KuCoin AMA With Playbux (PBUX) — Discovering the Realm of the Premier Web3 Entertainment Hub

2024/04/25 10:27:10

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: April 23, 2024, 10:00 AM - 10:49 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session featuring the CEO of Playbux, Sarun, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://www.playbux.co/

Whitepaper: https://playbux.gitbook.io/playbux-whitepaper

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Q&A from KuCoin to Playbux

Q: Playbux boasts a diverse ecosystem. How will PBUX tokens incentivize users and enrich the gaming experience within it?

Sarun: PBUX serves as the governing token of Playbux, offering versatile utility within the Playbux ecosystem, including its website and games. With the upcoming launch of the alpha version following listing, PBUX's significance will be further highlighted. Its utility spans across various applications and events, which can be categorized into four key aspects.


Following its launch, PBUX will serve as the central token within the ecosystem. Users will earn PBUX as rewards for utilizing services such as Shop to Earn or Watch to Earn. Subsequently, they can leverage PBUX across various services, including playing games, purchasing in-game assets and NFTs, or compounding them. This circulation of PBUX within the ecosystem aligns with the concept of ”With real income, no inflation,” ensuring a sustainable economic model.

Many earlier platforms' ”Play to Earn” business models simply minted tokens out of thin air, distributed them to users, and attempted to burn them through gameplay. This model is inherently fragile and susceptible to failure without new spending users, ultimately succumbing to inflation. For Playbux, our approach is unique. Before distributing our native cryptocurrency, we prioritize generating revenue.

For instance, in Shop to Earn, users obtain PBUX from cashback received from merchants, which we then distribute among users. Technically, we utilize this revenue to purchase tokens and distribute them to users, ensuring that token prices simply return to the original if sold instantly.

We also generate revenue through various channels such as advertising, affiliate marketing, package sales, zero-sum games, among others. Some services we provide do not directly generate revenue, and in such cases, we reward users with BRK. BRK serves as in-game currency that cannot be exchanged, thereby mitigating inflation concerns.


PBUX can be used to make purchases within the Playbux ecosystem, including game contents, lotto tickets, or NFTs. During the period from the alpha to the open beta phases, the hierarchy of Playbux currency will comprise:

Pebble: The easiest currency to obtain, earned through playing games or participating in in-game events.

Brick or BRK: This is the premium currency, acquired through purchasing packages, granting access to exclusive game content. BRK is a one-way purchase and cannot be converted back into real money.

PBUX: The highest-tier currency, offering users the opportunity to purchase assets with the highest bonuses.

Certain packages or contents may only be purchasable using USD or credit card. However, users can also buy them using PBUX at a discounted rate. In summary, PBUX emerges as the most valuable currency within the ecosystem, providing users with enhanced purchasing power and benefits.


PBUX will serve as the currency for participation in exclusive game contents based on the zero-sum concept. Participants will be required to use PBUX as payment before playing, with all spending PBUX being aggregated into a sizable reward pool. Upon conclusion of the game, after deducting a fee, all accumulated PBUX will be distributed among players according to their rank. This mechanic will also extend to PBUX lotto pools, where users use PBUX as lotto tickets, with the fortunate winners receiving a portion of the pool.

The inaugural PBUX game, ”Conquer to Earn,” is slated to launch alongside the alpha phase. This strategic war game pits countries against each other, with the top-performing country earning a larger share of PBUX from the pool. Stay tuned for further updates on ”Conquer to Earn” and other exciting developments within the PBUX ecosystem.


After the alpha launch, users will have the option to play the game through both the client and website interfaces. When conducting transactions on the website, users will need to pay the usual gas fees through their wallet extensions. However, for transactions within the client, such as claiming NFTs or assets, PBUX must be deposited into the account to serve as gas fees for Web 2.0 transactions. This streamlined process ensures smooth and efficient transactions within the Playbux ecosystem.

Q: With a crowded gaming landscape, how will Playbux uniquely engage users and reward them compared to competitors?

Sarun: There are many competitors like Roblox , Decentraland, StepN, and The Sandbox. I think we are the only platform with multiple entertainment options in one place. We have shopping, gaming, movies, Music, DEFI, Trading and many other services coming. For each segment I believe we are beating all of our competitors head on. Please see these massive numbers below:

-No.1 most UAW on BNB Chain with over 100k UAW per day

-20 Million on-chain actions in the past 12 months. Probably the highest number in all the Web3 gaming industry

-17 Million Registered users in the past 12 months.

-60 Million game plays in the past 12 months (99 cents each play)

-Over 100 Million minutes of monthly watch time in the IQIYI watch to earn feature

-Over 5m raffle tickets submitted monthly!

-Over $2m worth of shopping done monthly in Shop to earn feature

-Over 300,000 steps in Walk to earn per month

-Over 271,125 actions in stamp to earn month

-Over 500k wallets participated in our airdrop events

Please see this for competitive analytics. We are ahead of everyone in this field.

