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The live price of MultiversX is $39.9, with a total trading volume of $ 231,124 in the last 24 hours. The price of MultiversX changed by -1.11% in the past day, and its USD value has decreased by -25.14% over the last week. With a circulating supply of 26,821,672 EGLD, the market cap of MultiversX is currently 1.04B USD, marking a --% increase today. MultiversX currently ranks #-- in market cap.
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How can I buy MultiversX (EGLD)?

Buying EGLD on KuCoin is fast and simple. Create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start your trading. It's that simple! See How to Buy MultiversX (EGLD) for more information.

What Is MultiversX (EGLD) Crypto?

MultiversX, formerly Elrond, is an innovative blockchain network that offers scalability, efficiency, and carbon neutrality. MultiversX is highly scalable, addressing one of the critical challenges in blockchain technology. It employs a Layer 1 sharding solution to enhance scalability, allowing users to perform transactions and run smart contracts more efficiently.

The network is designed to be environmentally responsible and carbon-neutral, contributing to sustainability in the blockchain space. MultiversX shares common features with other blockchain networks, including support for smart contracts, transaction settlement, and token issuance.

MultiversX is designed to be compatible with local government currencies and other cryptocurrencies, offering flexibility in its use. EGLD is the native crypto of the MultiversX network and functions as the digital currency, supporting dApps and transactions on the blockchain.

How Does MultiversX Network Work?

MultiversX is a blockchain network designed to be highly scalable, secure, and decentralized. Here's an overview of how it works:

Sharding Technology

MultiversX utilizes sharding, a process that partitions the blockchain network into smaller fragments known as "shards." Sharding allows nodes within the network to process and confirm transactions independently on their respective shard, increasing the network's capacity to handle a higher volume of transactions and reducing transaction confirmation times.

Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS)

MultiversX employs a consensus mechanism called "Secure Proof of Stake" (SPoS). In SPoS, validators (node operators) are selected based on the number of coins they hold and are willing to "stake" as collateral. This mechanism promotes network security and ensures that validators have a vested interest in the network's well-being.

Support for dApps

MultiversX focuses on enabling decentralized applications (dApps) and enterprise solutions. It offers a platform for building and running applications on the blockchain, providing a wide range of use cases.

Environmental Responsibility

MultiversX also emphasizes being carbon neutral, contributing to environmental sustainability in the blockchain space.

History of MultiversX Blockchain and EGLD Coin

MultiversX, previously known as Elrond (EGLD), is a blockchain network that focuses on scalability and efficiency. It was founded by Lucian Todea, Lucian Mincu, and Beniamin Mincu in 2017.

From the outset, the founders prioritized scalability as a core aspect of the network. Elrond was designed to address the challenges of blockchain scalability and transaction speed.

Elrond's mainnet was launched in July 2020, marking a significant milestone in the project's development. In Q2 2023, MultiversX will focus on transforming towards building the new internet economy with the digital metaspace frontier.

MultiversX (EGLD) Price Movements ($)
PeriodChangeChange (%)
7 Days$-14.17-26.41%
30 Days$-17.53-30.75%
3 Months$-21.51-35.27%
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MultiversX Conversion Rate
  • 1 EGLD to USD$39.84
  • 1 EGLD to EUR€37.32
  • 1 EGLD to AUD$61.78
  • 1 EGLD to KRW₩54,765.15
  • 1 EGLD to JPY¥6,148.24
  • 1 EGLD to GBP£31.95
  • 1 EGLD to INR₨3,328.32
  • 1 EGLD to IDRRp644,723.47
  • 1 EGLD to CAD$54.8
  • 1 EGLD to RUB₽3,751.87


How much is 1 MultiversX (EGLD) worth?
KuCoin provides real-time USD price updates for MultiversX (EGLD). MultiversX price is affected by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment. Use the KuCoin Calculator to obtain real-time EGLD to USD exchange rates.
Is MultiversX (EGLD) a Good Investment?

Here are some reasons that make EGLD an attractive investment:

Scalability and High Performance

MultiversX is designed to be highly scalable, allowing it to handle a significant volume of transactions efficiently. Scalability is a critical feature in the blockchain space and can contribute to the network's adoption and potential for growth.

Sharding technology enhances the network's performance by partitioning it into smaller fragments, allowing faster transaction processing and increased capacity.

SPoS Consensus Mechanism

MultiversX's SPoS consensus mechanism enhances security and encourages participation from coin holders, potentially making it more robust and secure.

Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

MultiversX's commitment to being carbon neutral aligns with the growing focus on environmental sustainability in the cryptocurrency industry.

