KuCoin AMA With Patex (PATEX)— Bridging Borders: A Unified Approach to Regulation in the LATAM Region

2024/03/22 00:14:29

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: March 19, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session featuring the CEO of PATEX, Ricardo Da Ros, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://PATEX.io/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15qVPiDD9pfyuCFgjQPj6Ihk-qxd3UWUO/view

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Q&A from KuCoin to PATEX

Q: Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Ricardo:That's a good place to start!

As everyone already knows, my name is Ricardo Da Ros, the CEO of PATEX.

I'm based in Brazil, but I have had many experiences internationally over the years. I have studied Computer Sciences and Marketing, and my professional experience has been in launching international companies in Latin America for the past 20+ years. It will be a pleasure for me to talk with everyone here!

Q: Have you been involved in crypto projects before PATEX? It would be nice to know about your journey in the crypto world.

Ricardo: Yes, I've been in crypto for a little while. My journey in crypto started officially in 2016. I was hearing about Bitcoin much earlier than that, but I didn't think it was something relevant. It was only in early 2016 that I really stopped to study Bitcoin and understood the revolution it was. After that, I decided that I would work in crypto and never looked back.

Based on my previous professional experience, I started doing the same type of work I did with traditional companies - but now for crypto companies. I was the Country Manager for Ripio, an exchange from Argentina that wanted to operate in Brazil. I launched it and made it grow to be one of the top players in the country.

Then Binance hired me to start their operation in Brazil as well. I was the Head of Binance in Brazil and I took the company to number 1 in the market. I also helped Crypto.com, Casa Inc. and Bit2Me launch in Brazil. The past few years have been intense!

Now I'm applying all my expertise to make PATEX a leader in Latin America, using many of the lessons learned to have the best product & service in the region!

Q: How about your team? Can you share some insights into the people behind PATEX?

Ricardo: This is the most important question for me! We have put together a team of stars, which makes all the difference! The executive leadership team at PATEX consists of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, each contributing unique expertise.

Our CMO, Renaud Besnard, is a former Marketing Executive at Google, Uber, Twitter, and PayPal. Ren was part of the core leadership team that grew Unstoppable Domains to a $1B valuation. His advisory track record includes Binance and Uniswap. He now leads PATEX's marketing vision.

Our COO brings extensive operations management experience from his prior roles as regional COO at prominent cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi and KuCoin. His leadership in streamlining operations is indispensable as PATEX seeks to establish smooth functionality.

Henrique Marinho, CBDO, possesses demonstrated acumen in partnerships and strategic growth stemming from his previous directorship of these functions at Huobi and CoinEx. His proficiency in cultivating institutional relationships promises to facilitate ecosystem expansion. But our team is not just about the big names. Each member, from development to marketing, plays a crucial role in realizing the vision of PATEX.

Our developers are hard at work ensuring that our technology remains cutting-edge, while our marketing team ensures that our message resonates across the globe. It's a collaborative effort, and I am proud to stand alongside such an exceptional group of individuals.

Q: Advisors often bring valuable guidance. Are there any notable names on your advisory board?

Ricardo: The strength of PATEX is not just in its innovative vision, but also in the robust support system that we have in our advisory board. It's all about people.

1. Pedro Ribeiro is currently a Director of Global Strategy at BRICS+ (political organization of countries union for the world's major emerging economies), former Chairman of Middle East and Africa at Elytron Security S.A., and Director of international relations at Ivoucheryou.

He held the CGAO position at PATEX until we switched to a more private collaboration format a few months ago due to his political career. We worked together for about a yea, and now he is an advisor.

Pedro Ribeiro helped us to settle governmental-level negotiations with Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Chile, and Mexico in terms of helping assist with their possible CBDC launch on the PATEX Network.

2. Guilherme Jovanovic founded YAY Network (2,450% ROI in 2023), 6 years full time in crypto (since 2018), worked directly with 200+ crypto startups, angel investor to 100+ startups, senior cryptocurrency consultant to several NASDAQ listed companies, created a business generating millions of dollars per year, grew a startup from 5 to 60+ employees in 3 years.

3. Christian Aranha serves as a columnist for MIT Tech Review Brazil and holds membership positions in the EU Blockchain Observatory and the National Blockchain Committee. As a board advisor for the iColab (Blockchain Association) and Hathor.network, and the founder of EOSRio block producer. His accomplishments include being selected for the Microsoft Bizpark One Program and sharing his expertise as a TEDxRio speaker.

4. Antonio Delfino is a former Head of Pay-Cards Latam at Binance and a Ph.D. student and professor at CEMA University, Pontifical Catholic University, and Belgrano University joined our advisory board to lead the most promising partnerships with leading universities in Latin America and help us with the launch of the PATEX Cards.

We are in contact with many more top-level people, so maybe we will have even more names to announce in the future.

Q: So, what exactly is PATEX? Can you give us a deep dive into how the project operates and its ecosystem?

Ricardo: We have constructed an ecosystem to enable the regional users to be introduced to the world of crypto in the safest and easiest way possible. It sets PATEX apart as uniquely positioned to advance the modernization of regional monetary policies and payment technologies. We leverage the experience from our executive team in large global companies to have the best solution for the market.