Q: Can you share upcoming features or developments in the pipeline to keep us excited?


1. Conquer to Earn: Our strategic war game, "Conquer to Earn," incentivizes players to participate by offering rewards in PBUX. This engaging gameplay attracts users and encourages them to spend within the ecosystem.

2. Mad BUX (Boss Fighting): Another exciting feature, "Mad BUX," allows players to challenge powerful bosses and earn rewards. By providing thrilling gameplay and exclusive rewards, we drive user engagement and retention.

3. New Game Center: We continuously introduce new games and interactive experiences within the Playbux ecosystem. These games attract users and provide opportunities for monetization through in-game purchases, ads, and other revenue streams.

4. Trading Feature: Our trading feature enables users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets within the Playbux platform. By facilitating trading activities, we generate revenue through transaction fees and other monetization methods.

5. Live to Earn. This is where you can buy condos and houses in Playbux soon and earn a living from decorating your place to get votes from your friends. The higher the ranking the more incentive you earn! I think this is super cool.

6. RWA Beach Life NFT: This feature is super amazing. All u have to do is to buy our NFT and you can live on some of Thailand's most beautiful beaches. Everything is all inclusive. From 30 nites to 365 nite. This is the dream life of most people. To escape to paradise and just relax and trade crypto.

Q: Blockchain gaming is booming. How does Playbux envision itself contributing to the wider adoption and growth of this sector?

Sarun: We are the largest entertainment platform on BnBchain and already introducing 17m register users to the Playbux.co ecosystem. We are continuing to build really fun games and entertainment options that is really easy to use for new users. We are working on a Web3 wallet with VISA so that users can use a VISA card to onramp offramp crypto very easily. Then the most important thing is users can sell Crypto for cash and deposit the cash in to their VISA card and use that cash to spend anywhere in the world which allows VISA. This allows everyone to bypass banks. One of the biggest issue in Web3 is converting crypto to cash and this feature will solve that problem. This wallet will hopefully bring a lot of new users to Playbux in the future. I think we are the only Web3 company backed by Binance Labs and VISA.

Q: As Playbux expands, security and scalability are paramount. How will the platform address these concerns?

Sarun: We use all first class standards in our security. For example, for our Web3 auditing we use Certik and Hacken. For Web2 we use CloudFlare Google and many other tools. So far, we have had good success at defending bots and DDoS attacks. We will continue to invest in our security and make sure that our system is always up to global standards.

Q: How will user feedback and involvement play a role in shaping the platform's future direction?

Sarun: We will actually allow users to build their own dreams in Playbux.co. So, instead of just giving feedback users can actually become game developers and try to execute their vision on Playbux and earn money from it. We want to ensure that Playbux will always be fresh and entertaining so we allow the platform to be open and users can generate their own entertainment options in the future. I think it will be very interesting to see how Playbux will evolve over time as the community builds their own dreams in Playbux.

Q: Attracting and retaining users is crucial. What strategies does Playbux have in place to succeed in the competitive gaming market?

Sarun: Yes! I do totally agree that attracting and retaining users is one of the hardest tasks in Web3. We have done a really good job at attracting users (17m registered and no.1 in on-chain traffic on BNBchain) so this proves that we have executed our vision extremely well. Also our retention rate is over 25% which is amazing for Web3. I think we are able to do this because our entertainment options is fun. People love using casual activities in Playbux and we plan to keep developing really fun options so we maintain our good traction. So I think, in summary, we just need to build good entertainment options so our users can enjoy playing in Playbux. You may check here. In addition, here’s the link to our whitepaper and token utility paper.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to Playbux

Q: If you could instantly add one feature to your project, what would it be and why?

Sarun: If I can add 1 feature now, it would be our UCG feature where anyone in the world can add their own dream game onto Playbux. It is so important to get new ideas from the users and let everyone share their amazing ideas so Playbux is always fresh!

Q: What are the benefits of integrating 1 inch, the best DeFi aggregator on the BNB chain, into the Playbux metaverse?

Sarun: We will have a DEFI road where we have 1 inch, Pancake swap, Openocean, SushiSwap, Trader Joe and many other DEXs. We will have a DJ to shill tokens every day and you can buy tokens together with our community from the DEXs on our platform. Imagine 10,000 people buying the same token at the same time! We can move the market together in Playbux DEFI street.

Q: Is there a staking programme available for your token? Do you have any future plans to introduce a staking programme?

Sarun: Yes! We have a HODL to earn program on Playbux now for 240% APY and we will add another staking program soon on another CEX for 120% APY.

Q: How does the 'Walk to Earn' feature work, and what are the benefits for users?

Sarun: You may check here for more information regarding the “Walk to Earn” feature.

Q: How does PBUX provide value to its holders beyond speculation? What utility does it have?

Sarun: Kindly check here for more information about PBUX.

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