KuCoin AMA With XCAD Network (XCAD) — Redefining the YouTube Viewing Landscape

2024/03/18 10:48:06

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: March 13, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:42 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session in the KuCoin Exchange Group, featuring the Head of Business Development of XCAD Network, Abed Hardcastle.

Official Website: https://xcadnetwork.com/

Whitepaper: https://docs.xcadnetwork.com/xcad-network-public-documentation

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Q&A from KuCoin to XCAD Network

Q: What is the concept behind XCAD?

Abed: In a nutshell, XCAD is a Creator Token trading & fan loyalty platform, which enables influencers to tokenize themselves, giving them the ability to transform their fan bases into flourishing Web 3.0 communities.

The audience is incentivised to watch YouTube videos on the XCAD platform via #Watch2Earn, and are rewarded providing they watch for 80% or more. This incentivises high watch time which provides immense value and utility to Creators, since watch time is the most important metric that drives the YouTube algorithm, and ultimately their growth on Youtube. They also have the ability to involve their audience in their channel further, rewarding the most loyal fans with benefits such as in-person meet-ups, merchandise, 1 on 1 video calls, channel governance and more! Creators boost their channel, monetisation opportunities and fan loyalty. While fans can get rewarded for their loyalty when watching a Creator, to earn tokens to buy perks, vote on polls and generally get closer to a Creator.

Q: What functions does the XCAD token serve?

Abed: The XCAD token is used throughout the XCAD Network ecosystem for multiple purposes

◦ Staked by users to gain access to CLO allocations in the XCAD Launchpool.

◦ Paired with CT’s from CLO’s, locking XCAD in liquidity perpetually

◦ Powering the Creator DEX

◦ Governance token for Creators applying to tokenize

◦ W2E Boost - Stake more XCADs to boost earnings on the platform

◦ XCAD Social - XCAD is used to buy keys for influencer/creator chat rooms, a portion of those XCADs from trading fees is locked, and most of the other XCAD is soft locked until the key is sold on

The XCAD token is pretty fundamental to our entire ecosystem.

Q: To what extent can XCAD scale?

Abed: There are over 30,000 channels on YouTube that have over 1m subs, with that number growing each day. XCAD in theory would be able to tokenize and provide the Web3.0 framework for all of them. As of now, there are 2.5 billion active users on YouTube.

Q: What are the long-term aspirations of XCAD?

Abed: In total there are over 120 YouTubers, with over half a billion total subscribers. We’ve had investment from major influencers such as KSI & Mr Beast, and many more. Some of our invested influencers will be going on to launch their own CLO.

2.5bn people actively watch YouTube alone, not to mention other potential platforms. Content Creators are some of the most powerful Influencers in the world! We’re solving key problems for Creators & their fanbases, helping to bring them closer together, creating efficiencies and value via Web3 communities and tokenization.

There is a divide between Web2 and Web 3 audiences, with the former confused and uninvolved in the Web3 world. We believe we have the potential backing combined with a product which is packaged in a familiar “Web2 way” to bridge the gap between Web2 & Web3. We refer to it as web 2.5 and we’re bringing mainstream adoption to Web3.

Q: What strategies are in place to attract a large number of "Web2" users?

Abed: XCAD Is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the upcoming surge in “Retail Web2 '' users coming into the crypto realm. With our reach on YouTube, our platform will be put in front of the eyes of 10’s of millions of people recurrently, and so we’ve built our platform around WEB2 completely. We’re available as an app on both android and iPhone as well as a browser extension. With features like Apple Pay, and no KYC, seedless wallet creation, and an easy web2 familiar UX, not to mention a free to use system to boot. This is the perfect formula to convert Web2 users!

Q: Will platforms other than YouTube be integrated into the onboarding process?

Abed: YouTube is our core focus right now. We have previously announced that Twitch will be coming in Q4 of this year. We are planning to expand into other platforms in the future too, the consumption of content online is a space which is growing rapidly.

Q: What are the recommended sources for staying informed about project updates and related information?

Abed: Keep our website and socials bookmarked! We’re always releasing updates, announcements and news on our: Official Website, Telegram Group, Twitter, Gitbooks and Medium.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to XCAD Network

Q: Can you tell us any clues about the huge announcement on the 27th of March that will have a positive impact on the whole crypto space as you said?

Abed: This is something we've been hearing recurrently from the wider community, and speculators. To put this to bed, I can't comment unfortunately, and to be honest most of the team don't even know themselves, however what I can say is that it will definitely be a true milestone moment for the XCAD community, and the wider space as a whole!

Q: How XCAD watch to earn concept wont affect YouTubers workflow, and why YouTube platform chosen first beside others?

Abed: It won't affect your existing user flow since you'll still be able to watch videos exactly as you currently do, but still get rewarded by simply having the browser extension in the background or the XCAD app installed. YouTube is the first chosen platform for many reasons, but the most important one is simply the sheer size.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, and has 2.5 billion active users, it truly doesn't get much bigger than that!

Q: As a project, it is crucial to attract non-crypto users for mainstream adoption. Can you share your strategies to entice non-crypto users towards your platform? Also, are there any upcoming partnerships in the pipeline that will bring in non-crypto users and facilitate real-world use cases?

Abed: Our entire platform has been positioned to take advantage of web2 audiences. We've created a UX which is completely web2 oriented to minimize any friction. We've also integrated additional features to make onboarding seamless, including no KYC token purchasing, seedless wallet creation, amongst a lot more.

Q: What are XCAD NETWORK plans to expand its ecosystem and attract new users?

Abed: With our product launch around the corner, we have a network of YouTubers with a cumulative total of 750 million subscribers! We'll be leveraging this to the absolute max, as we roll out new Creators. The exposure this will bring us, especially on a consistent basis will be huge.

Q: How might XCAD Network make watching YouTube more engaging and exciting for fans, allowing them to influence the content they love?

Abed: Fan tokens will actually grant users access to fan governance polls which will give you further access and interactivity with creators!

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