3 Altcoins to Explore | Gaming Tokens Continue to Outperform, Will Investors Keep Bullish on AXS?

2021/07/27 09:11:40

What’s the news about gaming tokens throughout last week?

Gaming tokens are continuing their surge this week. There has been a clear preference for the market despite the ongoing lull seen elsewhere in the crypto space. Why is that? One major reason is just because this area of crypto is much more accessible to a wider audience.

As people are introduced to crypto gaming, they become heavily involved in the ecosystem. Speaking of ecosystems, it incorporates many other popular trends we are seeing right now, particularly NFTs. People can trade their in-game items in the form of NFTs, which shows their ownership of the item.

Traders are starting to catch onto this, as they see gaming tokens as a sort of ‘diamond in the rough’ that is outshining other cryptocurrencies. One stand out example here is AXS. Right now, AXS is seeing massive growth, leading to many believing that the token is overvalued.

This is not necessarily the case, as Axie Infinity recently announced that it sees over 350,000 users per day. With such a user base, it makes sense that the token the game revolves around also experiences growth.

Anyway, let’s take a look now at 3 of the most promising gaming tokens this week: AXS, TCP and TOWER.

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Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a game built around a Pokemon-inspired universe where players can battle, collect, raise, and build a kingdom for their pets. By playing and contributing to the ecosystem, users can earn tokens. AXS is the governance token for the Axie universe.

While still in it’s beta, Axie Infinity has already proven to be a popular concept. As mentioned, it is currently riding high on the wave of interest in gaming tokens. One reason for this is that people can already see the promise in the game and therefore the token that powers it. By buying into it now, they believe it will grow in value as the game continues development and more people start to play.

Then there is the whole play-to-earn dynamic, where playing the game will earn you more tokens. This is obviously a great benefit that is growing the use of the token.

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The Crypto Prophecies (TCP)

The Crypto Prophecies is a game where players go head to head with others in a zero-sum price prediction trading game. Players take the role of Crypto Prophets who act out the battle based on their unique properties. TCP powers the ecosystem as a utility and governance token.

The Crypto Prophecies is probably one of the most approachable entries into the world of blockchain gaming. It centers around price prediction, a simple concept, but incorporates aspects such as NFTs in the form of unique Crypto Prophets. For newcomers, this is likely an ideal starting point.

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Tower (TOWER)

Tower is a platform that blends traditional free-to-play gaming with the play-to-earn potential of blockchain gaming. It encompasses two already existing tower defence mobile games, Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. The TOWER Token is a fungible utility token for the TOWER platform.

It is worth mentioning how Tower’s parent company, Animoca, is not only working closely with many big franchises, but has also recently received backing from the likes of Samsung. This obviously reflects a lot of belief in the industry and specifically the games it creates. Seeing this sign, TOWER has seen increased interest over the past few weeks.

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Other Gaming Crypto Gems to Look Forward to This Week

Looking ahead, we know that gaming looks to have a robust user base and well established use case. Therefore, KuCoin also recommends checking out these three gaming tokens with a more stable ROI but may be worth a long-term investment: REVV, ENJ and MANA.

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