Metaverse ABCs: Play the Next Gen 3D Immersive Gaming in the Metaverse Ecosystem with the Wilder World (WILD) Platform

2021/10/01 09:00:00

Metaverse platforms are on the rise thanks to the emergence of blockchain-based games and GameFi. As GameFi introduces a novel game economy to the gaming industry, some of its features are seen influencing other sectors like the Digital art and fashion industry. With an increasing number of collectors, players, and investors jumping to monetize their passion for art, games, and collectibles, Wilder World could be the start of a new era for artists around the world.


What is Wilder World?

Wilder World is an enticing and immersive metaverse created by Artists for Artists. Wilder world is the perfect fusion of the 3D art world and the gamer economy. It’s a virtual reality and augmented reality enabled decentralized gaming platform that offers an array of diverse and fascinating opportunities and applications specifically engineered for creators and collectors alike.

Wilder world seamlessly integrates some of the world’s rarest and most appealing collections of 3D art to be deployed in the metaverse by transforming them into in-game tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Whether it’s their 5D Augmented reality and virtual reality enabled Wilder Kicks, an in-world accessory, a piece of virtual land, or an in-game armor, Wilder World powers the monetization of these tokenized assets to a world of interested collectors through its liquid NFT market.


Moreover, Wilder World also offers a layered metaverse for its artists, which is built on top of the Artist’s Guild, a one-of-a-kind built-in social network that virtually connects talented creators across the globe through video chats, instant messaging, and more. Artists can collaborate to create masterpieces or a plethora of other diverse projects.

Wilder World is an immersive metaverse created and governed by artists. It offers a collection of applications to allow for a more holistic user experience for artists and collectors alike. Wilder world was created to polish and enhance the gaming economy with its vision for tokenized 3D digital art.

How Does It Work?

Wilder World is an interconnected metaverse built for the artists, by the artists, with an endless range of applications. Powered by WILD and LOOT tokens, Wilder World is essentially a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and liquid NFT marketplace that offers multiple layers of applications. These diverse applications enable a more holistic user experience and ecosystem for artists and the overall art industry.

Built on top of the Zero protocol, Wilder World enhances the gaming economy with its vision for tokenized 3D digital art that can be seamlessly deployed into its metaverse. The Wilder World is built on top of platforms such as the Artist’s Guild, MintFact0ry, and more, so creators can connect and collaborate with talented artists from around the world and evolve the NFT experiences as well as the digital fashion and art industry for the upcoming era of digital collectors and gamers.

Source: VentureBeat

Wilder World Tokens

WILD, the Wilder World’s native token, is the main utility token of the platform that also serves as the platform’s governance token for the Wilder DAO. WILD tokens are mainly used for voting mechanisms for WILD stakeholders and to incentivize the development of the Wilder Metaverse with new protocols and services and the development of virtual people, places, and things.

On the other hand, LOOT is Wilder World’s utility token that can be used to mint new NFTs in the Wilder Metaverse.

Source: Polkastarter Blog

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Wilder World Products


Wilder World seamlessly integrates some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful collections of 3D art into its metaverse. Deploy an endless series of game-ready and investable assets into the Wilder World metaverse. Whether it’s in-game items, tradable cards, digital art, or a piece of virtual land, Wilder world supports the monetization of virtually any tokenized asset.

Liquid NFT market

Wilder World facilitates a unique bonding curve model for its NFTs, allowing fractional sales of any digital assets, introducing a whole new perspective for collectors and retail investors. Moreover, collectors can easily liquify their digital assets and earn royalties on future sales. Wilder world is undoubtedly an ideal platform for bringing in your digital assets from other NFT platforms and then deploying them to be used as game-ready tokenized assets on its platform.

Artists Guild

Artists Guild is a unique and first-of-its-kind social network built into the platform for the Wilder community. The Artist’s guild is the successful implementation of the Wilder metaverse where talented digital creators from across the globe can connect and collaborate on projects to build assets, chat in real-time, and immerse themselves into a world built by creators for creators.

Mint Fact0ry

Mint Fact0ry serves homes to some of the world’s best digital 3D artists from all over the globe with real-world experience, following, and talent across film, television, or music. It’s an amazing medium for a brand partnership where collectors and celebrities can mint and drop NFTs. Creators can then leverage the online following of a star to market their products and enhance sale prospects while offering royalties to the celebrity.

Closing Thoughts

Wilder world has successfully raised over $3 million to create their layered metaverse for creators. Currently, they’re working with Zero.Space to create a metaverse for gaming industry giant Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Wilder World is a one-of-kind project that could truly elevate the gaming economy and Digital art sector. With its vision for the cyber-renaissance, Wilder World is reimagining the NFT experience for the metaverse.

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