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The live price of Patex is $2.32, with a total trading volume of $ 118,390 in the last 24 hours. The price of Patex changed by -0.04% in the past day, and its USD value has decreased by -31.4% over the last week. With a circulating supply of -- PATEX, the market cap of Patex is currently -- USD, marking a --% increase today. Patex currently ranks #-- in market cap.
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How can I buy Patex (PATEX)?

Buying PATEX on KuCoin is fast and simple. Create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start your trading. It's that simple! See How to Buy Patex (PATEX) for more information.

What Is Patex (PATEX) Crypto?

Patex (PATEX) is a blockchain ecosystem specifically targeting the Latin American market, aiming to revolutionize the region's approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It includes a range of products and services designed to facilitate the adoption and utilization of blockchain technology across Latin America. The Patex ecosystem encompasses several components:

1. C-Patex Exchange: A centralized cryptocurrency exchange that supports the regulation, management, and launch of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and other cryptocurrencies.

2. Patex Campus: An educational platform to introduce individuals to Web3 and equip them with the skills needed for careers in this field.

3. Patex Network: A Layer 2 blockchain facilitating the issuance and management of CBDCs and cryptocurrencies, with the PATEX token providing utility across the ecosystem, including rewards for transaction activity and access to exclusive features.

4. Proof of Value: A consensus mechanism that rewards users for their activity on the network, compensating Patex Network validators in Ethereum (ETH) based on transaction fees​​​​.

The native utility token of the ecosystem, $PATEX, plays a vital role in its operations. It's used for governance, allowing token holders to vote on important decisions and proposals within the ecosystem. The token also offers various utilities, such as staking rewards, transaction fee reductions, and access to exclusive services within the Patex ecosystem.

How Does the Patex Blockchain Ecosystem Work?

Patex (PATEX) functions as a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem tailored for the Latin American market, leveraging a variety of components and features designed to enhance the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the region. Here's a breakdown of how Patex operates, emphasizing its core components and mechanisms:

1. C-Patex Exchange: Central to the ecosystem, this exchange offers a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, including issuing and managing CBDCs. It's designed to cater to both new and experienced traders, providing a secure environment for cryptocurrency transactions.

2. Patex Campus: An educational initiative within the ecosystem, Patex Campus aims to demystify blockchain and Web3 technologies for newcomers. It offers courses and resources to help individuals build careers in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry.

3. Patex Network: As a Layer 2 blockchain solution, the Patex Network facilitates faster, more efficient transactions and the issuance of CBDCs and other digital assets. It aims to address scalability and interoperability challenges often associated with blockchain technology.

4. Proof of Value and Validators Rewards: Patex introduces a unique consensus mechanism known as Proof of Value, which rewards users and validators for their contributions to the network. Validators are compensated in ETH, using transaction fees as the payment source, which incentivizes the maintenance of network security and efficiency.

5. Patex Bridge: A cross-chain token transfer solution enabling seamless swaps between the Patex network and other compatible blockchain networks. This feature fosters interoperability and ensures users can easily move assets across different blockchain ecosystems.

6. Patex Explorer: An analytics platform that provides transparency and insights into transactions, balances, contracts, and asset movements within the Patex ecosystem. It's a valuable tool for users wishing to monitor the network's activity and their transactions in real time.

7. Innovative Events and Hackathons: Patex encourages community engagement and innovation through organized hackathons and events. These initiatives foster development on the Patex network, bringing together developers, creators, and blockchain enthusiasts to collaborate on new projects and ideas.

When Was Patex (PATEX) Coin Launched?

In Q1 2024, Patex announced the listing of its PATEX token on prominent decentralized fundraising platforms, marking a significant milestone in its development. The listing took place over one week, starting with WePad, followed by DAOMaker and ChainGPT Pad, signaling an exciting opportunity for crypto investors and enthusiasts to participate in a growing platform.

Patex has recorded several notable milestones, including launching its network testnet, explorer, mainnet, and wallet solution, coupled with a strategic partnership with Brazilian investment firm Acura Capital. This has significantly raised Patex's profile and valuation, further establishing its position within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space​​​​.

