KuCoin AMA with Dimitra — Leading Agricultural Technology Software Platform, Helping Farmers To Increase Yield, Reduce Cost and Mitigate Risk

2021/11/02 09:52:28

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: October 15, 2021, 11:00-12:00 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Dimitra team in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction

Dimitra Incorporated is an international company with a mission to deliver AgTech globally to farmers via the blockchain. There are over 610 million farms around the world and approximately 570 million of them are defined as “smallholder farms”. Dimitra’s platform provides smallholder farmers with access to blockchain, machine learning, Internet of Things sensors, and satellite technology through an integrated mobile application. Smallholder farmers in many areas of the world struggle to make ends meet. Dimitra’s solution helps farmers to increase their yields, reduce operating costs, and mitigate risks. The platform fundamentally evolves current farming practices and makes them more sustainable, efficient, and profitable. Dimita wants to help the world's small farmers improve their productivity with the power of information. Individually and collectively, they can play a huge role in solving the world's food shortages, improving food safety, and addressing food security issues. Issues like poverty, hunger, global warming, carbon emissions, freshwater preservation, and soil preservation are all positively impacted by the adoption of Dimitra. Simply stated, Dimitra can be described as the operating system for AgTech and the DMTR token drives the global Dimitra ecosystem. They are looking to grow the platform and make Dimitra available to 100 million smallholder farmer users in the next three years on a global basis.

Official Website: https://www.dimitra.io

White Paper: https://dimitra.io/token

Follow Dimitra on Twitter and Telegram.


Jon Trask — CEO and Founder of Dimitra

Jon is a dynamic supply chain transformation leader who has developed dozens of systems to manage complex supply chain operations. He has joined forces with several key technology leaders to develop Dimitra Technology, an organization focused on delivering software to a greatly underserved market segment of smallholder farms. Jon has had several corporate exits and has delivered over 150 major projects serving billions of users. Jon speaks globally on the benefits of combining the power of blockchain with IoT and Machine Learning to deliver value to governments, enterprises, and investors.

Mike Meurin — Chief Digital Currency Officer of Dimitra also joined the AMA session.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Where do you see the future of blockchain in the agriculture world? Where does Dimitra fit in?

Jon: Blockchain and AgTech go hand-in-hand, and Dimitra certainly will help to ignite the connection between the two. Many components in our ecosystem are utilizing blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics.

Decentralization plays a big role in making changes to the agriculture industry through changing the nature of trust and increasing transparency. As we look at our food and agriculture, we all have an interest to know where our food comes from and how it was produced. Plus, there is a big movement globally moving towards sustainable agriculture and using sustainable farming practices, sourcing organic products, and reducing pesticides.

Blockchain and track and trace are two core components used at Dimitra, and they are being used more often in the agriculture field. To track from the origin at a farm and take those products and track them through the supply chain, it is becoming more and more important to the world. As regulations continue to grow, blockchain is playing a key role in managing the delivery of those safety components in the food chain. There are a lot of factors as to how blockchain can shape agriculture.

Blockchain also plays a role in our farmer points program, our identity management, and many other areas.

Q: How does the $DMTR token play a role in your platform?

Jon: Ultimately, $DMTR token acts as a catalyst for our ecosystem, innovation programs, and the farmer points program. Our token holders help accelerate platform growth, ecosystem development and expedite the delivery of our app to millions of farmers who need it most. Our token delivers great utility within our ecosystem, and the ongoing growth of our platform will create a compounding effect across the network for years to come.

Please consult our whitepaper and token metrics here to learn more: dimitra.io/token

We also have a great Medium article that covers some of the utility of $DMTR: https://dimitratech.medium.com/why-dimitra-54bf7a662956

Q: What are some of the biggest achievements Dimitra has had so far?

Jon: Our biggest achievement is having the ability to help individual farmers improve yield, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Every farmer we help is something personal, where we help a person improve their livelihood or solve a challenge that they were not able to solve alone. At an overarching level, this is the greatest impact Dimitra has. Imagine this across villages, communities, regions, and multiplied across 100 countries.

Our largest partnership accomplishments so far are with: ABRAFRUTAS, the largest Brazilian Association of Fruit Production and Export that accounts for 87% of the fruit that is produced in Brazil; Agzon Agritech in India, which brings our Dimitra platform to 350,000 farmers initially and with extended partnerships could bring access to Dimitra to more than 100 million farms across India; and Bangladesh NGO SOJAG which brings Dimitra to 1 million farms.

