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2022/06/14 02:55:38

In the ever-fluctuating realm of cryptocurrency, market navigation is akin to charting a course through a dynamic landscape of peaks and valleys. Astute trading strategies and tactical investments can yield lucrative returns in bullish markets. However, bearish trends often see a contraction in asset valuations, presenting a challenge for holders of digital currencies. This is where KuCoin Earn steps in. We offer alternative avenues for you to earn a steady stream of passive income, transforming the way you utilize your cryptocurrencies. Instead of merely holding, you can actively engage with your investments to generate consistent returns, regardless of market sentiment.

What Is KuCoin Earn?

KuCoin Earn offers a comprehensive platform for earning passive income from your cryptocurrency holdings. With a range of products tailored to different risk appetites, you can secure steady, lower-risk returns with Balanced products or opt for higher potential gains with Advanced products like Dual Investment and Snowball (formerly Protective Earn).

While Advanced options offer greater rewards, they also come with increased risks to your principal investment. This one-stop service allows you to make the most of your crypto assets, whether you prefer cautious growth or more aggressive strategies.

Your One-Stop-Shop of KuCoin Earn Products

KuCoin Earn offers a wide variety of investment products suited for all kinds of investors - those who prefer a more balanced approach, those willing to take on higher risks for potentially higher returns, and those who are technically more proficient at navigating the world of making money with crypto. Here’s a brief description of each product:

1. Balanced Options with a more Steady Income

> Savings: This option is akin to a bank's savings account, allowing users to deposit their crypto assets and earn interest. Users can choose between flexible and fixed-term options, with fixed terms typically offering higher returns.

> Staking: Users can participate in Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, earning staking rewards with high annualized yields. KuCoin offers both flexible and fixed staking periods and supports over 50 tokens as of November 2023.

> Promotions: These fixed deposit products provide higher returns compared to Savings and Staking but are made available for a limited time with limited subscription slots. They are available in flexible and fixed terms ranging from 7 days and up to 365 days, with the latter offering higher yields.

> ETH Staking: Users can engage in Ethereum liquid staking on KuCoin Earn, earning rewards from the Ethereum blockchain.

> KCS Staking: You can also stake the KuCoin Token (KCS) on KuCoin Earn to earn attractive APRs and grow your crypto portfolio. KCS Staking 2.0, the latest offering, lets you use your staked KCS to pay trading fees on KuCoin and enjoy all the benefits of holding KCS while putting your holdings to work.

> KCS Bonus: Users holding KuCoin Token (KCS) are rewarded with various benefits, including a 20% discount on trading fees, dividends from 50% of daily trading fees, and potential value increases from token burns and utility in the KCC ecosystem.

2. Advanced Options with Higher Returns and Risks

> Shark Fin: Shark Fin is a low-risk, principal-guaranteed investment product from KuCoin Wealth. It offers stable returns in all market conditions. Investors can choose Bullish or Bearish options and select BTC or ETH as the tracked asset. Returns increase if the settlement price is within the chosen range, but basic returns are guaranteed even if it's not.

> Dual Investment: Dual Investment is a high-yield, non-principal-protected product that lets users earn based on market changes. Users choose a coin type, target price, and APR. At maturity, if the market price equals or exceeds the target price, the settlement is in USDT; if less, it is in BTC. The APR is term-based.

> Snowball: Snowball, previously known as Protective Earn, is a structured investment product by KuCoin designed to provide a safer, more profitable investment option. It uses a complex system of observation prices, take-profit lines, protection lines, and knock-in/knock-out events to determine settlement outcomes. Depending on the price action of the underlying asset and whether the product is settled in USDT or the same coin as the underlying asset, different settlement scenarios apply, each offering the potential for high yields with some level of price protection.

> Twin Win: Twin Win by KuCoin is a high-risk, high-reward structured financial product for risk-tolerant investors. It offers significant returns when the price of the underlying cryptocurrency moves outside a predefined range. The product features an early redemption option to mitigate losses and risks, with various settlement scenarios based on the final price of the underlying asset relative to set target prices.