How to Use PATEX Token

The Patex (PATEX) token serves several critical functions within the Patex ecosystem, playing a central role in its operation and governance. Here's a summary of its primary uses:

1. Governance and Voting: PATEX token holders have the right to participate in governance decisions within the ecosystem, influencing the development and strategic direction of the platform. This includes voting on proposals related to network upgrades, feature implementations, and other key aspects of the ecosystem's governance.

2. Transaction Fees and Rewards: The token is used to pay for transaction fees within the network at a reduced cost compared to other forms of payment. Additionally, users can earn rewards in PATEX tokens through various mechanisms, including staking, participating in network activities, or contributing to the ecosystem's growth and security.

3. $PATEX Staking and Yield Generation: Users can stake their PATEX tokens to contribute to network security and operations. In return, they receive yield rewards generated from the ecosystem's activities, such as transaction fee collections and other income sources.

4. Liquidity and Cross-chain Swaps: Through the Patex Bridge, the PATEX token facilitates cross-chain swaps, enhancing liquidity across different blockchain networks. This makes it easier for users to transfer assets between the Patex ecosystem and other compatible networks.

5. Rewards Distribution and Incentive Mechanisms: The ecosystem utilizes PATEX tokens to reward validators and participants through its Proof of Value consensus mechanism. Validators are compensated for their efforts in securing and maintaining the network, while users can earn rewards for their engagement and activity.

6. Educational Platform Subscriptions and Payments: The token can be used to pay for subscriptions and access premium content on Patex Campus, enabling users to learn about blockchain, Web3, and related technologies.

8. Discounts on Services: Users can receive discounts on various services within the ecosystem, such as reduced trading fees on the C-Patex Exchange or lower interest rates on loans from Patex Digital Bank, by using PATEX tokens.

9. Deflationary Mechanism: The ecosystem plans to implement a burning mechanism for PATEX tokens, which will reduce the total supply over time, potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

10. Trade PATEX on KuCoin: Trade Patex token on the KuCoin Spot Market against other digital assets to make the most of changing market conditions and volatility. Buy, sell, or HODL $PATEX based on your research, risk tolerance, and investment goals.

Patex (PATEX) Price Movements ($)
PeriodChangeChange (%)
7 Days$-1.06-31.40%
30 Days$-3.02-56.63%
3 Months$-2.32-50.04%
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Patex Conversion Rate
  • 1 PATEX to USD$2.31
  • 1 PATEX to EUR€2.16
  • 1 PATEX to AUD$3.49
  • 1 PATEX to KRW₩3,221.7
  • 1 PATEX to JPY¥370.6
  • 1 PATEX to GBP£1.83
  • 1 PATEX to INR₨193.78
  • 1 PATEX to IDRRp38,205.43
  • 1 PATEX to CAD$3.17
  • 1 PATEX to RUB₽206.52


How much is 1 Patex (PATEX) worth?
KuCoin provides real-time USD price updates for Patex (PATEX). Patex price is affected by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment. Use the KuCoin Calculator to obtain real-time PATEX to USD exchange rates.
Is Patex (PATEX) a Good Investment?

Investing in Patex (PATEX) offers several advantages, particularly given its focus on the burgeoning Latin American blockchain and cryptocurrency market. Here are some of the key benefits associated with investing in PATEX:

1. Entry into Emerging Markets: Patex targets the Latin American market, an emerging and rapidly growing sector for blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. Investors can be part of a project aimed at a demographic with significant growth potential​​​​.

2. Diverse Ecosystem Utility: The PATEX token serves multiple roles within the Patex ecosystem, including governance, transaction fee payments, rewards, and access to exclusive features. This multifaceted utility can drive demand for the token, potentially enhancing its value as the ecosystem grows​​​​.

3. Strong Leadership and Partnerships: The leadership team behind Patex has a proven track record in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, with former executives from Binance and at the helm. Strategic partnerships, such as with Brazilian investment firm Acura Capital, further solidify its foundation and growth prospects​​​​.

4. Innovative Features and Solutions: Patex introduces several innovative solutions, including a Layer 2 blockchain for efficient transactions, an educational platform (Patex Campus), and a cross-chain token transfer solution (Patex Bridge). These features address common barriers to blockchain adoption and use, positioning Patex as a forward-thinking player in the space​​.

