Discover the Exciting Upgrades to KuCoin Spotlight and New Participation Rules

2023/04/06 08:25:38

As the home of crypto gems, KuCoin consistently strives to discover and support high-potential blockchain projects. Through our innovative initiative, KuCoin Spotlight, we aim to help these projects secure the necessary funding, garner market attention, and enhance industry influence.

We are thrilled to announce that we are rolling out significant upgrades to our Spotlight platform, paving the way for a better user experience.

To celebrate the global launch of the upgraded KuCoin Spotlight, we are introducing “Brand-New Participation Rules” based on users' Token Holdings' Net Asset Value (NAV). Get ready to explore the enhanced user experience and new ways to participate!

KuCoin Spotlight: A Highlight of Our Past Achievements

KuCoin Spotlight serves as a token launch platform for early-stage crypto projects, offering initial token distribution and enabling users to participate in early investments of preferred projects. This allows investors to potentially gain significant returns with low entry barriers. Spotlight maintains strict screening criteria to ensure that listed projects and their native tokens meet high-quality standards.

By providing crowdfunding opportunities, marketing exposure, and industry influence, KuCoin Spotlight supports the growth and development of early-stage crypto projects, benefiting both investors and the projects themselves.

As an initiative by the top altcoin crypto exchange, KuCoin Spotlight has launched 24 projects since its debut. Most of them have become star projects in the crypto market. KuCoin Spotlight allows users to have exclusive opportunities to potential crypto gems firsthand. Some of the top-performing token sale projects via KuCoin Spotlight include Victoria VR, LUKSO, Cryowar, Chumbi Valley, VELO, and WinGoal.

KuCoin Spotlight Upgrades and Enhancements

Thanks to the high liquidity, low fees, and great user experience, KuCoin has become the go-to trading platform for users to get their hands on altcoin gems. This has carried on to everything else we do, and Spotlight is no exception. We have made considerable improvements to KuCoin Spotlight, focusing on enhancing the user experience through:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Visually appealing design

As a user-centric crypto exchange, our endeavors are directed to making your experience with KuCoin even more enjoyable and seamless.

New Spotlight Participation Rules

We have introduced new participation rules to ensure fairness and accessibility for every Spotlight user. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Users can participate by holding designated tokens.
  2. Participation ticket allocation is calculated based on users' Net Asset Value (NAV) in their accounts.

By implementing these rules, we ensure transparency, fairness, and flexibility for every user joining this exciting event!

Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculation

To calculate the final number of tickets users can receive, KuCoin will use the daily average USDT-denominated Net Asset Value (NAV) of one or more currencies from different account types, including:

  1. Main Account
  2. Trading Account
  3. Margin Account
  4. Futures Account
  5. Trading Bot Account
  6. Financial Account
  7. Wealth Account

NAV Calculation per Account Type

For detailed information on how NAV is calculated for each account type, please refer to the Spotlight upgrade announcement for more information.

New Chapter for Token Sales on KuCoin

At KuCoin, we are committed to providing our users with the best service and user experience possible. We believe that these upgrades and new rules will enhance your experience on our platform. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on KuCoin Spotlight!

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