Metaverse ABCs: What Is The Fear (FEAR) Platform And How It Will Bring Positive Momentum To The Horror Gaming Industry

2021/09/22 11:03:09

Play to Earn and NFT-focused games are rising thanks to the advent of blockchain-based games and GameFi. With an increasing number of players, collectors, and investors jumping in to monetize their passion for games, The Fear Platform could set a new standard for these eager people.

The Fear Platform, an upcoming and experienced Play-to-Earn developer in the GameFi space, is preparing to release a set of interesting horror games. Set your hands on an extensive list of horror games that will give you first-hand experience with gore, the undead, and everything that will keep you up at night.


Now you can access gruesome gameplay through the Fear Platform’s diverse list of bone-chilling blockchain-based games. Coming from the developers of the popular “Whack-It” series, the Fear platform is an ecosystem of grotesque games built on the Ethereum blockchain and marks some of the world’s first blockchain-based horror games.

The Fear platform is home to a series of blockchain-based horror games founded by the creators of the famous Whack It series of point-and-click casual idle games where users freely roam at their discretion and get their hearts eaten out. Currently, offering “Whack your Undead Neighbour” as their only game, the fear platform will soon release other horrifyingly scary games like Araya, What the Demon, Mad Cock, and more mystery games along the line.

The Fear platform develops some of the most fascinating, rich animated, and original horror blockchain-based NFT games targeting teenagers, thrill-seekers, and young adults. With the majority of its gamer base being 80% male and 20% female, the Fear platform utilizes its large user base and strong organic brand value built over the years from developing “Whack-It games,” they aim to transform its gaming experience for existing and new players by introducing GameFi and it’s endless features such as game asset ownership, interoperability via the Ethereum blockchain, and a rewarding gaming ecosystem via the Play to Earn Model for gamers.

Moreover, the Fear platform also serves as an incubator program and staking/burning fee game launch pad to empower upcoming game developers and successful existing fiat games. Accumulating over 270 million players from their Whack-It series, The Fear platform is a contender for the first blockchain gaming ecosystem to probably convert a massive group of traditional games to blockchain gaming with a Fiat on Ramp solution coupled with Transack that makes getting their Fear Coins and NFTs as hassle-free as possible.

How Does The Fear Platform Work?

The Fear platform is an ecosystem and incubator that is home to a series of frightening, unique, and entertaining horror blockchain-based games and NFTs developed by some of the gaming industry’s top developers. The games hosted on the Fear platform all follow a play-to-earn model or a P2E model. These games utilize the platform’s main utility token, FEAR Token, an ERC-20 token, and Fear NFTs to reward fans for their time, their loyalty, and their achievements. While the games are all free to play, FEAR token holders have exclusive perks such as the ability to earn unique, collectible, and usable gaming NFTs by staking their tokens.

To benefit from their P2E model, all users have to do is Farm their tickets by converting their Fear tokens into NFear tokens and play the game to earn exclusive NFTs. NFear tokens are reward tokens that users can earn and use to play more games. While there’s only one game listed on the Fear platform, FEAR token holders will have a plethora of options when it comes to play-to-earn gaming via their first game.

At the moment, The fear platform has introduced four unique NFT variations available, with a large enough quantity for a significant number of players to get involved. The most readily earnable NFT on the platform is a voucher that will enable users with play-to-earn capabilities within their only game. With a starting number of 2000 NFT tickets available, ticket holders can unlock a special in-game kill method, available only to holders who own these NFTs.

The three NFTs, Undead Bacon, BBKill, and Octopussy, will have twenty pieces ever available with no other players having the opportunity to utilize these unique kill methods. Each of these Unique in-game kill methods will run for over 70,000 nFEAR tokens.


How Can You Get started?

If you want to start earning and playing these bone-chilling games, you can head on over to the Fear website to earn FEAR tokens by playing any game on the FEAR ecosystem or you can head over to your preferred cryptocurrency exchanges and buy FEAR tokens. Right now, you can readily get FEAR tokens on Uniswap, QuickSwap, KuCoin,, and PancakeSwap.

You’ll need at least 6 FEAR tokens to gain access to unique puzzle kills in their first game, “What your Undead Neighbour,” and gain the chance to win other rare NFTs introduced via these kills.

Closing Thoughts

The Fear platform is home to fun, scary, traditional online horror games that have accumulated over 270 million players over the years. Transforming their games into blockchain-based games will reward their loyal players and upcoming players and it could serve as monumental for the gaming industry. What do you think? Would you play these games? Do you have the heart to play?

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