What Is MultiversX Price Prediction?

While the volatile nature of the crypto market makes it impossible to provide a reliable EGLD price prediction, the following factors could help you understand the price action in MultiversX crypto:

Level of Adoption of EGLD Crypto

Wider adoption of EGLD in real-world applications and as a means of payment can boost the price of MultiversX crypto. Partnerships and integrations with businesses and platforms contribute to adoption, supporting the EGLD to USD price.

Future Developments in the MultiversX Roadmap

Achieving technical milestones, protocol upgrades, and improvements in the project can positively influence the MultiversX price.

Investor Sentiment Toward Cryptos

Investor sentiment and perception of the project can significantly impact the EGLD price. Positive news, partnerships, and developments can drive the eGold price up, while negative news can lead to declines in the MultiversX coin price.

What Is EGLD Token Used for?

eGold (EGLD) is the native cryptocurrency of the MultversX network and has the following use cases:

Native Currency of MultiversX Blockchain

EGLD is used for making transactions within the MultiversX network. It acts as a medium of exchange for value transfer, enabling users to send and receive funds.

Staking EGLD

EGLD can be staked to secure the network and earn rewards. Stakers lock up their tokens to support the blockchain's operations and, in return, receive staking rewards.

Execute Smart Contracts

The token can be utilized in executing smart contracts and dApps within the MultiversX ecosystem.


EGLD holders may participate in the governance of the MultiversX network. They can vote on proposals and decisions that affect the platform's development and future direction.

Store of Value

EGLD also serves as a store of value, allowing users to hold and preserve their assets in the form of cryptocurrency.

Trade or HODL EGLD

Trade MultiversX coin against other cryptos on the KuCoin Spot Market to profit from changing market conditions and volatility. Buy or sell EGLD or hold it long-term if you believe in the future potential of the MultiversX project. Remember to DYOR before entering any new trade in the crypto market.

How to Stake EGLD on MultiversX

Staking EGLD on MultiversX can be done through various methods, including Ledger Live and Trust Wallet. Here's a general overview of how to stake EGLD on MultiversX:

Using Ledger Live

1. Ensure you have EGLD tokens in your Ledger wallet. You can buy EGLD on KuCoin and transfer the tokens to your Ledger wallet.

2. Stake EGLD on MultiversX by connecting your Ledger wallet to the platform. Detailed instructions can be found on the Ledger website.

Using Trust Wallet

1. Open your Trust Wallet.

2. Add EGLD tokens to your wallet if you haven't already by buying MultiversX tokens on KuCoin.

3. Search for "Elrond eGLD" within the Trust Wallet.

4. Follow the staking instructions in your Trust Wallet to stake your EGLD on MultiversX.

Difference Between Elrond and MultiversX

Elrond and MultiversX represent the same blockchain project but underwent a rebranding and shift in focus. Here are the key differences between the two:

Rebranding: Elrond vs. MultiversX

Elrond was the original name of the blockchain project, and it gained recognition for its innovative technology. However, in November 2022, Elrond rebranded itself as MultiversX to signify a strategic shift towards the metaverse and other innovative applications in the blockchain space.

Shifting Focus to Metaverse

Elrond initially focused on providing a high-performance blockchain infrastructure. In contrast, MultiversX emerged with an emphasis on exploring the potential of the metaverse and extending its capabilities to support this new digital frontier.

Technological Evolution

Despite the rebranding, the fundamental technology and innovations developed during the Elrond phase continue to form the core of MultiversX. This includes features like Adaptive State Sharding for faster and cheaper transactions.

While Elrond laid the technological foundation, MultiversX's rebranding reflects its commitment to exploring the possibilities of the metaverse and evolving within the crypto space.

How much MultiversX (EGLD) is there in circulation?
As of 4 18, 2024, there is currently 26,821,672 EGLD in circulation. EGLD has a maximum supply of 31,415,926.
What is the market cap of MultiversX (EGLD)?
The current market cap of EGLD is $1.04B. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of EGLD by its real-time market price of $1.04B.
How do I store MultiversX (EGLD)?
You can securely store your MultiversX in the custodial wallet on the KuCoin exchange without having to worry about managing your private keys. Other ways to store your EGLD include using a self-custody wallet (on a web browser, mobile device, or desktop/laptop computer), a hardware wallet, a third-party crypto custody service, or a paper wallet.
How do I convert Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2) to cash?
You can instantly exchange your Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2) for cash using KuCoin's Fast Trade feature. This feature enables you to convert PEPE2 to your local fiat currency in just a few clicks. However, make sure to complete Identity Verification first to enjoy all the features you may need.