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The live price of Alkimi is $0.240302, with a total trading volume of $ 285,380 in the last 24 hours. The price of Alkimi changed by -4.43% in the past day, and its USD value has increased by +9.87% over the last week. With a circulating supply of 135,848,406 ADS, the market cap of Alkimi is currently 13.71M USD, marking a --% increase today. Alkimi currently ranks #-- in market cap.
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Buying ADS on KuCoin is fast and simple. Create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start your trading. It's that simple! See How to Buy Alkimi (ADS) for more information.

What Is Alkimi (ADS) Crypto?

Alkimi (ADS) is a decentralized advertisement exchange platform built on the Hypergraph protocol, which was developed by the Constellations Network. It aims to address several challenges in the programmatic advertising industry, including fraudulent ad servings, high transaction fees, lack of transparency, and slow transactional capacity.

By leveraging Constellations' state channel framework, Alkimi can identify and restrict bad actors, enhancing the ecosystem's security. Additionally, it uses Hypergraph's feeless network to reduce transaction costs for advertisers, aiming to increase profitability and efficiency within the advertising space​​.

The platform offers various benefits for different stakeholders in the digital advertising ecosystem. Alkimi provides transparent supply chains, improved trading strategies, reduced fees, and better ad performance for brands. Publishers benefit from increased revenue, high-performing ads, and a robust buyer presence in the supply chain. Internet users enjoy faster web page loading, reduced ad density, and a safer browsing experience​​.

Alkimi has introduced its native token, ADS, based on the ERC-20 token standard, to facilitate transactions on its network. The token serves as the primary utility for all Alkimi ecosystem transactions. There are different tiers for ADS token holders, each offering specific benefits, including access to premium services and fee savings. Additionally, ADS token holders can stake their tokens for rewards in staking and liquidity pools, with node operators and stakers potentially receiving up to 25% APR​.

How Does Alkimi Exchange Work?

The Alkimi decentralized advertising exchange aims to revolutionize the programmatic advertising industry by addressing its fundamental issues: lack of transparency, high transaction fees, and inefficient ad delivery. Here's a high-level overview of how Alkimi works:

1. Decentralized Platform: Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Alkimi leverages decentralized technology to ensure transparency and security. This setup allows for a trustless environment where advertisers, publishers, and users can interact without the need for intermediaries, which often contribute to increased costs and reduced efficiency.

2. Tokenization of Ads: Alkimi tokenizes digital advertising, using the ADS token as a medium of exchange on the platform. This approach helps create a transparent and auditable record of transactions, making it easier to track ad spend and allocation.

3. Blockchain Technology: By utilizing blockchain, Alkimi ensures that every transaction is recorded on a distributed ledger, which is immutable and transparent. This feature helps in combating fraud and ensuring that advertisers and publishers can trust the validity of transactions.

4. Reduced Fees and Increased Efficiency: Alkimi aims to cut out unnecessary intermediaries from the ad buying process, significantly reducing the fees associated with programmatic advertising. By streamlining the process, Alkimi ensures that a larger portion of advertising budgets is spent on actual media buying rather than transaction fees.

5. Environmental Considerations: The platform also focuses on reducing the energy consumption associated with programmatic advertising, aligning with broader industry efforts towards sustainability and reduced carbon footprints.

6. Liquidity Staking Derivative (LSD): Alkimi's mainnet features a liquidity staking derivative, allowing users to join a liquidity pool and stake their LP tokens for yield farming opportunities. This innovative approach encourages participation in the platform's economy and provides additional incentives for users.

6. Custom Layer 2 Scaling Solution: Alkimi operates as a custom Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, tailored specifically for advertising. This allows Alkimi to offer a fast, scalable solution with low transaction fees and end-to-end transparency, addressing some of the core challenges legacy programmatic advertising exchanges​​face.

History of Alkimi Exchange and ADS Coin

The project was co-founded by Ben Putley and Adam Chorley, with a team that includes Vincent Boujnah as CFO and Benjamin Dunkel as VP. Ben Putley, who has a background in product design from Bournemouth University, has experience in business development and digital advertising.

Before starting Alkimi, he worked as the head of a new business at The Fifth. On the other hand, Adam Chorley studied politics at the University of Hull and has a background in global digital ad sales, having worked as a director at SmartFrame Technologies before co-founding Alkimi.