Last, we have an amazing soil assessment and remediation project in India that will support 1.3 million farms, which may be the largest soil reclamation project in the world. Stay tuned with more projects announced very soon.

For a sneak peek, we have a major livestock program coming to East Africa.

You can find out more about the partnerships here: dimitra.io/news

Q: What are some major goals for Dimitra, and where do you see the company in the future?

Jon: Over the next 5 years, we want to have 100 million users on our platform. Last year we set a goal of growing to serve 10 million farmers, and as it stands now, we are on track to exceed that target and have contracts for the platform to be in the hands of 15-18 million farmers.

We want to be working in over 100 countries, and we want to continue expanding the capabilities of the technology to deliver more value to farmers. We've already developed teams in over 60 countries. Here you can find some of the leaders and team members and explore the countries we are working in: https://dimitra.io/our-team

Our goal is to build an ecosystem that is a community. Community is the key to farming which makes it the key to our success, and we need a broad community support that can bring different expertise and help us meet different deliverables.

We lay out our goals in more detail in our whitepaper: dimitra.io/token

Q: What are the benefits for investors to be a part of Dimitra?

Jon: We have some challenging goals that we've set, but we have a great team, great community, and great partners like KuCoin to help us achieve those goals.

Unlike the common criticism that most token projects get, which is “there isn’t anything to the project and it’s just a white paper with an idea with no real customers”, you are actually part of a real blockchain project that has real use cases and real customers and real impact on communities across the world.

In fact, we are among the fastest-growing AgTech platforms in the world, with tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Some other benefits would be staking, liquidity pools, validator nodes, our farmer point program, our incubator program, our Dimitra ecosystem, and many more key benefits.

We wrote an article breaking down each of the benefits titled “Why Dimitra”, you can take a look at that article here: https://dimitratech.medium.com/why-dimitra-54bf7a662956

Q: How does your project plan to spread awareness in different countries where English may not be as good? Does your project have a local community to help farmers better understand Dimitra?

Jon: Scaling globally and reaching every corner of the world presents an interesting challenge. This, coupled with literacy, language, and access issues, compounds the difficulty.

Luckily farming has almost always been a community-based endeavor. Word travels quickly, and wherever we bring Dimitra, we will be working in the local languages. Culture, language, and working together are at the core of Dimitra.

We've designed our system to allow for easy language setup and selection, and as we land contracts in new nations, we add the new languages.

We've also set up social media in a few languages now: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and next week Chinese.

Right now, we are working directly with governments, ministries, and NGOs. Typically those organizations are able to bridge the gap of face-to-face or local forms of communication. We are also building a mechanism for voice to text as well as having our platform available in multiple languages.

Q: Is the token released on any decentralized or centralized exchanges? If so, where? How can users keep up with the latest news and updates about your project?

Of course, it's already given that $DMTR is available in the KuCoin Spot market with the DMTR/USDT trading pair: https://trade.kucoin.com/DMTR-USDT

Jon: Agreed, we are proud to be listed on KuCoin.

We've also listed on Uniswap.

KuCoin: https://trade.kucoin.com/DMTR-USDT

Uniswap: https://bit.ly/3EIPIgh

Those who are interested in our company can keep up with news either through our website at dimitra.io/news or through one of many social media channels that we currently have. You can find these sites here or listed on our website: https://linktr.ee/dimitratech

Q: How big is the market opportunity for your company?

Jon: Dimitra is focused on helping 570 million small farms across the world. Our deals and partnerships are usually with nation-states or NGOs that work with/within nations.

Our goal is to be in 100 countries by 2025. To put this in perspective, the entire crypto community right now holds about 225 million wallet addresses. Imagine Dimitra bringing 100 million new wallet holders by 2025.

It’s an ambitious plan, to say the least, but based on our Dimitra platform, with real use cases and deliverables, and our very motivated team that is committed to helping address global food security and food shortages aiming to improve the standard of living wherever we go.

To sum it up, the market opportunity is huge! Everybody eats, agriculture touches every corner of the earth.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Can you give an overview of your tokenomics and the utility of your token?

Mike: Here is where you can find everything related to our token and tokenomics: https://dimitra.io/token

Q: What makes you feel confident about the survival of your Dimitra in the near future? Do you take into account community feedback and demands while developing features of your project?