> Convert Plus: Convert Plus is a structured product by KuCoin designed to offer price protection in cryptocurrency trading. It ensures users receive more coins when buying during market downturns or extra USDT when selling if the price rises. The returns increase if the settlement price falls within a specified range at maturity.

> Futures Plus: Futures Plus is a high-yield, high-risk structured product by KuCoin designed for users with a higher risk tolerance. It offers amplified returns through leverage and includes an early redemption option to manage potential risks. The product's returns or losses are determined by the underlying asset's price movement relative to a break-even price, whether the user is going long or short.

3. Specialized Products to Access More Exclusive Opportunities

> Crypto Lending 2.0: Crypto Lending by KuCoin allows users to earn interest by lending their assets, with flexible control over their investments. Interest is calculated hourly, and 85% of the earnings are paid to the lenders after a 15% deduction for the Risk Insurance Fund. The lending APY is determined by hourly bidding, and users can subscribe or redeem their assets at any time, though redemption times may vary based on the number of borrowers and lenders.

> KuCoin Wealth: KuCoin Wealth is a platform offering innovative structured products designed to grow crypto assets. It caters to individual risk-return needs, providing a range of products suitable for various market conditions. These products, designed by a team of professionals, allow for wealth growth, risk management, and portfolio diversification, with options ranging from principal-protected to aggressive, based on the user's market views and risk tolerance.

> KuCoin Spotlight: KuCoin Spotlight is a token launch platform that offers early-stage crypto projects and initial token distribution, providing users with opportunities to invest in promising projects at an early stage. The platform ensures the quality of listed projects and their tokens through a rigorous selection process conducted by a team of experts. In addition to offering promising crypto assets, Spotlight also supports early-stage crypto projects with crowd-funding, marketing exposure, and industry influence for further development.

> Burning Drop: Allows users to stake supported assets and participate in token distribution schemes of new projects.

> Polkadot Slot Auction: Enables participation in parachain slot auctions on the Polkadot and Kusama network​s.

KuCoin Earn's products showcase the platform's versatility in offering various investment opportunities in the crypto space. Each product category, whether Balanced, Advanced, or Specialized, caters to different investment preferences and risk appetites, making KuCoin Earn a diverse and flexible option for all kinds of crypto investors.

How to Subscribe for KuCoin Earn Investment Products

Using KuCoin Earn is easy. You can subscribe to the product from the dozens of options aligned with your investment goals and risk tolerance. For example, let's explore the Balanced products, showcasing how you can effortlessly subscribe and benefit from them.

Step 1: Head to KuCoin Earn

Log in to KuCoin through the top menu bar of the Earn - KuCoin Earn.

Step 2: Select Balanced Category

Enter the KuCoin Earn page, scroll down to Balanced, choose the coin products and subscribe types (Savings, Staking, Promotions) you want to subscribe to, and then click Subscribe.

Step 3: Choose Your KuCoin Earn Product From Balanced Category

i. Savings

Click Savings, choose the saving product you want to save, and click Transfer. Read the content on the page carefully, choose the amount you wish to deposit, and then click Confirm.

ii. Staking

Click Staking, choose the staking product you want to stake, and click Transfer. Read the content on the page carefully, enter the amount of staking, and click Subscribe.

iii. Promotions

Click Promotions and choose the Fixed/Flexible coin promotions you want to subscribe to. You can read the content on the page carefully. Here, you can see the Est. APR, Redemption Period, Remaining Quota, enter the staking amount and click Subscribe.

Step 4: Review Profits

Once you subscribe successfully, select a product type in your Financial Account to view all the corresponding products you purchased. Click Assets - Financial Account - Finance.The profit from your Staking/Savings products will be issued to the Main Account.


KuCoin Earn offers a versatile and secure way to earn passive income on your crypto investments. With its wide range of products and easy subscription process, KuCoin Earn stands out as a competitive option in crypto wealth management.

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