XMR Deposit Service Now Open

The XMR Deposit address upgrade is now complete, and the deposit service is now open.

2019/11/14 18:02:13
Margin Trading Agreement

The margin trading mentioned in this Agreement refers to the transaction that you participate in, by borrowing a certain amount of digital tokens from KuCoin (hereinafter referred to as “us” or “our” or “we”) through pledging digital tokens, and carrying out going long (buying)/going short (selling) operations, to leverage large capital with smaller one and earn more income. The Agreement is intended to serve as a formal agreement between our two parties on margin trading services, and clarify the rights and obligations of both parties in the process of margin trading services.

2019/11/14 12:12:57
KuMEX Is Now Available in Turkish

Our aim is to provide all users with better quality service. To achieve this, KuMEX is now available in Turkish. You can change the language into Turkish from the top right corner of the website.

2019/11/13 18:23:48
Join the KuCoin AMA with Ampleforth This Friday, 1000 USDT of AMPL to Give Away!

Starting at 17:00 this Friday, November 15, 2019 (UTC+8) in our official English Telegram group, Indian Telegram group, Spanish Telegram group, Indonesian Telegram group, Dutch Telegram group and Vietnamese Telegram group, we will be holding the KuCoin AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) series with Ampleforth, the digital commodity-money with near-perfect supply elasticity.

2019/11/13 16:02:14
KuCoin Withdrawal Service Now Open

The system maintenance is now complete,and the withdrawal service is now open.

2019/11/13 01:32:18
KuCoin System Upgrade Complete

The system upgrade is now complete and all services have returned to normal operation. To avoid the impact of market fluctuations, KuCoin has now commenced the 10 minutes period for canceling pending orders.

2019/11/12 19:13:58
KuCoin System Upgrade Notice

Due to the urgent maintenance of the system, KuCoin has suspended the withdrawal and trading services of Spot trading area. The maintenance will take approximately 2 hours.

2019/11/12 18:31:54
November BTT Airdrop Distribution for TRX Holders Completed

KuCoin has distributed all BTT for TRX holders for the month of November 2019. Users can check their accounts by going to Assets >My Bonus and check the Other Rewards.

2019/11/12 18:06:35
Ampleforth (AMPL) Trading Competition, $15,000 AMPL to Give Away!

The top 50 accounts with the highest trading amounts of AMPL (buys + sells) on KuCoin will win a share of $10,500 AMPL rewards in proportion to their trading amount.

2019/11/12 18:00:00
KuCoin Will Add the MAP/BTC Trading Pair

Per request of the Marcopolo project, KuCoin will open trading service for the MAP/BTC trading pair at 18:00 on November 13, 2019 (UTC+8).

2019/11/12 16:55:36