A Letter from KuCoin CEO: Change is Happening, So Let’s Keep on “BUIDLING“!

2022/09/28 10:00:23


  1. A Letter From KuCoin CEO: Change Is Happening, So Let’s Keep on “BUIDLING“!

Dear KuCoin Users,

5 years is not such a long time, but it is enough to change not only a company, but people’s lives, and even a whole industry.

5 years ago, most people considered crypto as something purely speculative and very far from mainstream. But now, crypto assets are included in the portfolios of global institutions and business giants, while the governments of many countries seek to accelerate research and adopt decentralized finance. The boundaries of crypto have also expanded to DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3. Today, cryptocurrencies are no longer speculative gambling coins, but they serve as education, investment, research, and entertainment instruments.

For KuCoin, the past 5 years have also been 5 years of permanent learning, innovation and growth.

I still remember how I was sitting in a cafe 5 years ago with 6 other founders, discussing the idea of building an advanced platform, which could still be easy-to-use for everyone. Today, we consider such products commonplace and we are happy to be among the companies bringing crypto into the mainstream. KuCoin is now one of the top 5 crypto trading platforms, serving 20 million users around the world. This could not have happened without the support of our global users. So, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to every user and partner for their constant companionship and support, as well as to the rapidly changing industry. It is "change" that brings us the opportunity for success and more possibilities for this industry.

On this special day, I have some reflections on the past and thoughts on the future to share with the KuCoin community.

1. The Change: Expand To Be a Better Place To Trade

More Hidden Gems

We have been expanding the boundaries of crypto in a full bull and bear cycle, providing a better crypto experience for all classes of investors. As ‘the home of crypto gems’, we never slow down in finding promising projects, and KuCoin is currently supporting over 700 crypto assets with robust liquidity. 

In addition to regular listing, KuCoin's Spotlight and BurningDrop serve early-stage crypto projects and initial token distribution to provide users with the opportunity to participate in the early investment of preferred projects, which are extremely popular for users from the very beginning to the present.

Product Ecosystem

With the 5-year pursuit of excellence, KuCoin completed the transformation from a simple spot trading platform to an one-stop crypto ecosystem that bridges the aspects of centralization and decentralization.

Our trading ecosystem includes Fiat, Spot, Futures, Margin, Leveraged Tokens, Trading Bots, Crypto Lending and Convert, to cater to the investment needs of all classes of users from novice with zero experience to industry experts. Our business line of the Earn sector covers Spotlight, KuCoin Pool, Cloud Mining, KuCoin Earn and KCS bonus, to provide users with different investment preferences with ways to earn passive income.

KuCoin is actively going decentralized. With the launch of products such as Wonderland, KuCoin Wallet, and Windvane, KuCoin allows everyone to explore Web3 more easily. As an essential infrastructure for KuCoin's exploration of Web3, KCC already has a total TVL of $50 million, processed over 16 million transactions, and over 80 projects have been deployed on it. In addition, KuCoin empowers Web3 by investment and incubation. KuCoin Ventures established a $100 million "Creators Fund" to strengthen the Web 3.0 infrastructure. 

Going “Glocal”

Globalization has been one of KuCoin’s core policies since day one. As a result, we are proud to see that KuCoin has grown into one of the biggest crypto exchanges. Currently, we provide crypto services for over 20 million users in more than 200 countries and regions in 22 languages and established 23 localized communities with 1 million members worldwide.

KuCoin has always been committed to providing the best crypto services to the world. Thus, we launched the "Glocal (Global + Local)'' strategy last week. As part of the strategy, we will establish KuCoin regional headquarters in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other regions. A number of KuCoin staff who had previously worked remotely will move to these offices. Meanwhile, we will open about 200 positions in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Dubai. We invite global talents to join us. Please click here to know more. 

2. The Unchanged: The One And Only People’s Exchange

In the past 5 years, we have experienced radical changes and witnessed KuCoin's growth. But for KuCoin, ONE THING will never change.

As the People’s Exchange, our top priority is protecting our users worldwide.

Most new features on KuCoin are designed to make our services more accessible. We keep expanding our global community to make sure more customer voices are heard. And we are constantly enhancing our security and risk management systems to make you feel safe with us. 

Another major initiative is education, providing our users with the knowledge they need to better protect themselves. KuCoin launched several educational initiatives, such as the #ThinkBeforeYouInvest Education Series and the Anti-FUD 101 Series, which helped crypto users identify scam projects and stay safe with us.

5 years ago, users gave us the name the “People’s Exchange”, and we will never stop working to defend this honor. 

Keep moving forward and BUIDLing!


Johnny Lyu