Jon: We are confident because we are already a profitable company, we have a great product that is gaining acceptance by dozens of nations.

We have a growing and supportive community. As for upcoming community involvement, we have an incubator program selecting new technology for inclusion in the Dimitra ecosystem. We invite community members to participate in the selection.

Q: Do your tokens have farming and staking usages, and if yes, what APR do you give to us?

Mike: Yes, we have staking rewards, and we encourage long-term participation in our project. The APY is 13%. For more details, please consult here: https://dimitra.io/token

Q: What difficulties have you encountered during the development of the Dimitra project? How many products have been built by the Dimitra Foundation? Can you share some highlights from Dimitra?

Jon: We have a great team that has helped us work through some of the challenges that we have. Language and farmer literacy can be challenging, but we have some exciting ways under development to help with this.

Government contracts can be challenging, most of these contracts are millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars, and have many stakeholders to work with. Communication skills and patience are keys to success.

Q: COVID-19 has slowed down many economies around the world, but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals, or are you planning a new development?

Mike: Indeed, COVID-19 has affected and continues to affect the entire world. It has slowed down some aspects of what we are doing as some governments have had to readjust their timelines and timetables with priorities and initiatives. However, as a company, our workforce is distributed globally, so it’s business as usual for us, and we continue to build and grow day by day. We are really lucky in that we have so much interest and support around the world.

Q: Most investors focus only on the short-term price rather than the real value of the project. Can you tell me about the long-term benefits for investors in the project?

Jon: Dimitra is a long-term project, our projects typically are on 5- or 10-year contracts, with much of the benefit occurring after 2 years of customer onboarding. This model drives customer, government, and ecosystem usage of the token farther into the future.

For example, when we sign a nation for livestock tracking, a contract may generate $5 million in DMTR demand; over the years, demand for sensors and services related to the contract can be tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Q: Does Dimitra have any NFT plans and its integration in the roadmap? Also, do you have any passive income options and incentive rewards for long-term accumulators?

Mike: We haven’t started with NFTs yet, but we are very interested in the space and following very closely.

Q: Your website says, "WE WORK WITH DEVELOPING NATIONS TO DELIVER OUR "CONNECTED FARMER" PLATFORM FREE TO FARMERS". How do you plan to reach farmers in these developing regions that are not familiar with the internet? Are there plans to set up registration centers for these persons?

Jon: We work with governments, farming associations, NGOs, and not-for-profits. The rate of farmers adopting cell phones is very high, many farms are trying to address communications to solve problems and stay close to family. NGOs in many areas have programs to increase internet adoption.

Q: Can you explain how your tokenomics distribution is? How many tokens will be minted? And how many tokens will be locked by the team?

Mike: You can view all information about our token/tokenomics here: https://dimitra.io/token

Q: What are the advantages your project has that you feel most confident about? And what makes your project different from other projects?

Jon: We are the Operating System for agriculture. Our platform offers the broadest range of technology. We partner with universities and researchers to develop and test the latest technologies and apply them to agriculture.

One project we are developing is testing the use of satellites to evaluate soil conditions and improve organic content to increase performance against certain crops by 100%.

Our key advantage is our great people.

Q: I am interested in your Dimitra (DMTR) project. Where can I get new updates and details about your project?

Mike: https://linktr.ee/dimitratech

Q: How important is the community to you? And how can we collaborate or help you with the development of the project?

Mike: Community is everything for Dimitra. We absolutely encourage active community involvement. We have a saying with our team, which is Dimitra is a team sport, and when one of us wins, all of us wins. Every one of our contracts helps communities in each country. Please join our social media channels and be part of our discussions: https://t.me/dimitraofficialgroup

Thank you very much for having us, and stay tuned for lots of upcoming partnership news and more. Good luck to everyone in the trading competition and for all your amazing questions.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share or you want us to know?

Jon: I think Mike summed it up in that last answer, join our Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter. Get involved. Our community is important to us. We've had investors bring us great ideas and help refine our direction through their ideas.

Follow us, we have a few project announcements coming in Africa, SE Asia, South Asia, and South America.

Thank you. We really appreciate your time and interest today. We look forward to talking more in the future. Good luck to everyone with the competition.

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2. AMA activity: 675 DMTR

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Participation Rewards: 135 DMTR

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