5. Community and Network Growth Incentives: Through mechanisms like Proof of Value, Patex incentivizes community participation and network growth. Validators and users are rewarded for their contributions, creating a vibrant and engaged community around the platform​​​​.

6. Focus on Education and Adoption: The inclusion of Patex Campus as an educational platform demonstrates a commitment to not only growing its user base but also enhancing the overall understanding and adoption of blockchain technology in Latin America. Educated users are more likely to contribute positively to the ecosystem, fostering a knowledgeable and robust community​​.

What Is Patex Crypto Price Prediction?

While we cannot offer a precise PATEX price prediction, the following factors could help you understand the price changes in the Patex cryptocurrency:

1. Market Adoption and User Base Growth: The broader adoption of the Patex platform and an increase in its user base can drive demand for PATEX tokens, potentially pushing up the PATEX price. This includes adopting Patex's Layer 2 solutions, C-Patex Exchange, and educational initiatives​​​​.

2. Partnerships and Collaborations: Strategic partnerships with other companies, investment firms like Acura Capital, or collaborations that expand Patex's reach and functionality can positively impact the PATEX value. These partnerships can enhance the ecosystem's capabilities and attract more users​​​​.

3. Overall Crypto Market Trends: The price of PATEX tokens is also influenced by the broader cryptocurrency market dynamics. Bull markets can increase interest and higher prices, while bear markets might result in price declines.

4. Technological Developments and Roadmap Milestones: Achievements in the Patex development roadmap, such as launching new features or technological milestones, can affect the PATEX token price. Successful launches and positive updates can generate enthusiasm among investors and users​​​​.

5. PATEX Tokenomics and Supply Dynamics: The supply dynamics of PATEX tokens, including any token burning mechanisms, staking rewards, or changes in token distribution, can impact the $PATEX price. A deflationary model or mechanisms that reduce supply over time could put upward pressure on the PATEX to USD price​​​​.

6. Community Engagement and Consensus Mechanisms: The level of community engagement and the effectiveness of the ecosystem's consensus mechanisms, like Proof of Value, can influence the PATEX coin price. A highly engaged community and fair, rewarding consensus mechanisms can enhance the ecosystem's attractiveness​​​​.

7. Competitive Landscape: Developments and innovations by competitors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, especially those targeting the Latin American market, can influence the perceived value of Patex and the Patex coin price. Keeping a competitive edge is crucial for maintaining and growing token value​​​​.

8. Global Economic Factors: Wider economic conditions, including inflation rates, interest rates, and economic growth, can influence investor appetite for riskier assets like cryptocurrencies, thus affecting PATEX token prices.

How to Stake PATEX Token

Here’s how to stake $PATEX in the Patex staking pool:

1. Buy PATEX tokens on KuCoin and transfer them to a compatible crypto wallet (e.g., MetaMask).

2. Visit the Patex official website and connect your wallet to its interface.

3. Click the tab Staking Pool on the website and click Stake Now on the page.

4. Scroll down to view the active pools and click Stake Now on your chosen pool.

5. Enter the number of PATEX tokens you want to stake and click Enable.

6. Confirm the transaction from your wallet.

7. Sit back, earn rewards, and grow your holdings by staking PATEX.

What is the all-time high price of Patex (PATEX)?
The all-time high price of Patex (PATEX) is $10.000. The current price of PATEX is down 0.77% from its all-time high.
What is the all-time low price of Patex (PATEX)?
The all-time low price of Patex (PATEX) is $2.150. The current price of PATEX is up 0.08% from its all-time low.
What is the market cap of Patex (PATEX)?
The current market cap of PATEX is $127.93M. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of PATEX by its real-time market price of $127.93M.
How do I store Patex (PATEX)?
You can securely store your Patex in the custodial wallet on the KuCoin exchange without having to worry about managing your private keys. Other ways to store your PATEX include using a self-custody wallet (on a web browser, mobile device, or desktop/laptop computer), a hardware wallet, a third-party crypto custody service, or a paper wallet.
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