",
  "channelType": "private",
  "data": {
    "total": "88", // total balance
    "available": "88", // available balance
    "availableChange": "88", // the change of available balance
    "currency": "KCS", // currency
    "hold": "0", // hold amount
    "holdChange": "0", // the change of hold balance
    "relationEvent": "trade.setted", //relation event
    "relationEventId": "5c21e80303aa677bd09d7dff", // relation event id
    "relationContext": {
      "symbol": "BTC-USDT",
      "tradeId": "5e6a5dca9e16882a7d83b7a4", // the trade Id when order is executed
      "orderId": "5ea10479415e2f0009949d54"
    }, // the context of trade event
    "time": "1545743136994" // timestamp

Topic: /account/balance

  • Push frequency: real-time

You will receive this message when an account balance changes. The message contains the details of the change.

Relation Event
Type Description
main.deposit Deposit
main.withdraw_hold Hold withdrawal amount
main.withdraw_done Withdrawal done
main.transfer Transfer (Main account)
main.other Other operations (Main account)
trade.hold Hold (Trade account)
trade.setted Settlement (Trade account)
trade.transfer Transfer (Trade account)
trade.other Other operations (Trade account)
trade_hf.hold Hold (trade_hf account)
trade_hf.setted Settlement (trade_hf account)
trade_hf.transfer Transfer (trade_hf account)
trade_hf.other Other operations (trade_hf account)
margin.hold Hold (Margin account)
margin.setted Settlement (Margin account)
margin.transfer Transfer (Margin account)
margin.other Other operations (Margin account)
isolated_{symbol}.hold Hold (Isolated margin account)
isolated_{symbol}.setted Settlement (Isolated margin account)
isolated_{symbol}.transfer Transfer (Isolated margin account)
isolated_{symbol}.other Other operations (Isolated margin account)
marginV2.hold Hold (margin_hf account)
marginV2.setted Settlement (margin_hf account)
marginV2.transfer Transfer (margin_hf account)
marginV2.other Other operations (margin_hf account)
isolatedV2_{symbol}.hold Hold (Isolated margin_hf account)
isolatedV2_{symbol}.setted Settlement (Isolated margin_hf account)
isolatedV2_{symbol}.transfer Transfer (Isolated margin_hf account)
isolatedV2_{symbol}.other Other operations (Isolated margin_hf account)
other Others