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2022/01/26 09:43:40

Automated market makers (AMMs) are a crucial part of the DeFi ecosystem. They allow investors to trade digital assets automatically through liquidity pools instead of the traditional buyers and sellers method. As the market for DeFi continues to grow, so do the issues associated with current AMMs. Current protocols are rarely completely decentralized, have questionable governance systems and don’t share liquidity rewards. This leaves investors with a questionable model to work with. However, AlphaDEX is looking to change this. AlphaDEX is an innovative decentralized AMM, Incubator, Yield Farming & NFT Launch solution powered by Moonriver and Moonbeam. The project has partnered with some of the industries finest companies to help bring a new level of trading protocol and user experience. Here’s what it has to offer.

What is AlphaDEX?

AlphaDEX is a new project looking to change the way users interact with AMM protocols. Its aim is to develop an innovative cross-chain AMM protocol using the best in class para-chain, whilst featuring Polkadot interoperability in its desired state. The dev team have partnered with some of the industry's leading companies to bring users world class oracles. These oracles guarantee only the most accurate up to date pricing methodologies to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

To promote early adoption, the team rewards early investors with liquidity rewards. These rewards are provided on all eligible transactions that take place through the AlphaDEX Protocol. In addition to this, holders of the $ROAR token will receive the best staking and farming rewards, whilst simultaneously being chosen first for top tier launched projects via the launchpad.

What is ROAR and What is it used for?

The AlphaDEX token is $ROAR. It will have a total supply of 120 million and will be distributed amongst different groups. The development team will receive 15% of the supply, and an additional 15% will be distributed amongst the advisory board. A total of 34.5% will be used for liquidity, and the ecosystem and 20% will be used for the community and for marketing purposes. The final 15.5% will be distributed amongst 3 groups. 2.5% will go to the public and launchpads, 3% will go to early contributors and 10% will be used for private and strategic purposes. The token will be released on the 27th of January 2022.

How does AlphaDEX Work?

The AlphaDEX developers have designed a fully operational DEX. This DEX has been integrated into Moonriver and Moonbeam. To make their DEX superior to others on the market, AlphaDEX has partnered with some of the best tech companies and Moonriver to create a flawless AMM experience. Within the ecosystem, users can create markets and share in liquidity pools, as well as take advantage of lucrative rewards and opportunities.

AlphaDEX works by providing a DEX that tackles many of the problems currently associated with the industry. Firstly, it tackles the problem of part decentralization through a fully decentralized ready to go swap trading AMM. They also guarantee a robust governance system and promise a range of rewards for early adopters. Early adopters will receive 3% of the total token distribution and will be the first entered for rewards on the platforms.

On the platform, all smart contracts will be audited by RD auditors. These auditors are leaders in blockchain security, with a focus on solidarity and smart contract audits. In addition to offering a DEX that’s fully integrated with Moonriver and Moonbeam, AlphaDEX will also be releasing their own NFT launchpad. This launchpad would allow for fractional NFT launched on Moonriver, in which ownership of a particular NFT will be split amongst holders.

All of this will be provided alongside innovative features such as shadow staking, lucrative yield farming and a platform that truly rewards its users. Combined with an intuitive user interface that makes usability as simple as possible, AlphaDEX will provide a well-rounded experience for any crypto investor.

Who created AlphaDEX?

The founder of AlphaDEX is Dan Gibbs. Dan is an entrepreneur with in-depth experience in capital markets, fintech, capital raising and crypto trading. Dan founded the project, its CEO is Todd K, who now runs the AlphaDEX team. The team themselves combine their passion for De-Fi with industry expertise to develop technology that could revolutionize the crypto world.

In total AlphaDEX has 24 partners as part of their project. These include Alpha Crypto Capital, Black Edge Capital and Whitelist Ventures. With so many capital companies believing in the future of AlphaDEX, it’s fair to say that its potential has not gone unnoticed.

What Makes AlphaDEX Unique?

One of the standout features of AlphaDEX is its ‘ready-to-go’ solution. There are very few projects in the market that offer a ready-to-go solution for startups and businesses that need to raise capital. In addition to this, AlphaDEX is one of the few crypto projects that's fully decentralized. Most current projects are controlled and managed by a centralized team in one way or another. By being fully decentralized, the project appeals to crypto investors who believe in a key pillar of cryptocurrency: decentralization. This gives it a mass appeal which dramatically increases its chances of mass adoption.

Closing Thoughts

AlphaDEX has set a huge goal to change the way investors interact with AMMs. With bold promises (and the results to back them), AlphaDEX are providing investors with a strong alternative to the current AMMs in the market. Although still in development, the team are tackling key flaws in the current market and are also providing DeFi projects such as NFTs alternative launch options in the future.

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