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1. What are Polkadot parachain slots?

Polkadot is made up of the relay chain, parachains, and bridges. Parachains are connected to the relay chain through a slot, which provides it with the security of the Polkadot network and cross-chain interoperability with other parachains.

2. What rewards can users receive from participating? What is the difference between on-chain and KuCoin Earn participation?

DOT holders can contribute DOT to support projects. If the project wins the auction, the user receives on-chain rewards and the staked DOT will be returned after the lease period. By participating on KuCoin Earn, users receive the same on-chain rewards along with a share of the exclusive KuCoin Rewards Pool.

3. What should users know when participating in slot bidding?

If the supported project wins the slot bid, the staked DOT will be returned after the end of the slot lease period without any on-chain staking rewards. If the supported project loses the bid, the DOT assets that were contributed to the bid will be returned to the user's account.