KuCoin AMA With Monsta Infinite (MONI) — A Decentralized Game Universe Where Anyone Can Earn Tokens Through Playing the Game

2021/12/22 10:58:00

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: December 21, 2021, 11:00-12:06 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Jin Tan, CEO of Monsta Infinite, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction

Monsta Infinite is an MMORPG with a turn-based card game concept that co-joins gaming and cryptocurrency. It implements a play-to-earn concept by introducing the governance token, $MONI, which is listed on several platforms, and the NFT Monsta, which is available on the Monsta Infinite Marketplace. They are developing an entire self-sustainable metaverse ecosystem that will benefit both the users and projects in the crypto space. It involves developing their very own Launchpad, currency exchange system, and many more features that will develop an independent monetary system in their metaverse. They plan on digitalizing reality into their metaverse, building an entire universe in the crypto space. Monsta Infinite is more than just a game, it is the future of the crypto space.

Official Website: https://monstainfinite.com

White Paper: https://docs.monstainfinite.com

Follow Monsta Infinite on Twitter and Telegram.


Jin Tan — CEO of Monsta Infinite

Jin was on the founding committee of the first blockchain association in Malaysia and Singapore called the Access Blockchain Association. They used to be a software house specializing in blockchain, taking multiple outsource projects including yield aggregator, DEX, EVM, etc. Their developing team is experienced game developers, primarily in Unity-based game engines. Currently, Jin also acts as an advisor to other projects that are incubated by Monsta Infinite, such as League of Ancients.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Please introduce yourself to the KuCoin Community.

Jin: I'm Jin, the CEO of Monsta Infinite and also the advisor of League of Ancients, which is a project recently KuCoin Labs invested in.

I've been working on numerous blockchain projects before Monsta Infinite, including DeFi and NFT projects but more in a supporting role.

Delving deep into the gaming industry has always been a dream of mine and my vision is to be able to empower more people through blockchain.

Q: What is Monsta Infinite and what is the vision and mission behind the project?

Jin: Monsta Infinite starts out as an MMORPG card-based, play-to-earn decentralized GameFi platform that co-joins gaming and cryptocurrency.

It was built with the idea of providing gamers with a gaming experience that has been designed and programmed to extinguish issues gamers face with conventional games.

The end goal would be to develop our very own open-world space, a state-of-the-art metaverse platform (known as Infinite Verse) that houses an independent and sustainable ecosystem built on our Monsta Chain.

The vision behind this project would be to develop an entire digital ecosystem that has accomplished to provide civilization with not only the basic needs of humanity but the freedom and resources to unlock their true potential that will benefit the entire human civilization.

Our mission for this project would be to develop a public blockchain that is optimized for GameFi's, which in turn aids in developing an entire sustainable gaming ecosystem that is optimized and customized to empower GameFi's built on our blockchain.

We plan to be a one-stop gateway solution for not only the GameFi's but also to players, literally becoming the Steam of blockchain gaming.

Apart from this, constructing the fundamentals for different GameFi is also part of the plan. Our vision is to provide solutions from infrastructure all the way up to marketing.

Q: What makes Monsta Infinite unique and how will it allow this project to steal the spotlight in this competitive market?

Jin: Monsta Infinite will be introducing various creative and innovative features that will not only improve the competitive experience in the game, but to ensure the sustainability of the entire Monsta ecosystem.

The number 1 virus in the GameFi industry that disrupts a project’s ecosystem would be bots. Therefore, we will introduce features such as a Match-Three puzzle system that will not only provide a more competitive experience between the players but will be an effective counter against these bot farms and cheating in the gameplay.

A key point that we emphasize for every GameFi project would be its sustainability. Therefore, we have worked tirelessly to develop the perfect economic model that will be versatile and sustainable for decades to come.

Monsta Infinite will not just be a project. It will be a platform for various GameFi’s and other crypto projects. We plan on developing an entire infrastructure to accommodate various blockchains, smart contracts, launchpads, DEX, farms, and incubation programs for various projects in the Monsta Universe.

Monsta Chain will slowly evolve into a public blockchain that allows anyone to build their GameFi using our smart contract and blockchain that is optimized for GameFi.