The PATEX ecosystem has three main components:

PATEX Network

At the heart of our ecosystem is the PATEX Network, a blockchain network meticulously crafted for regional innovation and unique incentives.

C-PATEX Exchange

This is our dedicated platform for the trading of digital currencies, including CBDCs in the near future. It provides a seamless and secure trading experience for users.

PATEX Campus

Our educational platform not only teaches users to leverage blockchain features, but also helps them pursue a career in crypto.

Our Proof of Value unique reward system in our L2 network generously rewards users for recording transactions on our blockchain. Every participant contributes to the growth of the network and earns rewards in return, ensuring the network's growth and stability.

Users can utilize a diverse suite of products within the ecosystem for secure and seamless transactions, enhancing the overall user experience. Innovation, security and simplicity are at the core of everything we do.

Q: Every project has competitors. Who would you say are PATEX's main competitors, and what makes PATEX stand out?

Ricardo: In crypto, competition is inevitable. It is also a great thing, pushing for progress and evolution of the companies.

I like to divide the competition into two categories: local and global.

Local companies have a better understanding of the market and regulations, but don't have a good level of products and services.

On the other hand, global companies have great offerings in terms of products and services, but lack the proximity to local culture and regulation.

PATEX has the best of both worlds. It is hyper local, understanding the market, regulation and communities. At the same time, we offer great products and services comparable to the global competitors. We fill the vacuum that exists in the market, especially in LATAM.

Q: Partnerships are often crucial. Are there any upcoming collaborations or alliances we should keep an eye on?

Ricardo: Absolutely, partnerships are a crucial part of our strategy to ensure the success and sustainability of the PATEX ecosystem. Partnerships with educational institutions will play a crucial role in the growth of the PATEX Campus. We are in direct talks with many institutions in the area.

We have closed many partnerships with web3 companies and projects, with some of them integrating as launching on our network. Here are some examples:

Ferrum Network

Inca Swap





And many more! You may follow our social media accounts and our official Telegram account to keep up to date on all news about partnerships.

Q: Where does PATEX stand with its roadmap? Any exciting milestones we can expect soon?

Ricardo: It's crucial for the community to be informed about our progress and future plans. We have done a lot already, and much more is coming!

Current Status

- We have launched the PATEX Network Mainnet, laying the foundation for our robust blockchain network.

- The launch of the PATEX Wallet has been successfully completed. Now our users have a secure and efficient platform for their transactions.

- Our Exchange is live and operating.

- The PATEX Campus is live in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

- Our token has been launched on KuCoin and did a 10x in less than a week.

- The staking feature has been launched at C-PATEX.

Also, some of our other products, like Explorer and Cross-Chain Bridge, are also live. In other words, most of our work has been deployed already! Watch for more exciting products and features that will come soon.

Q: Looking forward, what's on the horizon for PATEX in the coming weeks and months?

Ricardo: Some of the upcoming Milestones in the short term are:

- Growth of our native token, PATEX, with more functionality and utility.

- We will further introduce the PATEX Campus, expanding our course offering to our users.

- We are working towards collaborations with regional governments on regulation and certification. We check our platform's compliance and alignment with governmental standards at all times, in all countries we operate in.

But we are working on a big addition to our ecosystem!

The PATEX Digital Bank in Brazil. It will allow clients to pay bills, use a crypto card, and transfer money. All integrated with our crypto ecosystem, a strong step in the direction of unifying traditional finance and the crypto market. We believe crypto and TradFi will be just one market, so we are moving to make it happen.

We keep the community informed about the development and future of the PATEX token, along with details about its utility and integration into our ecosystem.

Announcements regarding new partnerships, collaborations, and technological enhancements to our platform will be shared in our socials.

Q: How does the $PATEX token fit into the PATEX ecosystem? What utility does it provide?

Ricardo: PATEX token is a governance token for the PATEX Ecosystem and a utility token for the C-PATEX Exchange and other ecosystem products. It offers a range of utilities, here are some of them:

Vote on ecosystem decisions with governance rights

Earn rewards through the PoV system

Receive rewards for network validation

Access exclusive content on the PATEX Campus

Pay for subscriptions and receive distributions on the PATEX Campus

Get discounts on PATEX Digital Bank services

Trading fee discounts on the C-PATEX exchange

Earn yield through staking

Gain access to IDOs

Benefit from a deflationary token supply

Enjoy trading incentives on the PATEX DEX

Utilize the token across all future dApps

With further introduction of our products, the token utilities will only expand, so stay tuned for more updates.

Q: How was the Token Generation Event (TGE) experience for PATEX?

Ricardo: The TGE (Token Generation Event) of $PATEX, a momentous occasion for us all. It was a great experience and we are very happy with the community interest!

TGE was a success, launched on 12th March and achieving 10x in value in the first few days. Our core goal was to make sure that everything ran smoothly and securely for all participants.

We also got listed on KuCoin and other important exchanges, as well as DEXs.

