A Guide to 1 Million Bonus: How to Participate in KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary Activities

2021/08/18 08:33:37

The 2nd anniversary of KuCoin Futures has finally arrived! To give back to our beloved users for your support and love for the KuCoin Futures, we have prepared a huge surprise package for you! An anniversary carnival of 5 activities with ultra-brilliant gifts worth 1 million USDT. , come join us to indulge in the revel and let KuCoin Futures ignite your dreams from August 18, 2021 to September 1, 2021 (UTC).

This KuCoin blog will walk you through the comprehensive instructions to help you participate in the KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary Carnival. Let's explore the detailed tips to win a newbie gift package, exclusive bonus for loyal users, and more amazing rewards from the 5 anniversary activities.

1. Leave Your Fighter's Signature on the Eve of the Battle

Click the button below to make sure you’re qualified for the 5 activities of KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary. We wish you good luck during our 1 Million USDT bonus anniversary carnival with a detailed understanding of the activity rules below.

2. Tips for the 5 Big Activities

KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary Carnival Period: 08:00 on August 18, 2021 - 08:00 on September 1, 2021 (UTC)

Activity 1:

Newbie Exclusive & Up to 100 USDT Bonus Each: A Journey of Victory Begins with a Good Start.

Enable Futures trading during the anniversary to win a bonus worth up to 100 USDT! Claim your first gift package, win a good start for your Futures journey on KuCoin Futures.

Activity 2:

800,000 USDT Bonus to Win, Battle of Honor: Are you the King of the Brawl World?

It is all about the KuCoin Futures Brawl. Will you be among the victors to claim the 800,000 USDT prize pool?

In this activity, we have set 3 different rounds to reward KuCoin Futures Brawl players. The following are the details of the 3 rounds:

A. Futures Brawl Leaderboard

During the carnival period, there are Brawl Points Leaderboard and Winning Streak Leaderboard. We will update the top winners in these two leaderboards. Exclusive USDT bonus and qualifications for the trial of KCS contract trading will be rewarded to the Futures Brawl top winners. March forward courageously, Brawl fighters! See you on the leaderboard!

Leaderboard Prize Details:

B. Futures Brawl Points

For players who are unable to be on the top winners’ list, the prize draw may also lead you to lucky heaven. We have prepared plenty of prizes for lucky draw users. Who can be the biggest winner to claim the 1 BTC reward from the lucky draw? Will the answer be “You”?

Lucky Draw Prize Details:

C. Participation Reward

1,000 lucky users will also receive an extra participation reward after the carnival with 5 USDT Futures trial funds each. As for the KuCoin Futures Trial Fund, it may be your great weapon to win without any costs.

Activity 3:

100,000 USDT Special Rewards, Bright Futures Last Forever: Only Those with a Medal of Loyalty Can Claim!

With our great efforts during the last two years, KuCoin Futures have won the support of up to 3 million users. Therefore, we have set up an exclusive welfare "feedback round" activity.

Every experienced user of KuCoin Futures can claim an exclusive "Loyal User Medal" to enjoy a 100,000 USDT bonus together. Also, KCS contract trading trial qualifications will be shared in this activity. Register for the activity and claim your share! The details are as follows:

Activity 4:

An Atmosphere of a Good Time for Everyone to Enjoy: 10,000 Anniversary Gifts and 500,000 USDT Bonus to Give Away!

It will always be a special part to add an atmosphere of a good time. For activity 4, KuCoin Futures has prepared 10,000 anniversary gifts and a 500,000 USDT bonus for everyone. Enter the carnival to claim yours!

Activity 5:

A Buffering Cushion for Your Trading: Who Can Refuse the Amazing 200,000 USDT Futures Insurance Pool?

To guard your trading, there will be a 200,000 USDT Futures insurance pool to cover your losses! Carnival is a time to let everyone enjoy freely, so KuCoin Futures will provide you with a swing time to trade safely and reap profit!

Users who bear losses during KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary (trial fund excluded) will receive compensation as follows:

Note: The Futures insurance pool is 200,000 USDT. If the total loss from the activity participants is less than 200,000 USDT, the compensation will follow the above rules.. Whereas if the total loss is more than 200,000 USDT, the compensation will be processed according to the $200,000/total loss ratio. For example:

When the total loss = 400,000 USDT, users will be compensated according to the ratio of $200,000/$400,000=0.5, which means:

When the loss ≤ $50, compensation = 0.5 * lost amount

When the loss > $50, compensation = 0.5 * 50 = 25 USDT of the trial fund.

Now you have been walked through the instructions of the 5 big activities of KuCoin Futures 2nd Anniversary Carnival. For more details, please follow the official news.

Closing Thought:

Since its inception in August 2019, KuCoin Futures has been committed to enabling every user to have a perfect contract experience. We have never forgotten our original intention, forge ahead and make breakthroughs all the way. Two years passed in a flash; it is the support of users that provided us with a steady stream of power to grow into the top 10 contract trading platform in the industry.

Here, KuCoin Futures want to express the sincerest gratitude to all users for their support and company over the past two years. The 5 big activities are our invitation for the carnival to celebrate together. It is also a great opportunity to open the curtain for our dear "Futures” Guests to the KuCoin Futures' unlimited breakthrough in the new year!

During our 2nd anniversary celebration, exclusive community and Twitter activities will also be held to add more good colors to our carnival. Follow our official Telegram, KuCoin Futures Telegram and Twitter for KuCoin and KuCoin Futures to enjoy together.

We Futures, Bright Futures. Enjoy the celebration thoroughly. Wish you good luck!

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