Q: What is MONI? Why is it important to the project and what is the project's plan on making MONI a valuable asset for investments in the future?

Jin: MONI aims to be Money.

MONI is our governance token. Holding MONI is like holding a share of a company, making you a Monsta Infinite stakeholder. When our DAO has been developed and launched, MONI tokens will be treated like a project share, equivalent to voting rights for the future of not only the DAO but the future of the entire project.

MONI reflects Monsta Infinite’s entire project value. It will have intrinsic value as it will be backed by its own usability as it is needed not only for our launchpad, but it will be used for our DEX in the future where you can stake MONI to earn other tokens; while also being backed by the assets of other projects built on the Monsta ecosystem. MONI is the backbone of the entire Monsta Chain, and its value will only increase when the number of users and the demands of its usage in the ecosystem increase.

Some examples here:

Any in-game demands will directly add value to MONI and the increasing numbers of users and players will also increase the valuation of the project.

For our most recent launchpad launch, it requires the community to stake MONI in order to purchase League of Ancients governance token, which is giving more than 20x return.

Later on, we will have pools that allow users to stake MONI to earn LOA as well, and any other future projects that are launched on our launchpad.

Q: What is the next step for Monsta Infinite?

Jin: We plan to reach the top 200 highest market cap in the crypto industry by the end of 2022. In order to reach this level, we have to separate the steps into 2 parts.

Part 1 would be the game itself. It has to be entertaining, but more importantly, it has to be sustainable so that the entire gaming ecosystem will be thriving in the crypto space for the long term. We plan on not only targeting the crypto players but also the conventional gamers as well as those that are looking to develop a basic income from gaming; all while reducing pesky bots in the gameplay.

Part 2 would be developing the entire gaming ecosystem fully optimized with a proper and customized gaming infrastructure that will accommodate multiple blockchains, launchpads, and even DEX. We plan on developing an entire backbone infrastructure for other gaming projects to leverage on in the Monsta ecosystem.

Q: Any future plans to boost the growth of Monsta Infinite?

Jin: Yeah, we have been stocking a substantial amount of rocket propellant for some years.

We will begin with a website revamp in planning, making the website even more interactive with the community. There will also be guides for all the newcomers and features where we can provide updates to our community.

We also have plans in boosting the marketing as well. Stay tuned for future content where we involve influencers and artists to boost the growth of Monsta Infinite. We are already in talks with multiple large partnerships, not just crypto-related but even other large partners from all around the world.

We are also expanding the team, recruiting more talents to boost not only the features that we introduce but to ensure the highest service quality to our community and to enhance the workflow of the project. We have plans regarding regional expansions in order to further increase the growth of Monsta Infinite through localized marketing strategies.

What's most important here, I believe, is the community. I've made some mistakes by neglecting the community and just focusing on the work. I've just realized it and would like to be more transparent and listen and communicate more with the community.

Community is everything, I've kinda forgotten that. Sometimes it's not about the product, the devs but the community. So we see there are successful meme tokens that have no product but a strong and crazy community — THE PEOPLE.

Q: How can we start?

Jin: You can begin by purchasing your MONI tokens on KuCoin! Do check out our official website and Medium site, where you can look for every information you need about Monsta Infinite, from features in the Marketplace, bridging your MONI tokens to Monsta Chain, to purchasing Monstas for the play-to-earn feature.

Some of the channels where you could gather information to start:

Official Website: https://monstainfinite.com

Whitepaper: https://docs.monstainfinite.com

Telegram: https://t.me/monstainfinite

Discord: https://discord.gg/monsta

Medium: https://monstainfinite.medium.com

Q: What are the struggles and challenges Monsta infinite is currently facing and how do you plan to overcome them?

Jin: Monsta Infinite is rapidly scaling, and we are hungry for talents as we believe that talents are the most important assets in every organization. Currently, we are facing difficulties in recruiting talents at a faster rate.

To solve this, we will turn to the community to help us search for new talents that can help us. Monsta Infinite wants to develop a DAO mindset for everyone in the community. This collaboration will not only benefit the project but for the community as well, just like the DAO.

