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2022/04/08 12:07:53

KuCoin IGO (Initial Gaming Offering), a new interactive NFT launchpad, provides a seamless centralized experience for users to purchase, invest, and manage their unique NFTs. Like cryptocurrency trading, IGO allows users to directly purchase NFTs and withdraw to their external address with minimum delay. There is no gas fee for NFT purchases and withdrawals. Now, IGO’s first project - Pikaster is launched and 18,000 limited-edition Pikaster NFTs will be sold.

This blog will take you through KuCoin IGO and its first project, Pikaster, and how to participate in the KuCoin IGO to gain early access to an In-game NFT experience.

What is KuCoin IGO?

KuCoin IGO (Initial Gaming Offering) is designed to provide exclusive access to In-game NFTs to millions of KuCoin users all around the world. IGO participants can get early access to the In-game assets while supporting the game’s early development. IGO offered assets often include mystery boxes, characters, skins, accessories, weapons, and other items. In most cases, these are NFTs required to access or play the game. In short, it provides a seamless centralized experience for users to purchase, invest and manage their unique NFTs.

As a centralized platform, KuCoin IGO offers a better experience for NFT purchasing and lowers the barriers for NFT newcomers. It provides three different ways for users to buy NFTs via flat-rate sales, auctions, or mystery boxes. If you have a KuCoin account, you can buy NFTs directly, and it is easier to manage your NFT assets and participate in crypto gaming with an immersive experience.

The First KuCoin IGO Project - Pikaster

Pikaster is a card battle game featuring Pikaster (NFTs), and it creatively designs diverse innovative gameplays, such as Guild Battle, World Trees, Boss Challenge, and Weather Battle. With the goal to create a “Truly-Play & Truly-Earn” GameFi project through innovative product features to bring players both extraordinary gaming experience and handsome economic returns.

The NFT-based game is committed to fairness in competition, in which players are supposed to rely on their fighting talents and use more sophisticated strategies to engage in battles and adventures according to the functions of different cards and their NFT attributes. Key features of Pikaster as follows:

Creative Three-Token Economic Model: One governance token plus two game tokens are all issued in limited quantities, which is also the first in the GameFi industry. To adjust the release-consumption relationship, the use of one token to alleviate the problems caused by inflation of another might be the most efficient means to protect the long-term benefits of players.

Profit-Sharing System: Pikaster is a team that always puts the community first, which provides various methods such as staking, referral, leasing, and community dividends so that users who participate in community construction in any way can benefit from the platform.

More ways of gameplay: Pikaster, with a strong RD team, makes the GameFi project into a real game for the first time. The NFT in the game has hundreds of prototypes, hundreds of skins and parts, and a lot of skill combinations, which makes the whole game process very interesting.

In addition to the common PVP and PVE, Pikaster also designed a variety of entertainment methods. The three-plus-two team format also makes the game process interesting and full of suspense.

How to participate in the 1st KuCoin IGO?

Users will be able to purchase their favorite Pikaster NFT (Pikaster Original Eggs) on KuCoin IGO platform with just one click. Each Pikaster Original Egg contains a random Pikaster NFT. Players with 1 Pikaster NFT will get access to the Closed BETA Test. With 3 Pikasters, players can enter the battlefield and earn more rewards by playing games (PVP, PVE, and more).

There are a total of 18,000 limited-edition NFTs (Pikaster Original Eggs) and 10 super rare NFTs (Evolved Pikaster) that will be sold in three rounds. Users who complete all the tasks on Gleam will be eligible for both Round 1 and Round 2 of the IGO. Click here to learn more about the details.

The first round of the Pikaster Original Eggs Pre-Sale will start on April 11, 2022 on the KuCoin IGO platform, with 3,000 Pikaster Original Eggs, the price of each Egg is 30 USDT, purchase 2 Eggs limit for each account. Follow the tutorial below to get your first Pikaster’s NFT.

1. Click here and register for a KuCoin account.

2. Log in to your KuCoin account, click the navigation bar, then click ‘NFT’ >> ‘Gaming/IGO’.

3. Enter the KuCoin IGO event page, choose your favorite NFTs (Pikaster Original Eggs) you wish to participate in, then click ‘Buy’.

4. You will be redirected to the project pre-sale page, and here you can see all the project details, including the Project’s Creator, Category, Blockchain, Contact address, Price, Product description and Artist introduction.

5. Click ‘Buy Now’ to purchase successfully.

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