Hamster Kombat Crosses 210 Million Players, Set for Guinness World Record?
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2024-07-03 08:04

Hamster Kombat, a popular play-to-earn (P2E) game on Telegram, has revealed exciting updates for July, including its token generation event (TGE) and the Hamster token airdrop. The game, which has gained over 210 million players worldwide, has overtaken Notcoin in terms of adoption, and could soon set a Guinness world record for its rapid growth. 


Quick Take 

  • Hamster Kombat plans a TGE and token airdrop on the TON blockchain in July. Players can participate by completing specific tasks, like connecting their TON wallet.

  • The game has surpassed 210 million players, outpacing Notcoin, with significant engagement in Nigeria and other African markets.

  • Hamster Kombat's YouTube channel has grown rapidly, surpassing 30 million subscribers and setting a potential Guinness World Record for the fastest-growing channel.

Hamster Kombat Confirms Airdrop and TGE in July 

One of the most anticipated updates for Hamster Kombat is the Token Generation Event (TGE) and the introduction of in-game utility for its token. The TGE is expected to take place in July, with a token airdrop planned on the TON blockchain, as per . Players can participate in the airdrop by completing specific tasks, such as connecting their TON wallet to the game. The game's interface already shows an 'Airdrop' tab indicating that the listing is underway.


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July will also see the introduction of new use cases for the Hamster Kombat token. These developments aim to enhance user engagement and increase the game's appeal. The new in-game utility will allow players to use tokens for various purposes within the GameFi ecosystem.


In addition to the TGE and in-game utility, Hamster Kombat has planned several developmental upgrades for Q3 2024. These upgrades include new characters and skins, time-limited events, and live events. More upgrades are expected in Q4, promising continued excitement for players.


Hamster Kombat User Base Grows to Over 210 Million Players 


Source: Hamster Kombat on X 


Hamster Kombat has experienced meteoric growth, surpassing 210 million players in a short time since its launch. This growth outpaces that of Notcoin, another popular P2E Telegram game, and highlights Hamster Kombat's appeal across various regions. Notably, Nigeria and other African markets have emerged as key areas of player engagement. 


The game's accessibility via the Telegram app, combined with its social features, has contributed to its rapid growth. Hamster Kombat's quirky characters and simple gameplay appeal to a wide audience, from children to adults. The game's cross-generational appeal, combined with its unique concept, sets it apart from traditional fighting games.


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Hamster Community Grows, YouTube Channel Crosses 31 Million Subscribers 

Hamster Kombat's YouTube channel has seen remarkable growth since its launch on May 24. The channel has gained over 30 million subscribers, surpassing popular YouTuber Mr. Beast in new subscriber count. With over 10 million subscribers joining in just six days, 13 hours, and 15 minutes, Hamster Kombat is on track to secure a Guinness World Record for the fastest-growing YouTube channel.


The game's YouTube channel has also driven significant engagement. Users earn in-game coins by watching videos, and the channel averages 20 million views daily. This has translated into substantial daily revenue, estimated between $4,000 and $69,000. The educational videos on the channel are specifically designed for newcomers to Web3, helping to onboard new users.


Hamster Kombat Drives Engagement Through Daily Combo and Daily Cipher 

Hamster Kombat offers unique features like daily combos and ciphers to keep players engaged. Players can earn millions of points by successfully completing these tasks. The game also encourages user-generated content, with tutorials on daily combos and ciphers becoming popular on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.


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But the Game Faces Controversies Too 

Despite its popularity, Hamster Kombat has faced several challenges and controversies. In Iran, government officials have criticized the game as a tool of Western influence, distracting the populace from upcoming presidential elections, according to a report on the AP news.  The game has gained traction among Iranians struggling with economic hardships, leading some to label this trend as a sign of desperation. Iranian officials argue that the game is part of a broader strategy by Western countries to divert public attention from significant national events, potentially eroding the culture of hard work and entrepreneurship. Similarly, in Russia, the game has been criticized for posing financial risks, particularly to children, and labeled as a "pyramid scheme" by some experts. Extreme behavior among young players has also been reported, prompting concerns about the game's impact. For instance, a 14-year-old boy from Tyumen was reportedly setting an alarm every three hours to maximize his game score, prompting his parents to seek psychiatric help. 


In Ukraine, authorities have raised data security concerns due to the game's association with Russian servers, highlighting potential risks for Ukrainian users. Malware exposure is another significant issue, as many resort to unofficial software due to sanctions. Uzbekistan has taken a strict stance, threatening players with jail time or fines if they attempt to convert in-game currency into real money. This reflects the country's broader policy against cryptocurrencies. These controversies underscore the complex relationship between the game's developers, users, and various governments.



Hamster Kombat's rapid rise and ambitious plans make it a game to watch in the P2E sector. With the upcoming airdrop and TGE, new in-game utilities, and continued developmental upgrades, players have much to look forward to in July and beyond. However, it is important to remain cautious about the potential risks and challenges associated with such rapid growth and the volatile nature of the crypto market. The controversies and criticisms from various countries underscore the complex dynamics at play, reminding users to approach the game with both enthusiasm and caution.


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