KuCoin AMA With Kingdomverse — Mobile Gaming in the Metaverse: A Glimpse into the Future

2024/04/12 14:23:10

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Time: April 08, 2024, 10:00 AM - 10:56 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session in the KuCoin Exchange Group, featuring the CEO of Kingdomverse, Guillermo Sierra.

Official Website: https://kingdomverse.xyz/
Whitepaper: Kingdomverse’s Whitepaper

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Q&A from KuCoin to Kingdomverse

Q: Can you tell us about your project?


At Kingdomverse, we aim to build a dynamic ecosystem that hosts a range of mobile and web-based games, all powered by cutting-edge Web3.0 technology. Our core belief in digital ownership drives us to redefine the gaming landscape, empowering players to truly own what they earn within our games and to be able to earn doing what they love the most: Gaming. We have a clear and defined objectives such as:

Empowering Digital Ownership:
In titles like in our game Defend the Kingdom, players unlock on-chain heroes by owning the corresponding non-fungible tokens. These in-game heroes are exclusively owned by the players, enabling them to retain and trade their hard-earned assets. This shift towards digital ownership epitomizes the essence of Web3.0, reshaping the player-game dynamic and fostering a new era of gaming experiences.

Breaking Barriers to Adoption:
Recognizing that Web3.0 gaming is a nascent realm, Kingdomverse prioritizes inclusivity by simplifying entry for traditional Web2.0 gamers. Our seamless onboarding processes ensure that newcomers can dive into our mobile games without the need for prior crypto knowledge. Players can enjoy the games just like any Web2.0 title, sans the complexities of Web3.0.

Building a Vibrant Community:
Community lies at the heart of Kingdomverse. Our adept community management team is dedicated to nurturing a thriving ecosystem by engaging pro-gamers, influencers, cosplayers, NFT analysts, and beyond. We aim to offer a holistic Web3.0 gaming experience, encompassing gaming, social interactions, community engagement, earning opportunities, and more.

Fostering a Play-to-Earn Environment:
At Kingdomverse, we champion a play-to-earn ethos, inviting all enthusiasts to partake in our vibrant community. Participation in our free tournaments doesn't require NFT ownership; players can compete, climb leaderboards, and earn generous $KING rewards, fostering a welcoming and rewarding gaming environment for all.

Q: Could you explain what the $KING token does?


Kingdomverse runs on $KING, the native token of our ecosystem. $KING has a hard cap of 1 billion, and will have a variety of different functions and utilities that players can use to their benefit in the Kingdomverse ecosystem.

The $KING token plays a pivotal role in our play-to-earn strategy, underpinning our commitment to cultivating an inclusive play-to-earn ecosystem. In contrast to many Game-Fi projects that enforce pay-to-play models, mandating ownership of specific NFT collections for participation, we prioritize accessibility and fairness. In our games, players are not compelled to possess any specific NFTs to engage and earn rewards. There are no paywalls; players can seamlessly join, play, and start earning without any barriers.

Additionally, just to mention some of the $KING token utilities are:

- Staking programs to yield $KING incentives.

- Use $KING to buy in-game items in our video games.
- $KING holders can participate in premium tournaments with high prize pools
- $KING will give special boosters and added benefits in our upcoming airdrop launch platform and participate in future campaigns.

Q: What does your roadmap look like for 2024?

Guillermo: As we set our sights on 2024, Kingdomverse is fully dedicated to leading the charge in innovation and providing unmatched experiences for our community. Our strategic roadmap for shaping the future of Web3 gaming encompasses several key areas:

NFTs Integration Expansion: We are actively collaborating with NFT projects and communities to enrich our games with a diverse array of NFTs, fostering a dynamic ecosystem and community.

Scalability Solutions: We are committed to enhancing user experience by implementing scalable solutions, such as integrating Layer 2 solutions like opBNB. This move aims to boost platform performance, reduce transaction costs, and improve speed, addressing blockchain network challenges.

Premium Tournaments Platform: We are enhancing our tournaments by creating a platform where $KING and NFT holders can stake and redeem tickets for premium tournaments with higher prize pools, attracting more users.

Play-to-Earn Models Expansion: We are expanding our play-to-earn models with a new game called "Kingdom’s Quest," offering rewards in KING and BNB. Additionally, we are developing a gamified token airdrop platform that benefits users and partner projects seeking active and engaged users.

For more information about our roadmap for 2024, you can find the PDF here.

Q: Why did you choose the Game-Fi approach?

Guillermo: That is an easy question, because:

At Kingdomverse, we all are gamers at heart, due to our love of video games we want to tackle some of the existing challenges that exist in the gaming industry. The ultimate goal of games is that they are fun to play, and that should hold equally true for Web3.0 gaming. All mobile games in Kingdomverse share common core values; they are fun to play, user-friendly, and yield tangible benefits to players, but also solves existing issues that plague current games.

