Hamster Kombat Daily Combo and Daily Cipher for July 5: How to Unlock More Rewards
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2024-07-05 03:59

Unlock 6 million coins on Hamster Kombat by solving the Daily Combo and Daily Cipher for July 5. Read on to know what the answers for the day are, and how to maximize your earnings on the Hamster Kombat Telegram game. 


Quick Take

  • Daily Cipher: Solve a Morse code puzzle to unlock 1 million coins.

  • Daily Combo: Complete specific daily tasks to earn 5 million coins.

  • Easy-to-follow Instructions: Detailed steps to successfully unlock both rewards.

All About Hamster Kombat Tap-to-Earn Telegram Game

Hamster Kombat is a viral tap-to-earn Telegram game where you can become the CEO of your very own crypto exchange. With over 200 million players, the game offers a fun and rewarding experience with its daily bonuses. Unlocking these rewards can significantly boost your in-game gold as you prepare for the upcoming Hamster Kombat airdrop and HMSTR token launch


In Hamster Kombat, daily rewards play a crucial role. New players might find it challenging to unlock these rewards initially. However, with this guide, you’ll quickly learn how to maximize your daily bonuses, adding a significant boost to your in-game gold.


To make your gameplay easier and earn more rewards, we’ve compiled the answers for both the Daily Cipher and Daily Combo for July 5, 2024.


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Daily Cipher: Earn 1 Million Coins

The Daily Cipher involves solving a Morse code puzzle. Each day, a new cipher is released, the same for all players. Here’s how you can decode it:


  1. Input a Dot (.): Tap the hamster once.

  2. Input a Dash (-): Tap and hold, then release.

  3. Input Timing: Wait at least 1.5 seconds before entering the second sequence of a letter to ensure the app recognizes it correctly.

Daily Cipher for July 5, 2024

Daily Cipher Answer: STAKE

  • Sequence:

    • . . . (S)

    • _ (T)

    • . _ (A)

    • _ . _ (K)

    • . (E)

How to Unlock Daily Cipher Morse Code

Follow these steps for unlock the Daily Cipher code for July 5, 2024: 


  1. Open the Morse code input screen.

  2. Tap the hamster three times for ‘S’.

  3. Tap and hold for ‘T’.

  4. Tap once, hold and release for ‘A’.

  5. Tap, hold and release, wait, then tap for ‘K’.

  6. Tap once for ‘E’.

Daily Combo: Earn 5 Million Coins

The Daily Combo is straightforward. You need to find three specific cards among the available tasks. Like the Daily Cipher, this puzzle changes daily and has a universal answer for all players.


Daily Combo Cards for July 5, 2024

  1. Riyadh Masters 2024 (Special)

  2. CX Hub Istanbul (Special)

  3. UX and UI team (PR&Team)


Unlocking Daily Combo

Complete tasks specified in the game to unlock the following Daily Combo cards for July 5: 


  • Riyadh Masters 2024 (Special)

  • CX Hub Istanbul (Special)

  • UX and UI team (PR&Team)


More Ways to Mine Hamster Coins

  • Invite Members: Some daily combos might involve inviting new members.

  • Join Channels: Tasks may include joining Telegram channels.

  • Social Media Engagement: Following handles on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can also be part of the daily tasks.

Bookmark for Daily Updates

Bookmark this page at the Hamster Kombat hashtag which you can find at the bottom of this page. Staying updated will ensure you never miss out on your daily rewards.



Mastering the Daily Cipher and Daily Combo in Hamster Kombat is essential for maximizing your in-game gold. By following this guide, you can easily unlock these daily rewards and boost your gameplay. Stay tuned for daily updates and enjoy the rewards!


You can also trade Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) tokens on KuCoin Pre-market ahead of the official token launch on the spot market. 


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