The Alkimi (ADS) token and its associated exchange platform, Alkimi Exchange, were launched in mid-2021. The specific launch date of Alkimi's mainnet, which marked the platform's readiness for full-scale operational use, was announced on December 19, 2023. The ADS token has a maximum supply of 250 million, with allocations for private sales, the team, advisors, marketing, reserves, staking rewards, development bounties, platform stability, and exchange liquidity.

What Is ADS Token Used for?

$ADS is the native utility token of the Alkimi ecosystem and serves the following functions:

1. Transaction Medium: ADS tokens are used as the medium of exchange for buying and selling advertising space on the Alkimi platform. This creates a seamless and efficient transaction process that is transparent and secure, thanks to blockchain technology.

2. ADS Staking for Rewards: Token holders can stake their ADS tokens to participate in the network's security and governance. Staking rewards incentivize participation and investment in the platform's ecosystem, contributing to its stability and growth.

3. Access to Platform Features: Holding ADS tokens grants users access to various tiers of services and features within the Alkimi Exchange. Different tiers may offer benefits such as reduced fees, early access to new features, and enhanced advertising or publishing capabilities.

4. Liquidity and Yield Farming: Through mechanisms like the Liquidity Staking Derivative (LSD), users can contribute to the platform's liquidity by staking their tokens. This supports the platform's economic model and allows users to earn a yield on their staked assets.

5. Incentivizing Good Behavior: The platform's design includes mechanisms to reward good behavior and penalize bad actors within the advertising ecosystem, utilizing ADS tokens to enforce these incentives.

6. Trade Alkimi on KuCoin: Trade ADS crypto on the KuCoin Spot Market against other cryptocurrencies to make the most of changing market conditions and volatility. Buy or sell Alkimi token or hold it long-term if you believe in the future potential of the Alkimi project. Remember to undertake trades in the crypto market only after doing your own research (DYOR).

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7 Days$0.0202049.18%
30 Days$0.169582239.79%
3 Months$0.16689227.33%
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Alkimi Conversion Rate
  • 1 ADS to USD$0.240302
  • 1 ADS to EUR€0.22140321
  • 1 ADS to AUD$0.36752749
  • 1 ADS to KRW₩320.21
  • 1 ADS to JPY¥36.23
  • 1 ADS to GBP£0.18949255
  • 1 ADS to INR₨19.91
  • 1 ADS to IDRRp3,758.8
  • 1 ADS to CAD$0.32476575
  • 1 ADS to RUB₽22.26


How much is 1 Alkimi (ADS) worth?
KuCoin provides real-time USD price updates for Alkimi (ADS). Alkimi price is affected by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment. Use the KuCoin Calculator to obtain real-time ADS to USD exchange rates.
Is Alkimi Exchange (ADS) a Good Investment?

Here are some reasons why you could consider adding Alkimi crypto to your portfolio:

1. Innovative Approach to Digital Advertising: Alkimi addresses significant inefficiencies in the current programmatic advertising ecosystem, such as high fees, lack of transparency, and fraudulent activities. Its blockchain-based solution aims to create a more efficient, transparent, and fair marketplace for advertisers, publishers, and users.

2. Utilization of Blockchain Technology: By leveraging blockchain, Alkimi ensures transparency and security in transactions. This innovative approach could lead to greater accountability and trust among participants in the digital advertising space.

3. Potential for Growth: As the digital advertising industry continues to grow, innovative solutions like Alkimi that address its pain points have the potential for significant adoption and growth. Early investment in such technologies could yield substantial returns if they become widely accepted and used.

4. ADS Token Utility and Incentives: The ADS token has multiple uses within the Alkimi ecosystem, including transactions, staking, governance, and accessing various platform features. This multifaceted utility can drive demand for the token, potentially increasing its value over time.

5. Staking ADS to Earn Rewards: The opportunity to stake ADS tokens and earn rewards can provide an additional income stream for investors besides the potential appreciation in the token's value.

6. Participation in a Decentralized Economy: Investors in Alkimi become part of a broader movement towards decentralization in digital advertising, contributing to and benefiting from the shift towards more equitable and efficient systems.

