Everything You Should Know About KuCoin Earn

2022/06/14 02:55:38

Earning passive income is one of the best choices to go through the downturn period of the crypto market. KuCoin, the top 1 altcoin exchange, provides a wide range of financial vehicles for its users to earn passive income, such as Crypto Lending, Trading Bot, and KuCoin Earn.

You can refer to the previous articles to lend out cryptos and create a trading bot to make money for you. This Blog will walk you through the KuCoin Earn and help you gain stable income in the volatility market.

1. What is KuCoin Earn?

KuCoin Earn is a wealth management service platform created by KuCoin that allows users to earn passive income. It currently supports over 50 assets, and there are a variety of products such as Savings, Staking, Flexible Staking Promotion & Fixed Staking Promotion and others.

2. The Advantages of KuCoin Earn

​Double Rewards​

KuCoin Earn offers a pioneering staking platform that helps boost earnings through staking profits and POL mining rewards. POL income is calculated by the POL mining power evaluation system.

High Flexibility​

KuCoin Earn products are highly flexible and diversified. Choose the product that best suits you and trade freely on the market.

Multiple Staking Choices

Choose from a variety of products, including BTC, USDT ,USDC, ETH, USDD, CPOOL and more.

3. The Products of KuCoin Earn


It’s like savings with a bank, which allows you to deposit your assets and earn a fair amount of rewards. The scheme is flexible and allows you to subscribe and redeem your funds at any time.

Savings makes your crypto work for you with stable daily profit. For instance, USDT savings allows you to earn a 5% ~ 8% APR. So it’s better for you to deposit your money into a Flexible Saving Account than a Main Account.


Staking refers to the process of locking your digital assets on a Proof of Stake blockchain for a certain period of time. This not only contributes to the network but also provides you staking rewards. For instance, you can stake HYDRA to earn 47% APR or stake KSM to earn 10% APR.


It‘s a product with a limited amount and limited time for users to subscribe. It offers higher returns than Savings and Staking usually does. There are Flexible Staking Promotion and Fixed Staking Promotion two types.

For Flexible term products, users can redeem their funds at any time. For Fixed term products, the funds will be automatically redeemed to their account at maturity. Typically, the yield of fixed term products is higher than that of flexible term products.

4. Tutorial on How to subscribe for products on KuCoin Earn

Step 1: Log in to KuCoin, through the top menu bar of the ‘Earn’ >> ’KuCoin Earn’.

Step 2: Enter the ‘KuCoin Earn’ page, scroll down the page to ‘Stable’, choose coin products and subscribe types (Savings, Staking, Promotions) that you want to subscribe to, then click ‘Subscribe’.

Step 3:


Click ‘Savings’, choose the saving product you want to save, and click ‘Transfer’. Read the content on the page carefully, choose the amount you want to deposit, and then click ‘Confirm’.


Click ‘Staking’, choose the staking product you want to stake, click ‘Transfer’. Read the content on the page carefully, enter the amount of staking, and click ‘Subscribe’.


Click ‘Promotions’, choose the Fixed/Flexible coin promotions you want to subscribe to. You can read the content on the page carefully, here you can see the Est. APR, Redemption Period, Remaining Quota, enter the amount of staking, and click ‘Subscribe’.

Note: During the subscription period, there is no local currency income and POL mining income. And the interest is calculated from the day you subscript the campaign, interest will be distributed one day after subscription.

Step 4: Once you subscribe successfully, select a product type in your Financial Account to view all of the corresponding products you have purchased. Click ‘Assets’ - ‘Financial Account’ - ‘Staking/Saving/Promotions’. The profit from your Staking/Savings products will be issued to the Main account.

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