This week we also announced our new PATEX ambassador. The soccer star Roberto Carlos from the Brazilian national team! Tell your communities about it and share this video.

Q: Who are the current investors or backers supporting PATEX?

Ricardo: This is a very important part of a successful project. Our lead investor is Acura Capital, one of the largest Brazilian investment firms. The fund has invested $10 million in PATEX, acquiring a 10% stake in the company, which raised our valuation to 100M.

This partnership not only provides significant financial backing for PATEX, but also brings a vast network of professionals from various sectors. Also, we have the honor of partnering with Poolz Ventures, a respected capital firm with significant influence in the crypto world. This fund is a part of the successful decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, Poolz Finance.

Next, we are supported by Spark Digital Capital, a distinguished crypto fund based in New York. Their strategic investment in pioneering blockchain projects, including notable names like 1inch, MultiversX, Stepn, and CertiK, enhances our capabilities, broadens our networks, and enriches our strategic development.

Our partnership with GAINS Associates, the #1 Crowdsourcing Platform, is a testament to our shared passion for decentralization, blockchain technology, and the advancement of Web 3.0. GAINS Associates, with their notable investments in Avalanche, Quant, and Hedera, will help us reach new heights.

We have several more investors already involved with PATEX, as well as many interested parties. This is a testament to the strength of PATEX and its bright future.

Q: What led to the decision to focus on the Latin America (LATAM) region?

Ricardo: There are several factors that led us to this decision.

Just imagine, a region with around 700M people and a $5.5T GDP means the market holds significant potential (or has limitless untapped potential). Due to regional needs and high unemployment rates, we will be operating not only as an exchange, but also we are launching an educational platform for free crypto education (in the form of video courses) and career guidance with the opportunity to get a job in web3.

Latin America has a high growth rate in crypto adoption and will become a hot spot very soon. We can see that happening by being on the ground.

In this regard, we have established lots of connections with governmental and private universities across LATAM to provide accredited certifications and engage students with a web3 world. This is a great path to increase crypto adoption and help people enter the market in a safe and responsible way.

Also, our team is very experienced and very well-connected in the LATAM market, allowing us to have a clear path for fast growth!

Q: Security is paramount in the crypto space. What measures does PATEX have in place to ensure the trust and security of investors?

Ricardo: Addressing concerns about security and trustworthiness in our blockchain system is paramount.

We're continually refining our security protocols to safeguard our users and their investments, this is a non-stop activity.

Our security strategy includes a multisig wallet managed by a group of anonymous distributed individuals, enhancing the system's resilience.

We acknowledge that no system is entirely immune to vulnerabilities; hence, our codebase undergoes regular audits. We have audits done by Certik, one of the leading security companies in this space.

We're also pioneering in implementing fault proofs that can independently secure our system.

Importantly, we encourage community involvement in our security enhancement through our Bug Bounty program and by allowing individuals to run verifier nodes.

At PATEX, we understand that earning and maintaining our investors' trust is an ongoing process, and we are committed to upholding the highest security standards in our operations.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to PATEX

Q: What is the income model of PATEX? Many projects like to talk about the long-term vision and mission, but what are your short-term goals? What are you focusing on right now?

Ricardo: Great question! PATEX is a business, so we definitely have a business model. The key short-term components are the centralized exchange (C-PATEX), which generates revenue based on trading volume. The PATEX Campus is another stream, since we have free courses, but we also have premium courses in our Career Guidance section.

Q: What specific Latin American market issues in terms of regulation and user needs does the PATEX ecosystem address? How does the PATEX ecosystem adapt to the unique needs and characteristics of the Latin American market?

Ricardo: This is one of our strengths for sure. Our executive team has experience in many global crypto companies operating in LatAm, so we know the behavioral pattern of users, the common difficulties they have, the things that make them nervous or insecure, and we also know the errors made by all the other companies. With that in mind, we created an environment that mitigates all of those issues and reinforces the key points that make users more comfortable and confident. In terms of regulation, we also know very well all the different stages that each country has. LatAm is not just one block, it is a collection of many countries with different cultures and different regulations. It is not an easy task for most companies, but we understand it well.

Q: How can I stay updated on the latest information about PATEX? Are there any social media accounts I can follow?

Ricardo: I have mentioned in my previous answers that we keep the community informed about everything, so your question is perfect to give the direction to our socials. Here they are:

PATEX Announcement Channel on Telegram, PATEX Community Chat CIS on Telegram, X (Twitter) and our official website.

Q: Please tell me, How can I buy your tokens right now? May I know which wallet supports your token?

Ricardo: You can buy the PATEX token on KuCoin! It is also available in other exchanges and some DEX as well. You can use the PATEX Wallet or another one of your choice. The network we are using at the moment is BSC to offer low fees to everyone.

Q: Is PATEX only available for Latin America?

Ricardo: PATEX is global, anyone can use it. Our focus is on Latin America, where we are present locally and have fiat onramps. Anyone else can use PATEX with crypto. The courses in the PATEX Campus are in Portuguese, Spanis, and English, to cover most of the global audience.

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