One common frustration with traditional freemium mobile games is that once players have had enough and quit the game, the time, effort and resources invested will come to nothing. But not anymore. The innovations in blockchain use in gaming and NFTs have allowed players to truly earn their in-game assets such as NFTs and tokens. This is the foundation Kingdomverse is built upon, to provide immersive and fun experiences, and give our players real ownership of the assets and items they’ve spent their time, energy and effort on.

Moreover, the reality is that the vast majority of players worldwide do not have the opportunity to pursue a career in professional gaming and make a sustainable living from playing video games. Our vision is to develop games that cater to casual players, offering them the chance to earn rewards while enjoying their favorite pastime—playing games. By providing this additional incentive, we aim to empower players to monetize their gaming passion without the need to commit to a full-time professional gaming lifestyle.

Q: Can you tell us more about your mobile game, Defend the Kingdom?

Guillermo: Certainly! Defend the Kingdom is a casual PvP tower defense game on Android and iOS where you prepare your base defenses, gather and upgrade heroes, and go one-on-one against other players in a real-time survival battle.

Developed by Kingdomverse as the first game in our mobile gaming multiverse, Defend the Kingdom is the first step on the roadmap to seamlessly integrate the benefits of blockchain into mobile gaming experiences to onboard a new generation of Web3 gamers. Defend the Kingdom is a PvP tower defense game where players place and upgrade monkey heroes who automatically target and attack waves of incoming enemies.

With over 45 Heroes and 100+ of possible combos, each hero in the game has unique abilities such as doing more damage, slowing down enemies, poisoning enemies, or enhancing heroes around them. You'll need to choose your heroes wisely as each wave of incoming enemies is progressively stronger and your goal is to outlast your opponent by strategically upgrading and deploying new heroes to your field before the enemy waves get through your defenses. As you win matches, you'll be able to summon new heroes to play on your team.

You can download the game for free on Android and iOS. Also, make sure to watch this video from our official X profile that showcases some of the gameplay.

Q: What are you planning to release next in the near future?

Guillermo: We are resilient and have been building new things even during bear markets, we are currently focusing efforts in building a new system for our tournaments called “Royal Tournaments” which is a higher tier version of our existing free to participate tournaments. In Royal Tournaments, you will need $KING tokens in order to acquire tickets and passes that grant you access to participate in the higher tier tournaments which consist of higher prize pools starting from 1,000,000 $KING tokens available for the top players to earn as rewards.

Additionally, we are also building a new web-based game called “Kingdom’s Quest” in which basically you will complete a series of quests like the “Treasure Hunt” mini-game where you search for hidden gems in our 3D world and after completion you receive chests that contain prizes in $KING and $BNB. However, our vision for Kingdom’s Quest is bigger, this is just the beginning, we aim to build a gamified token airdrop platform where players can complete quests and get XP points that will allow them to qualify for token airdrops from participating partner projects.

We will eventually welcome partners to launch airdrop campaigns on our platform giving them exposure to wider audiences that would be otherwise difficult to reach. You can watch a short teaser of Kingdom’s Quest. We just released it on our official X account here.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to Kingdomverse

Q: You mention the importance of NFTs for digital ownership. How do you plan to integrate NFTs without creating a pay-to-win environment in the games?

Guillermo: We put a lot of time into the game balancing mechanisms. For example, in our game Defend the Kingdom we have free heroes and NFT heroes, however we made sure that even if you only have free heroes you can still win. This is important as we don't want to be paid to play a game. Everyone is welcome to play.

Q: On which network can I acquire your token? Is it available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Tron, Ethereum, Polygon, or any other network?

Guillermo: $KING is an ERC-20 token, however we are going to be bridging $KING to opBNB, a layer 2 solution for faster transactions and low cost gas fees.

Q: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Guillermo: Absolutely! Here is the link to our official Discord and X account.

Q: Do you ever worry that one day a project with even more advanced technology could potentially replace your own?

Guillermo: Blockchain technology is fast evolving and changing all the time. We made sure to onboard only the best in their craft to our team, this way we are able to quickly adapt and change our approach in terms of the latest technology.

Q: What's the one unexpected hurdle you faced and overcame during the project's development? How did it shape your final product?

Guillermo: Game balancing is hard especially when you have a game with over 45 heroes that can be combined in hundreds of different ways. We did many test runs, computer simulations and many people testing the game to make sure that it is balanced.

Q: Do you have plans to market your project in regions where English proficiency is lower, and is there a dedicated community for non-English speakers to gain a deeper understanding of your project? This project seems incredibly interesting!

Guillermo: That is right! We are interested in promoting our games where mobile gaming is strong and not necessarily an English speaking country and where playing to earn games can make a bigger impact. Our game is popular not just in English countries, but also in countries like: Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina and Indonesia.

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