7. Environmental Considerations: Alkimi's focus on reducing the environmental impact of programmatic advertising aligns with growing concerns about sustainability and the carbon footprint of digital technologies. This ethical stance may attract investors looking to support environmentally friendly projects.

What Is Alkimi Price Prediction?

While the volatility in the crypto market makes it challenging to offer a reliable ADS crypto price prediction, here are some factors you could observe to understand the price changes in Alkimi coin:

1. Market Adoption: The extent to which advertisers, publishers, and users adopt Alkimi's platform can significantly impact the demand for ADS tokens. Greater adoption can lead to higher demand and potentially increase the Alkimi price.

2. Alkimi’s Performance and Updates: Developments, updates, and improvements to the Alkimi platform can affect investor and user confidence. Successful updates and the introduction of new features can positively influence the ADS to USD price.

3. General Crypto Market Trends: The broader cryptocurrency market's trends and sentiment often impact individual token prices. Bull markets can lift the ADS crypto price, while bear markets can lead to declines across the board.

4. Partnerships and Collaborations: Announcements of partnerships with major advertisers, publishers, or technology providers can signal growth and increased utility for Alkimi's platform, potentially driving up the ADS token price.

5. Competitor Actions: The digital advertising and blockchain space is competitive. Innovations or advancements by competitors can impact Alkimi's market position and, by extension, the ADS coin price.

6. Alkimi Tokenomics and Supply Dynamics: The total supply of ADS tokens, how they are distributed, and any changes to these parameters can influence the Alkimi token price. For example, a limited supply with increasing demand can increase the $ADS price.

7. Staking and Rewards Mechanisms: The attractiveness of staking rewards can influence the demand for ADS tokens. Higher rewards encourage more token holders to stake their tokens, reducing supply in the market and potentially increasing the Alkimi crypto price.

8. Economic and Financial Market Conditions: General economic conditions and shifts in financial markets can influence investor behavior and risk appetite, impacting the cryptocurrency market and the price of Alkimi crypto.

9. Community and Social Media Sentiment: The sentiment within the Alkimi community and broader social media can influence the token's demand. Positive news and supportive community can drive interest and demand, while negative sentiment can have the opposite effect.

10. Technological Innovations and Challenges: The success of the underlying technology and the ability to overcome technical challenges can impact investor confidence and demand for the token.

Who Are Alkimi Exchange’s Partners and Investors?

Alkimi’s investors include NGC Ventures, Divergence Ventures, and Spartan Group. The following are some of Alkimi’s partners:

1. Realm: A mobile-first, play-to-earn, social impact-driven metaverse. Alkimi and Realm partnered to create a fraud-free, transparent, and sustainable advertising environment in Realm's metaverse. Realm leverages Alkimi's technology to incentivize players to watch ads.

2. Constellation Network: A blockchain network focused on building a better internet. Alkimi's decentralized advertising exchange runs on Constellation's Hypergraph network.

3. Theta Labs: A blockchain network for video streaming. Alkimi and Theta Labs are working together to explore ways to integrate their technologies to create a more efficient and transparent advertising ecosystem for video content.

What is the all-time high price of Alkimi (ADS)?
The all-time high price of Alkimi (ADS) is $3.860000. The current price of ADS is down 0.94% from its all-time high.
What is the all-time low price of Alkimi (ADS)?
The all-time low price of Alkimi (ADS) is $0.057242. The current price of ADS is up 3.20% from its all-time low.
How much Alkimi (ADS) is there in circulation?
As of 2 26, 2024, there is currently 135,848,406 ADS in circulation. ADS has a maximum supply of 250,000,000.
What is the market cap of Alkimi (ADS)?
The current market cap of ADS is $13.71M. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of ADS by its real-time market price of $13.71M.
How do I store Alkimi (ADS)?
You can securely store your Alkimi in the custodial wallet on the KuCoin exchange without having to worry about managing your private keys. Other ways to store your ADS include using a self-custody wallet (on a web browser, mobile device, or desktop/laptop computer), a hardware wallet, a third-party crypto custody service, or a paper wallet.
How do I convert Cardano (ADA) to cash?
You can instantly exchange your Cardano (ADA) for cash using KuCoin's Fast Trade feature. This feature enables you to convert ADA to your local fiat currency in just a few clicks. However, make sure to complete Identity Verification first to enjoy all the features you may need.
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