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2022/01/01 10:03:50

2021 was a huge year for both DeFi and survival gaming. The DeFi market grew astronomically by over 800%, making it one of the fastest growing markets on the planet. The series had competitors compete in children’s games for a chance to win a 45.6 billion prize. If they failed to win the consequence was fatal. Since the show, many games have tried to replicate this survival mode, including Roblox, which was listed on the New York Stock exchange in March last year. Now a new survival game is looking to replicate this form of survival gaming, combining it with lucrative DeFi rewards. Survival Game Online (SURV) is replicating all 6 games from the hit show Squid Game, with survivors winning real cryptocurrency. Here’s what it has to offer so far.

What is a Survival Game Online?

Survival Game is a new online survival game in which players can participate to earn a range of daily prizes. They can take part in several games, both as a player or as observers. When not playing, gamers can place bets on who will become the winner. Unlike many other games in which players will have a level or equipment advantage, all participants in Survival Game are equal. All players have the same chance of survival, basing their survival rates on their ability to win at games.

The game is deployed on Binance Smart Chain and will provide users with a range of ways to make an income. The games available include the following:

Game 1: Red Light, Green Light.

Game 2: Dalgona Candy

Game 3: Tug of War

Game 4: Marbles

Game 5: Glass Bridge

Game 6: Survival Game

Alternatively, if players don’t want to participate in these games, they can build their own creative games. This will allow players to push the boundaries of their creativity, as well as create fun new games for the community to enjoy.

What is SURV and What is it used for?

The native token of Survival Game is SURV. In total 10 billion will be released and distributed amongst different stakeholders. 25% of the currency will be distributed towards gaming rewards, with an additional 20% being distributed for staking rewards. 5% will go towards incentivising community feedback and 15% will go to early investors. 7% will be used for marketing. Out of the remaining tokens, 10% will be reserved and 18% will go to the dev team.

How does Survival Game Online Work?

Survival Game is being launched for a global audience, designed around economic incentives and exciting gameplay. 6 base games will be available for gamers to enjoy, with Red Light Green Light being the first. In this game players need to move from one point to the next without being spotted moving. If spotted, a player will be eliminated. Any player that makes it to the finish line will win a share of the ‘ticket’ revenue.

Each game will have its very own ladder mode and leaderboard. Players who win a game will increase their scores and will be rewarded based on their ranks in the leaderboards. These rewards consist of several ladder bonuses as well as tokens. All players are ranked based on their total score within a certain time period. These rewards can be daily, weekly and monthly.

At the end of a season, 456 of the best players will enter the final game of Survival Game. This game will be a very high stake match, with a huge prize being available for the winner. Players that are continuously ranking highly throughout the game will also be rewarded with a range of badge NFTs. These will provide them with access to a wide range of additional options on the platform such as mining, priority lists and premiums.

In the future Survival Game Online also plans to develop their own character editing function. With this function users will be able to use NFTs to customize their appearance. They can buy these NFTs in the NFT stores as well as sell them for a profit.

Who created Survival Game Online?

Survival Game was founded by Choi Sooyoung, who has worked with household names such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, Helen Turner, the marketing director of Minify, Aman Khanna, a graphic designer from the Glasgow School of Art and Dmytro PylyPiuk, an R&D director. They’ve combined their unique skill sets to help create a game that will capitalize on the growth of DeFi and online survival games.

Survival Game has partnered with several investment corporations. These include Clover Foundation, Multiverse Guild, LD Capital and K24 Ventures.

What Makes Survival Game Online Unique?

Survival Game combines some of the best features of current survival gaming and combines them with DeFi. This creates a whole new incentive for gamers, providing them with an option to earn whilst they play. This feature has also been combined with ladder mining to provide an even greater incentive for gamers to participate daily. They not only have the chance to make an income by winning games, but also by ranking in the leaderboards.

Another unique feature is the stacking module. This module will support the staking of other GameFi projects, which will help attract players from a wide range of platforms. In addition to this, it will also open up the option of single token mining and LP mining in Survival Game to reward loyal gamers with higher rewards.

Closing Thoughts

The concept behind Survival Game is already a popular idea in the current gaming market. By combining this concept with the world of DeFi, Survival Game adds new incentives for players to participate. With a range of ways to earn (from playing, betting and staking), there’s more than enough to keep players interested game after game. The introduction of a leaderboard also adds an additional sense of competition, with those ranked highest earning the most rewards. By combining the best features of survival gaming with a range of incentives, Survival Game has created a strong foundation for players to enjoy gameplay and earn an income as they do so.

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