KCS Staking 2.0

Play a part in KCS's on-chain governance and profit as you go.

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KCS Staking 2.0 Features
Discount Perks
Staked KCS can also be used to pay trading fees on KuCoin.
Hold KCS to enjoy trading discounts.
Hold KCS to enjoy VIP benefits.
High Yields
Stake KCS to share in KuCoin platform's earnings.
Earn significant on-chain rewards by staking KCS.
Profits are credited daily.
On-chain profits do not need to be manually withdrawn.
Profits are automatically credited to your Funding Account each day.


1. What is KCS Staking 2.0?

KCS is the native token of the KuCoin platform, and KCS Staking 2.0 is a flexible-term financial product, which transforms what was once known as the KuCoin Bonus feature into a new staking opportunity. Users can subscribe to this via KuCoin Earn to enjoy staking rewards.

2. How are earnings of KCS Staking 2.0 calculated?

Once you subscribe to a KCS Staking 2.0 product, your staking rewards are calculated daily based on your total staked amount and on-chain yield rates. Yield calculation begins one day after subscription day (T+1), and rewards are distributed on T+2 onwards.

3. How are profits distributed?

Once you're subscribed, yield calculation starts daily from T+1, and will be credited to your Funding Account the following day (T+2) at 10:00 UTC.