Currently, the value of MONI has been affected by the pessimistic sentiment in both the crypto and GameFi market. Measures are already in place to counter the market, allowing the value of MONI to rise even when the entire market tends to be at a downtrend. Strengthening our fundamentals would be the first key towards this movement, from solidifying the economic model of the entire ecosystem to increasing the utility and usability of MONI itself.

Speaking of one personal challenge, sometimes I feel alone and stressed. I feel I'm the person to blame for the project issues, but slowly I realize I'm Monsta, I can't escape from it. It's the same as giving up myself if I give up on the project. On the other hand, I realize I am the community as well, we all wish the project to be a success, and there are many communities out there that have faith and are willing to give a hand, so I would like to take this opportunity to commit over here.

I will not stop and keep hustling until the project succeeds.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: I am an experienced developer and ethical hacker. Do you have plans for a hackathon to check the security of your ecosystem periodically and invite developers to build?

Jin: Yup, in planning, as we are thirsty for talent.

Q: Who is your project's biggest rival? In the future, does your project have a plan to beat your rival or cooperate with them? I think that will be a huge step forward for your project.

Jin: I think the biggest rival is ourselves. There’s only one way to strive in this world, which is to keep pushing through our limitations, keep hustling, keep improving and never give up.

Q: Do you have a plan for bearish cycles like this, seeing what happens with SLP, and an anti whale system to prevent $MONI and $STT from being pumped and dumped?

Jin: It's a market norm to have a bearish and bullish cycle. What we can do is keep developing and making better quality products, keep simulating, forecast and modify the economic model, increase the adoption of users and retention of the community.

Q: As we already have Monsta Launchpad and Monsta Infinite being a metaverse project now, are there any other crazy announcements for Monsta fans?

Could you please explain more about the Monsta metaverse in detail?

Could you please explain more about Inception Monstas and their advantages as they are limited in amount? And what makes them different from normal Monstas?

In the future, can we expect a use case where all the Inception holders will get a certain amount of IDO allocation on launchpad?

Could you please explain more about in-game quests/tasks and how users can earn while completing the quests?

Jin: Yes, more to come, expect big names and strong partnership.

For Monsta's metaverse, the Infinite Verse plan will be visualized in detail and shown on all different social media channels; the website is currently undergoing revamping as well to showcase it.

For Inception Monsta, there are so many advantages that will slowly be realized as the ecosystem and product develop. Yes, we do have plans on IDO privilege for Inception Monsta holders.

For the game side, we've recently decided to be more transparent to the community and willing to accept feedback, critiques, and contributions from the community. We will be doing weekly updates on what we have achieved, what we are doing, and what kind of challenges we are facing.

Q: What are your marketing strategies and how will you have a global expansion and adoption for your project where English is not spoken? What are your next upcoming priorities? What is in your roadmap?

Jin: We acknowledge the diversity of the world. My mother tongue isn't English as well, so I do know the struggle of the people who don't understand English. So, regional localized expansion is one of our priorities in the upcoming marketing approach.

Q: In order to increase the burning of STT, reinvestment, and therefore sustainability, have you considered that after a while, maybe after 50 battles or so, our Monstas need healing/repairing (which is done by investing STT) to continue being able to do battle? This way, there is more reinvestment and burning of STT. Have you considered things like these?

Jin: Thanks for the awesome question and suggestion. Here's a big issue in the GameFi space that we realize, most GameFi projects suffer after they launch the game as the economic model provides huge inflationary supply where the demand is unable to cope with it, this is due to the mindset of calculating how much to supply before how much is the demand.

It's okay with any conventional games, as the game currency doesn't really matter, but in GameFi, without a good model and enough simulation, launching the game with such a model will create unrecoverable damage to the economics of the token.

We've been simulating and building the best economic model as the first priority of GameFi isn't how entertaining it is but how it can keep up its token value, so more users will be willing to come into the scene.

Building a project is like participating in a survival game. The last man who stands wins all.

Giveaway Section

KuCoin and Monsta Infinite have prepared a total of 1,600 MONI to give away to AMA participants.

1. Free-ask section: 60 MONI

2. AMA activity: 1,540 MONI

Activity 1 — Quiz: 1,200 MONI

Activity 2 — Price Guess: 240 MONI

Participation Rewards: 100 MONI

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